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VOLUME EIGHT                  |     ISSUE TWO            |   SUMMER 2010

construction to begin immediatelY on
exhibition and conference center                                                     ...
southworth international appointed bY chinese
government to develop international exhibition
and convention center in lang...
Marcus Southworth with Wang Donghai,
building the international
demonstration park, the
world’s most advanced citY

      he Chinese government has mandated...
china officiallY
                                               fter three decades...
southworth international

       outhworth International is a global     Argentina, entirely demolishing and
facts about china                                                                newslettter
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Southworth Chronicles - Summer 2010


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Southworth Chronicles - Summer 2010

  1. 1. VOLUME EIGHT | ISSUE TWO | SUMMER 2010 Southworth chronicles southworth international and bestsun chinese government mandates development energY to develop beijing area exhibition The Chinese Government has stated that the and conference center facilities city of Langfang with its strategic location will be the ideal solution to ease the pressure Sample architectural rendering on Beijing because of close proximity, lower of the new exhibition and property values, accessibility, and open space. conference center development Both the Center and the IDP are well situated to become the new gateway for domestic and international business and tourism in China. exhibition center strategicallY located Langfang is strategically located in the Hebei Province, 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Capital of Beijing and 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Tianjin, one of the largest and t he Municipal Government of Langfang, China has engaged Southworth most important port cities in China. Because International and Bestsun Energy to plan, design and build a new, world-class of its location in the center between Beijing exhibition and conference center. The Center will become a world-renowned venue and Tianjin, Langfang is one of the most ideal located 25 miles from Beijing. The existing Langfang exhibition center has outgrown its locations globally for business and commerce. capacity and must be enlarged to meet future international demand from the Beijing and The city has a total area of 6,429 sq. kilometers Tianjin area. The Center will replace not only the existing buildings, but eventually the (4,000 sq. miles) and a population of over 4 surrounding Exhibition Park, an 84-acre (392,000 sq. meters) complex. million people. This area is roughly the size of the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. As part of the exhibition and conference center, metropolitan area. Economic growth in the Within a 200 km (125 miles) radius, there are Southworth and Bestsun will be developing a Beijing area is among the highest in the world, seven expressways, two international airports shopping area and 5-star hotel. The exhibition leading to appreciation of real estate values, (soon to be three), the country’s second largest and conference center will become the showcase demand on transportation and infrastructure, port, a high-speed train, subway system and for the anticipated Smart City development at and other issues related to population density. nearly 150 million people. the nearby International Demonstration Park. The IDP was previously awarded to Southworth Current exhibition Office building building at exhibition site and Bestsun as joint developers of the 30 square kilometer (18.64 sq. mile) Smart City site near the Dragon River in West Langfang. The Central Government has mandated accelerated development of the Langfang region in order to direct future growth and alleviate the increasing congestion throughout the Beijing southworth chronicles |
  2. 2. construction to begin immediatelY on exhibition and conference center Phase I: Exhibition Center/ Conference Center t ComPletIon: December 31, 2011 o meet the growing needs of Langfang’s exhibition 400 Room Hotel: industry, construction and design on the new December 31, 2012 center must begin immediately. The city is hosting Cost: $237 million the annual APEC meeting on “Smart City and Intelligent Industry” on May 18, 2011, and would like to hold this Phase II: Executive Office Space/ meeting in the new facility. In addition, a major exhibition Trade Mart will take place during this meeting. The construction of ComPletIon: December, 2013 the new hotel and exhibition center will be Phase I of the Cost: $38 million project, with the development of the remaining 60+ acres Sample architectural renderings Phase III: Cultural and (approximately 243,000 sq. meters) following thereafter. of Yin and Yang Towers Performing Arts Center ComPletIon: December, 2013 development to begin in phases Cost: $33 million Phase I construction is in the approval stages and will begin Phase IV: Retail Shopping/ by November 1, 2010. The Exhibition and Conference Restaurant Center Center will be completed by December 31, 2011, and the ComPletIon: December, 