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Mindsets, and the myth of the natural


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Positive, encouraging mindsets to encourage effective learning and individual growth

Published in: Education, Technology

Mindsets, and the myth of the natural

  1. 1. Voltaire
  2. 2. Thankfully, intelligence is askill that youcan exerciseand improve
  3. 3. “Talent is just astarting point” Carol Dweck Success is down 10% to natural ability and 90% to hard work
  4. 4. It’s about having a positiveapproach tolearning and growing
  5. 5. becomebetter thanyou thoughtyou couldever be
  6. 6. We are not bornintelligent, we learn.
  7. 7. From the outset we are allhighly engaged learners
  8. 8. Rarely doyou seeunmotivatedbabies!
  9. 9. However, youmay witnessunmotivatedadults……
  10. 10. The brain is like amuscle, it changesand gets strongerwhen you use it.
  11. 11. You have toteach themthat they are incharge of theirintellectualgrowthCarol Dweck
  12. 12. A lifetimeof SUCCESSbegins witha GROWTHMINDSET
  13. 13. It’s not always thepeople who start outthe smartest who endup the smartest Binet
  14. 14. Scientists are learning thatpeople have more capacityfor life-long learning andbrain development thanthey ever thought
  15. 15. The answer lies in the ongoingexperiences that develop and create all of us
  16. 16. Winston Churchill Winston ChurchillREPEATED a grade REPEATED a gradeduring elementary during elementaryschool schoolHe was placed in theLOWEST set of the He was placed in theLOWEST class LOWEST division of the LOWEST class
  17. 17. Beethoven’steachercalled hima HOPELESScomposer
  18. 18. Leo Tolstoywas a collegeDROP OUTHe was describedas both UNABLEand UNWILLINGto LEARN
  19. 19. ways that wont work. I have not failed Thomas A. Edison Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont work Thomas Edison
  20. 20. When we praiseEFFORT instead ofINTELLIGENCE…
  21. 21. ..we can further motivate, inspire and developevery student within our school
  22. 22. Praise canignite thatinnate desireto achieve
  23. 23. Praise our students and they will bloom Praise our students EFFORTS and they will bloom
  24. 24. What to Praise?Persistence,despitesetbacks
  25. 25. Strategies, choices.Choosing difficulttasks
  26. 26. Learning, improving
  27. 27. ….then create aGrowth Mindsetin every student
  28. 28. How do you viewyourself – anincrementallearner (growth mindset)or an entitylearner? (fixed mindset)
  29. 29. What is one thingyou could dodifferently in yourinteractions withyour students tofoster a growthmindset?
  30. 30. Great Feedbackis Essential
  31. 31. If feedback is soimportant, what kind offeedback should be taking placein our classrooms?
  32. 32. Try:That’s a really goodscore. You must haveworked really hard Dweck, (2008)
  33. 33. In life, in learning, any meaningful success requires effort
  34. 34. As educators we can actively support agrowth mindset