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mobile learning in schools,clallenge the learning disconnect

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  • This doesn’t add up
  • a free operating system (Android)dual core ARM 9 @ 416MHz2G GSM/EDGE2.8” QVGA resistive touch screen2MP camera, GPSWIFI and BlueTooth silicon<$90 components + plastic case
  • As flexible, creative educators what are we capable of?
  • The internet is harnessing collective intelligence
  • Digital technologies are transforming the way we work and live our lives.
  • Advocates also say that the availability of technology that can call up the knowledge of the world's best thinkers with the click of a mouse, that can graph in two seconds what once took hours, and that can put scientific instrumentation in a pocket-sized computer shows that the shift isn’t coming--- it has already happened. It is NOW.
  • Learning devices

    1. This just doesn’t add up
    2. We need tounderstand andto connect withthe skills theyhave and whatthey can do…..
    3. ..accepting themas multi-tasking,connected,collaborative 21 stcentury learners
    4. There used to be a comfortablelogic to the way we interactedwith people, places, and things.
    5. You wanted knowledge You went to a library
    6. You wantedto consume,you went toa shop
    7. These behaviours wereimposed upon us by culture, society and location.
    8. • The internet Later the internet came along...• and things• got a lot came along• closer. & everything got a lot closer.
    9. HistoricalInterlude
    10. …has brought rapidcontinuous change…
    11. …and a lot of disruption
    12. Rockchip android tablet PCIf a company can gofrom concept tomarket in four weeks
    13. As flexible,creativeeducatorswhat are wecapable of?
    14. Events, threatsand opportunitiesarent just comingat us faster or withless predictability;
    15. ..they are converging and influencingeach other to create entirely newand unforeseen paradigms
    16. Our livesand ourlearning areconnectedby millionsof invisiblethreads
    17. HistoricalInterlude
    18. ...which brings usto the present
    19. We don’tgo to theinternetanymore
    20. The internet is now anintricate part of our lives
    21. The internet is harnessingour collective intelligence
    22. The boundariesbetween theinternet and lifeare so porous asto be meaningless
    23. …people reachfor the internetusing whateverdevice makessense to them atthat moment
    24. We can call upthe knowledgeof the worldsbest thinkerswith the click ofa button
    25. This shift isn’tcoming…..it has alreadyhappened.IT IS NOW!
    26. Are we willing to change.. …to risk change… …to meet the needs of the students we serve?