2014 Hotel will be completed by December 31, 2012. Design and Cost: $62 million construction of the subsequent phases will begin concurrently with Phase I. The initial starting date for Phases II-IV is July, total DeVeloPment Cost: $370 MILLION 2011, and an approximate completion date of the entire complex is December, 2014. Sample - rendering of exhibition and conference center economic impact of exhibition and conference center l ocal and provincial governments are the major beneficiaries of exhibition center activities. In virtually all economic models published, the government provides financial concessions to exhibition center operators to support the economic stimulus being brought to the region. The actual income of the exhibition center may not be great but the value of the economic impact is usually at least three to five times more revenue than is generated at the Center itself each year. Major economic benefit is derived in part from increased tax revenue, tourism spending, job creation, and increased personal spending power of citizens in the area surrounding the exhibition and conference center. southworth chronicles | –2–
  3. 3. southworth international appointed bY chinese government to develop international exhibition and convention center in langfang, china Z hao Shihong, Langfang, China’s Municipal Party Secretary, recently met with representatives from Southworth International and Bestsun Energy Goup and gave approval for Southworth to develop the new international exhibition and convention center to be built in Langfang, The purpose of the new exhibition and convention center is to enhance the existing exhibition infrastructure and bring larger and more prestigious exhibitions to Langfang in order to better serve the greater Bejing area’s need for exhibition services. Bestsun Energy Group, a privately held Chinese center, multiple exhibition halls and retail corporation will partner with Southworth on the shopping space and is expected to be completed in project. “With Bestsun as our partner and with December, 2014. the strong support of the Chinese government, we are extremely pleased to be developing the Langfang is a city with extremely convenient International Exhibition and Convention Center traffic networks, telecommunication and a in Langfang,” said Marcus Southworth, chairman thriving business community. Travel by car will of Southworth International. be enhanced by two new high-speed expressways and a new high-speed commuter rail system all The Central Government has mandated connecting directly from Langfang to Beijing accelerated development of the Langfang region and expected to be completed in 2011. A new in order to direct future growth and alleviate the international airport is also being built just outside Party Secretary Zhao Shihong increasing congestion throughout the Beijing Langfang which will supplement the Capital and Marcus Southworth metropolitan area. Economic growth in the Beijing International Airport in Beijing and the Second area is among the highest in the world, leading Capital International Airport in the nearby port to appreciation of real estate values, demand on city of Tianjin. With Bestsun as our partner transportation and infrastructure, and other issues and with the strong support related to population density. With it’s close proximity to the IDP “Smart City,” Langfang will also be able to draw meetings and of the Chinese government, we Groundbreaking for the Conference Center and conventions from international businesses that will are extremely pleased to be developing Exhibition hall will take place in November of be established as part of the IDP development. the International Exhibition and 2010 and construction of the exhibition and These businesses will be mainly focused on high Convention Center in Langfang. convention center will be completed in December, technology, finance, energy, and service industries 2011. The final three phases of the development and will be supported using renewable, sustainable energy resources. — Marcus southworth — include a world-class international hotel, business –3– southworth chronicles |
  4. 4. Marcus Southworth with Wang Donghai, Chairman of Bestsun Energy Group bestsun b estsun Energy Group is a large, privately and is primarily focused on the development, owned natural gas sales, transmission delivery and operation of clean energy projects. energY and distribution company with Bestsun constructed and owns gas terminal diversified subsidiary operations in engineering, and distribution system operations including group construction, real estate and property a pipeline of over 1,000 kilometers, serving management. Bestsun was founded in 2001 Langfang and Tianjin, China. Bestsun Energy Group with Party Secretary Zhao principle objectives of new exhibition center established t he overall objective of the new Langfang The Center will have the ability to accommodate Southworth International: structure and arrange Exhibition and Convention Center is increasing numbers of visitors and the capacity financing for the project; engage business threefold: to host large, medium, and small events with partners for design, development, construction easy access through a developed transportation and operations; oversee the entire project for 1. Create the number one exhibition and network. It will create a hub for business successful completion; implement a global convention center in the Beijing/Tianjin partnerships throughout the world and attract marketing campaign to promote sales and corridor with the capacity to host large, domestic and foreign investment for IDP activity surrounding the Trade Mart and the medium, and small events. development. IDP Southworth team in China. 