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  • Which features are important
  • The trend in retail in the United States over the past 20 years is for these huge companies, these big box "category killer" stores to come into a market and just take over.
    It's not just Wal-Mart, it's every category. And it kills these mom and pop businesses.
    And the PET MARKET is no different.
  • We spent hundreds of hours working on this thing: writing descriptions, and taking pictures, and re-designing a completely updated version of our dog-supply catalog. We printed 5000 copies, and mailed a catalog to every single former customer on our mailing list. I’m exhausted.
    And what happened? Nothing. We got virtually no response — in six months we took in about $5,000 in orders, which was nowhere near enough to offset our lost sales.
  • Pick an engine (google)
    Know what keywords you want to rank for (ckwp)
  • AND I know from my WEB ANALYTICS software that these phrases have generated
  • some keywords more than others, and we’ll talk about that in a bit ok?

    1. 1. SEO: Creating Compelling Content Rob Snell
    2. 2. Yahoo! Store
    3. 3. homepage
    4. 4. Create compelling content
    5. 5. Steve has 16 dogs
    6. 6. pic
    7. 7. Example
    8. 8. Tell folks what to buy w/ buyers’ guides
    9. 9. Buyers’ guides 50% higher conversion rate Visitors entering on than visitors who enter on a section / category page
    10. 10. Quick Picks: Collar Chart
    11. 11. Express your opinions with product reviews
    12. 12. Example Review
    13. 13. And this
    14. 14. How do you make all of this content?
    15. 15. Interview folks. Then transcribe audio into text.
    16. 16. Rob: How do you teach a dog how to sit? Steve: Well the simple way to do it is to start with a little bitty puppy. And when we are feeding a little bitty puppy, we don’t just put the food down and let him run up and eat. We start to teach patience and discipline. The simple way to do it is you set the food bowl down, take the puppy, and make him sit. You just physically take him by the collar. You put your hand on his back right below the tail and just force him into a sit. With an eight week old puppy it is a pretty simple thing to do. They are small and they are wiggly, but they can’t fight you. You make him sit there for about five seconds tops. All we are trying to do is get him in the position and physically make him understand that just because he wants to go, he can’t go. You do it real quick, like I said, five seconds, and then you release him. You release him with whatever command you want it to be. I use, “All right. OK.” Just be consistent with it. Rob: How long does it take him to learn? Steve: Not long. You usually feed puppies two or three times a day, so you are getting in little short training sessions. Each time you increase it a second or two. Now you have got him sitting there for 10 seconds or 15 seconds. Three days later he is sitting there for a minute. Pavlov man; that is all it is.
    17. 17. Take best products and play “20 Questions”
    18. 18. Who ? What? When? Where? Why? How Much?
    19. 19. Record everything
    20. 20. Got $60? Get an Olympus VN-6200 PC.
    21. 21. (623) 239-2466
    22. 22. Turn customer questions into product FAQs
    23. 23. WORD.doc > 1000 page Warner’s wisdom
    24. 24. Write unique product descriptions
    25. 25. Tired of searching for your hunting dog in tall grass or dense cover? Now you can leave the hunting entirely to him. Introducing Astro, the first high sensitivity GPS-enabled dog tracking system for hunters and sportsmen. This unique system pinpoints your dog’s position and shows you exactly where he is, even when you can’t see or hear him. Manufacturer’s product description:
    26. 26. 1-10 of 1770 Lazy And this
    27. 27. Provide more info than anyone
    28. 28. Tip: Write one new paragraph for every $10 in item price
    29. 29. You have this
    30. 30. Google loves unique content
    31. 31. Take photos of everything!
    32. 32. Provide more product photos than anyone
    33. 33. Product shots:
    34. 34. Shoot video of anything you can demo
    35. 35. “Liberate” manufacturer created content
    36. 36. *It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission: Nothing contained on this web site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to distribute, modify, transmit, use, re-use, or re-post any of Innotek®, Inc. Intellectual Property displayed on this web site without the express written permission of Innotek®, Inc.
    37. 37. Text hidden in FLASH movies
    38. 38. Text from PDF owner’s manuals
    39. 39. Transcribe DVDs & Videos
    40. 40. Text from packaging & POP
    41. 41. Find your Steve
    42. 42. Web Sales Actual Lift 1997 2004 2010 $10 million
    43. 43. SEO
    44. 44. collect
    45. 45. Run SEO-friendly Analytics
    46. 46. 21,358 converting keywords
    47. 47. $6,264,243.60 from keywords
    48. 48. Prioritize SEO keywords based on revenue
    49. 49. Target popular AND valuable kwp
    50. 50. QUANTITYQUANTITY versus quality
    51. 51. organize
    52. 52. Remove name/domain keywords
    53. 53. Name | domain CKWP
    54. 54. 332 different variations $1 million
    55. 55. multi-session conversions
    56. 56. tag keywords by category & brand
    57. 57. mfg brands generic terms
    58. 58. Wob-L Unicycle Seat Manufacturer + Generic Wob-L “Steady Teddy” Manufacturer + Brand name
    59. 59. Organize buckets of keywords
    60. 60. java
    61. 61. $5 Million 21,000+ keywords
    62. 62. 5x $1,000,000.00 buckets
    63. 63. prioritize (optimize based on revenue)
    64. 64. rank keywords by total $$$
    65. 65. Top shelf CKWP
    66. 66. head neck back looooong tail rump
    67. 67. optimize
    68. 68. Bake in default SEO elements
    69. 69. GDS MRP
    70. 70. Original TITLE
    71. 71. Original CANON
    72. 72. Original METADESC
    73. 73. Head
    74. 74. Write Top-Shelf Content
    75. 75. Homepage: link 40 best pages using my YWA 40 best keywords
    76. 76. Clustered results
    77. 77. Find the 2 most relevant pages
    78. 78. MRP for GDS
    79. 79. Neck
    80. 80. Use Run-of-site anchor text
    81. 81. Find good store pages for embedded links