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Travel Insurance for Cancer Survivors
Getting affordable insurance cover for travel can be difficult for those who have cancer or had it in the past. What should you be aware of? The Christie offers advice and help.
Author: Krish Shastri, Director, InsureCancer
Design & Editorial: Robert Hart-Fletcher
Produced by: KidsOKOnline,
Images licensed from Shutterstock
© Copyright 2013, Young Oncology Unit, The Christie Hospital, Manchester

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Travel Insurance

  1. 1. TravelInsuranceKrish ShastriDirector, InsureCancerSurvivorship
  2. 2. TravelSurvivorshipTravel Insurance“I was going to France, I declared mychildhood diagnosis of Hodgkin’sLymphoma.“I was shocked at the insurancepremiums. Some were double thenormal amount.“They considered my cancer historyas more of a threat than my ME orhigh blood pressure, for which I washaving treatment.“Hearing that my cancer wasstill considered a risk after 23years was distressing.”- 40 year oldTracy(Macmillan - Recovered But Not Covered)
  3. 3. TravelSurvivorshipTravel Insurance“I’ve got some relatives inSpain and I was hoping to gosee them again but the costof the travel insurance wasmore than the cost of theplane and car and everythingelse.”(Macmillan - Recovered But Not Covered)
  4. 4. TravelSurvivorshipTravel Insurance“The year after surgery whenI felt fit enough to doanything I applied for travelinsurance from a company Ihad used before. I got astraight ‘No.’”(Macmillan - Recovered But Not Covered)
  5. 5. SurvivorshipTravelTrouble Getting CoverHigher Premiums39% of people affected by cancer arequoted higher premiums for travelinsurance.Refused Cover6% of people are refused travelinsurance altogether.No Insurance8% resort to traveling without travelinsurance.(Macmillan - Recovered But Not Covered)
  6. 6. SurvivorshipTravelTrouble Getting CoverMany affected by cancer...don’t know where to get adviceon travel insurance and what toexpect when talking to insurers.experience insensitive call centrestaff, with no understanding ofcancer.are quoted higher premiums evenwhen in remission and begin towonder if medical professionalshave told the whole truth abouttheir health.believe insurance companies are‘profiteering’ from higherpremiums.(Macmillan - Recovered But Not Covered)
  7. 7. SurvivorshipTravelTrouble Getting CoverThe OptionsPeople who can’t find a reasonablypriced travel policy are left with 4unsatisfactory options:Pay the higher premium.Travel without insurance.Don’t travel.Invalidate the policy byconcealing cancer history.(Macmillan - Recovered But Not Covered)
  8. 8. SurvivorshipTravelHow to Get CoveredStart EarlyTip! First - check your bankaccount or credit card for ‘free’travel insurance.Tip! Start looking for insurancebefore you book your holiday.Tip! Buy travel insurance whenyou book a holiday, commencingimmediately to benefit from thecancellation cover.(Macmillan Fact Sheet 2010:Travel Insurance)
  9. 9. SurvivorshipTravelBe Aware - DeclarationPre-Existing ConditionsPolicies ask about Pre-ExistingMedical Conditions.Which canmean: ‘any medical or nervous ormental condition that’ ...existed at any time before applyingyou had advice, medication or treatmentfor in the 12 months before applyingwas investigated, diagnosed or treatedafter applying for the policy and beforeyou left on your journey.Tip! Read your policy carefullyand get advice on whether you’reproperly covered.Tip! You must respond fully andaccurately or you may lose cover.(Macmillan Fact Sheet 2010:Travel Insurance)
  10. 10. SurvivorshipTravelBe Aware - AssessmentPhone ScreeningMost providers have a list ofcriteria they’ll use to assess therisks of insuring you.You may need to call a medicalscreening line.The staff will ask you about yourillness and treatment.They may ask about prognosis,which can be distressing, so onlycontact only a couple at a time.(Macmillan Fact Sheet 2010:Travel Insurance)
  11. 11. SurvivorshipTravelBe Aware - CoverIt can be more difficult to getinsurance for some countries,particularly the USA, or for sometypes of holiday such as a cruise.A company that a friendrecommends may not give you cover.Their offer will depend on yourpersonal situation, the type of cancerand treatment.Many companies will not offer anannual policy if you’re undergoingtreatment, or have had it recently.(Macmillan Fact Sheet 2010:Travel Insurance)
  12. 12. SurvivorshipTravelHow to Get CoveredFit for Travel LetterSome companies may ask for aletter from your doctor that saysyou are well enough to travel.Tip! The company may chargeyou if they contact your doctor,so its best if you get the letterfrom your doctor before youcontact insurance companies.Tip! If you need to take anyspecial medical equipment withyou on holiday, make sure yourinsurance will cover it.(Macmillan Fact Sheet 2010:Travel Insurance)
  13. 13. SurvivorshipTravelHow to Get CoveredEuropean Health InsuranceCard (EHIC)Free or cheaper emergency treatment inEU, Norway, Iceland & Liechtenstein.You get the same care as people in thatcountry. It may not be the same as the NHS.You might have to pay for your ambulance.You might have to pay and claim back themoney in the country you visit.You should also buy travel insurance.How to ApplyApplication from post office (takes 3 weeks)Call 0845 6062030 (takes10 days)Visit (takes 7 days)Find out more: Fact Sheet 2010:Travel Insurance)
  14. 14. SurvivorshipTravelHow to Get CoveredEuropean Health InsuranceCard (EHIC)Check your cover carefully!“I took my son to the clinic.We got a bill for €780. Whenwe showed our EHIC welearned the hospitalsrecognized it, but the Spanishclinics are private and are notcovered. I’m trying to claimthe money on my TravelInsurance but they might notpay because my son hadsuffered previously from thecondition.”(Macmillan Fact Sheet 2010:Travel Insurance)
  15. 15. SurvivorshipTravelHow to Get CoveredGet a BrokerTip! Companies vary in the coverthey’ll provide, so shop around fortravel insurance.Tip! Get advice from a broker whocan look around for you.Tip! Some companies & brokersspecialize in insurance for peoplewith medical problems.For a list of Specialist Brokers andCompanies, visit: Fact Sheet 2010:Travel Insurance)
  16. 16. SurvivorshipTravelFind Out MoreMacmillanTo share your experiences or tolearn more:Call Macmillan free0800 500 - Recovered But Not Covered)
  17. 17. SurvivorshipTravelInsuranceKrish ShastriDirector, InsureCancer
  18. 18. Travel Insurance for CancerSurvivorsAuthor: Krish Shastri, Director, InsureCancerDesign & Editorial: Robert Hart-FletcherProduced by: KidsOKOnline, www.KidsOKOnline.comImages licensed from Shutterstock© Copyright 2013, Young Oncology Unit, The ChristieHospital, ManchesterContact: byKidsOKOnline