2. Establish an international gateway for global commerce (“Trade Mart”) which partnership responsibilities Bestsun Energy Group: interface with the will facilitate interaction between business government, provide leadership and direction In order to accomplish these objectives, people from all over the world and bring for Chinese operations and activities; host Southworth International and Bestsun Energy investment to the region. investors and other partners; provide due Group have formed a partnership in the 3. Serve as a link to the IDP Smart City diligence information for the project; development of the Center. The Center will development which will provide a window consult with Southworth on the best approach follow a private ownership model. The two to business, cultural, educational, residential for each element of the project. companies will perform the following duties and and other developments at the IDP. responsibilities: southworth chronicles | –4–
  5. 5. building the international demonstration park, the world’s most advanced citY t he Chinese government has mandated that Langfang will be a “Smart City” with the most modern infrastructure, including the latest advance- ments in clean energy, sanitation, air quality and transportation. In May 2010 the 21 participating countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and Bestsun Energy Group hosted a 3-day conference in Langfang China to discuss the development of Smart Cities and Intelligent Industry throughout the world. Conference invitees included high-level dignitaries from the U.S. (including former President George W. Bush) and top officials from the Chinese government and APEC. Because of Southworth International’s reputation for doing quality business in China and its excellent representation in Beijing by Lao Yang, on May 19, 2010 the Southworth Companies were awarded the exclusive rights to develop the most advanced international city existing anywhere in the world: The Langfang International Intelligent Demonstration Park (“IDP”), an area of approximately 30 square kilometers (18.64 sq. miles)A focus will be made on attracting interna- tional businesses who both utilize and produce renewable and sustainable energy products. The vision for both the Exhibition Center and the IDP supports the Central Government’s plans by reducing the demand on the Beijing infrastructure and creating an environment that attracts visitors and business investment activity IDP Site away from Beijing while maintaining relatively close proximity and convenience for travelers and business people. Southworth International is charged to make IDP a model for the global commu- nity by employing exclusively clean and green technologies as well as creating an international culture that will attract the regional headquarters of multi-national companies and residents who are involved in global business. The Langfang IDP is considered to be a world class, state of the art residential, commercial and industrial zone with the highest standard of innovation, technol- ogy, comfort, convenience and design. Bestsun Energy Group and Southworth Companies have agreed to work together towards the overall development and success of the Langfang IDP project, and in fulfillment of the Bestsun govern- ment mandate. The parties will work together to maintain a green, clean and safe environment characteristic of the highest standards in the world. Bestsun’s Golf Course near IDP Site reputation with the Chinese government is very strong and they will manage the relationship with China. The government has agreed to pave the way for the project when it comes to zoning restrictions, infrastructure needs or removing any regulatory roadblocks. In addition to working closely with the Municipal Government, Southworth/ Bestsun will be working with world-class urban planners, designers and architects in the planning and construction of a world class Business and Cultural Exchange Center and the International Demonstration Park. However, a majority of the work will be completed by Chinese contractors, with financing provided by a combination of Chinese and foreign banks and investors. Southworth has made a commitment to be a long-term partner with Bestsun in the development and management of the IDP. Southworth’s partners are also committed to the ideals of the IDP – technology, environmental responsibility, and building relationships of mutual trust and respect. –5– southworth chronicles |
