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Holistic Search How To Combine PPC And SEO Effectively


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My presentation from the Hit Me conference put on by Fresh Business Thinking on November 17th at the Connaught Rooms Covent Garden. How to effectively combine paid and natural search to get incremental benefits from each.

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Holistic Search How To Combine PPC And SEO Effectively

  1. 1. performance led digital marketing 10/11/09 presentation by Latitude Group
  2. 2. What? Why? How? 27/11/2009
  3. 3. Holistic Search? Blog Image Search Search Maps Google Video Adwords • SEM strategy Search • Shared learning's • Blended ROI Bing/Live targets PPC Non brand Natural Traffic Yahoo Search Branded Marketing Natural 27/11/2009 Traffic
  4. 4. Why? 1+1=3
  5. 5. performance led digital marketing 27/11/2009
  6. 6. Understand the Merits of Each Channel SEO PPC Low Cost (not free!) Control • Keywords • Cost Pros 60-70% of search volume • Message • Journey • Time/day Large keyword reach Potential unstable Every click costs Cons Lack of control Competition
  7. 7. Track SEM as one medium Understand the influence of one on another 27/11/2009
  8. 8. Use the data at your disposal ● Top converting PPC keywords as SEO targets ● Top volume PPC keywords as long term SEO targets ● Long tail SEO keywords as PPC opportunities ● Irrelevant SEO keywords as PPC negatives
  9. 9. On Page Factors are Converging ● Your SEO friendly pages could make excellent PPC landing pages ● Your conversion friendly PPC pages could help convert your natural search traffic Google is blurring the boundaries of search
  10. 10. Cross learning on creative writing This is still and advert!
  11. 11. SEM keyword strategy ● SEO for long tail, PPC for head ● PPC in to plug the SEO gaps ● PPC for local traffic SEO for national ● SEO to reduce SEM costs ● PPC for seasonal offers
  12. 12. Test to find the optimal position Test the effect of different PPC positions
  13. 13. Summary ● Develop a holistic SEM strategy ● Recognise the merits of each medium ● Report the two together to monitor influence ● Use analytics data to optimise performance ● Use SEO page learnings for PPC landing pages ● Use meta data as an advert ● Test PPC positions where you have SEO coverage When you think you have done it all, start again!
  14. 14. performance led digital marketing Email: Twitter: @robweatherhead 27/11/2009 presentation by Latitude Group