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Burton snowboards (brand strategy nyu stern)


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(C) Rob Tedesco 2011. Created for Brand Strategy course at NYU Stern School of Business.

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Burton snowboards (brand strategy nyu stern)

  1. 1. Brand Strategy | Buchanan | Summer „11Burton Snowboards (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO Rob Tedesco
  2. 2. Standing Sideways Since „77 (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  3. 3. The Industry, and The Company The Industry 2.5• Size: ~$500MM industry (snowboarding Millionhardgoods and accessories) (1997)• Growth: Riders from 2.5M in „97 to 5M in „08 5+ Million (2008)• Demographics: Most are male, age 18 to 24 No. of Snowboarders The Company• History: 1977 by Jake Burton, category “Godfather”• Location: HQ in Burlington, VT; CA, Austria, Japan• Market Share: 40-70%, depending on subcategory• Subcategories:Boards, Jackets, Pants, Gloves, Helmets, Goggles, Shoes, Clothing (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  4. 4. Jake Burton: Category “Godfather” (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  5. 5. So What is Burton‟s Brand Value? Brand is: Riders are:Authentic (“Riders like you”) IndividualsHigh-quality Expressive“Original” brand in category Creative“Big” but not “Big Brother” “Adrenaline-seeking” yet “Casual” (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  6. 6. Imagery and Brand Value (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  7. 7. Sponsored Riders • 35 “Team Burton” riders, sponsored by the brand • Use Burton equipment in Olympics, ESPN X Games and other competitions • Add brand value as: • Energizers • Endorsers • Product design contributors (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  8. 8. The Tiger Woods of Snowboarding • Shaun White • 25 years old • 2 Olympic Gold Medals • 15 X-Games medals • Endorsed by Burton • “White Collection” at Burton (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  9. 9. Rapid Prototyping +Rapid Prototyping Lab Feedback from Core Users Core User Feedback = Rapid Quality Prototyping Products Growth in Core Users Value Creation Cycle (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  10. 10. Brand Architecture (Aaker)Hardgoods Softgoods Bags Eyewear Protective Footwear Clothing Shadow Endorser (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  11. 11. Why “Shadow Endorse”?“Founded in 2001, ANONs goal is to become the premiere optics brand byoffering unique optics solutions driven by fashion, lifestyle and the creativeinfluence of couture tastemakers.”“Founded in 1996, R.E.D. is dedicated to the evolution of impact protection byoffering products that revolutionize the balance of style, fit and technology.Driven by the creative influences of those pushing their personallimits, R.E.D. is transforming tradition by inspiring riders with forward thinkingstyle and the latest technology.”“Since 1998, Gravis has been creating alternative footwear and bags thatbridge the gap between action sports function and streetwear style. Workingclosely with a team of professional snowboarders, surfers, musiciansand artists, Gravis develops shoes and bags that are the perfectaccessories for today‟s active lifestyle.”“Created In 1999 as an outerwear style lab within Burton, Analog is now aclothing company based in Irvine, California whose only goal is to createoutside the lines and push creativity and individuality inskateboarding, surfing and TEDESCO (C) 2011 ROB snowboarding.”
  12. 12. Why “Shadow Endorse”?  Leverage “athlete-driven product development” process  Maintain authenticity among riders who want to look fashionable while pushing personal limits.  Extend “high-quality riding equipment” brand equity to skiing segment.  Leverage “athlete-driven product development” process Maintain authenticity among skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, musicians and artists.  Extend “lifestyle” components of brand equity to adjacent, “off the slopes” segments. (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  13. 13. Employees as Brand Stakeholders• Free season pass at Vermont resorts• Any day with 20” of snowfall is an automatic day off (Snow day)• All dogs allowed (at office) (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  14. 14. Growth: Finding New Slopes• Where to grow from here?• A “House of Lifestyle/Board Brands”: Surfboards, skateboards, etc.• International Expansion: Latin America, Australia, and China (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO
  15. 15. Sources• Marquardt, Katy; “Burton Snowboards is King of the Hill,” U.S. News and WorldReport, September 19, 2008• Burton Snowboards, “Back in the Day: An In-Depth Look at the History of Snowboarding andBurton Snowboards”; accessed on August 8, 2011 from• Heine, R. Peter; “Burton snowboards: origins and spectacular growth”; StetsonUniversity, Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics. (C) 2011 ROB TEDESCO