  6. 6. china officiallY a fter three decades of spectacular growth, Experts say unseating Japan — and in recent years China passed Japan in the second quarter passing Germany, France and Great Britain — has second of 2010 to become the world’s second- underscores China’s growing clout and bolsters largest world largest economy behind the United States. Japan forecasts that China will pass the United States showed minimal GDP growth, while its huge as the world’s biggest economy as early as 2030. economY neighbor China continued its blistering rise. America’s gross domestic product was about $14 trillion in 2009. For the April-to-June, 2010 quarter, Japan’s GDP, unadjusted for price or seasonal factors, amounted China’s economy is nearly 100 times the size it was to $1.286 trillion, compared to China’s $1.335 when market reforms began three decades ago. trillion. Japan has been second to the US in GDP terms since it overtook Germany in 1968. Last year, Although growth has begun to moderate a bit, China became the world’s biggest exporter, over China’s economy is forecast to expand about 10 taking Germany, and is already the largest manufac- percent — continuing a remarkable three-decade turer and buyer of cars on the planet. streak of double-digit growth. culture of the people’s republic of china China is one of the Four Ancient Civilizations (China, India, Babylon, and Egypt). It boasts 3,600 years of written history, as well as a rich and profound culture. Chinese culture is diverse and unique, yet harmoniously blended, and is known throughout the world. The culture of the People’s Republic of China is a rich and varied blend of traditional Chinese culture with communist and other international influences. China’s culture is a combination of traditional Chinese culture and communism. Much of the diversity of China’s culture seems to come from the diversity of the Han Chinese who comprise the largest segment of the population, and national minorities who bring individual elements from their cultures. Chinese culture is also very much based on the isolation of China which developed over hundreds of years in which it has adapted and changed until today it is a thriving and economically important part of the world’s economy. southworth chronicles | –6–
  7. 7. southworth international s outhworth International is a global Argentina, entirely demolishing and financial advisor and investment scrapping a steel manufacturing facility in banking group with offices in Salt the United States then shipping the steel Lake City and Beijing linking people, making components to China, and funding projects and capital through a broad range aircraft purchases for a major airline. In of financial and opportunity management addition Marcus Southworth has served services. We bring together investors and as the financial advisor to the president of capital for business, corporations and Ghana and financial advisor to the ministry governments seeking financial assistance. of defense in the Czech Republic. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, Southworth International is currently governments, venture capital corporations involved in financing a copper mining and institutional and high-net-worth operation in the United States and with investors. We advise companies on mergers, it’s Chinese partner, Bestsun Energy is acquisitions and financial opportunities, currently planning, designing and getting implementing innovative debt and equity ready to begin construction on a new, solutions while minimizing risks. world-class exhibition and conference center, shopping center and 5-star hotel in Over the past decade, principals of Langfang, China. The exhibition center Southworth International have placed over will also become the showcase for the a billion dollars of development capital anticipated Smart City development at in the form of equity and loans into an the nearby International Demonstration extremely wide variety of projects including Park which was also recently awarded to mainframe computers and peripherals in Southworth and Bestsun for development the US and abroad, offshore oil tenders of a 30 square kilometer (18.64 sq. mile) in Angola, financing a fleet of ships in site in West Langfang. –7– southworth chronicles |
  8. 8. facts about china newslettter Size: 9,596,961sq km (slightly smaller than the staff United States) CoaStline: 14,500 km Contributors: elevation: Highest, Mt. Everest, 8,850 meters Marcus southworth Lowest, Turpan Pendi -154 meters Brady Boardman PoPulation: 1,330,141,295 ( July 2010 estimate) Doug Free Median age: Male, 34.5 years curt Bassett Female, 35.8 years thor roundy Birth rate: 12.17 births/1,000 population (ranks 153 in world) connor southworth life exPeCtanCy: Male, 72.54 years Brett Moore Female, 76.77 years ted Phillips urBanization: 43% of total population ethniC grouPS: Han Chinese 91.5%, remainder, Zhuang, Subscription: Manchu, Hui, Miao, Uyghur, Tujia, Yi, Mongol, the southworth chronicles Tibetan, Buyi, Dong, Yao, Korean and is published quarterly. other nationalities call for your subscription: CaPital: Beijing (801) 535-4677 laBor forCe: 813.5 million (2009 estimate) Agriculture, 39.5% southworth International Industry, 27.2% 299 south Main street Services, 33.2% suite 1300 Unemployment, 4.3% (2009 estimate) salt Lake city, ut 84111 CurrenCy: Renminbi yuan (RMB) telePhoneS: 365.6 million main lines (world’s largest) 634 million cellular phones (world’s largest) wells Fargo Building 299 south Main, suite 1300 salt Lake city, utah, usa 84111 (801) 535-4677 southworth chronicles |