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PDP Presentation

  1. 1. Personal Development Portfolio Robert James McLeod RM141709
  2. 2. Core Learning OutcomesOn completion of this Module you should be able to: To achieve the learning objectives, you must demonstrate the ability to:2 Demonstrate the relationship of the key theories, Understand and evaluate the ways in which the social, economic, culturalconcepts and structural determinants, as applied to your practice. and technological changes and contexts are shaping your chosen area of practice9 As a reflective practitioner, take responsibility for your learning Reflect upon your own learning and achievements in order to becomeand self-management, and make informed decisions about future . more ‘self-directed’ in determining your future learning needs and aspirationscareer or postgraduate study opportunities.
  3. 3. As I understand, this project is to select an area of ones choice, in a field,within media, that the person is interested in, or has a certain desiretowards. Then with that particular media, develop the skills and techniquesrequired within it.With this in mind, I have decided to break down my options to, what Ibelieve are the three areas of this degree.Audio, visual and interactivity.As I came from a photography background, I have particular interest invisuals and have thought to develop my current photography portfolio. ButI chose Digital Media to steer away from photography.I have always been interested in creating music, either via; reason, logic orsimilar, but have never really had the opportunity to do so. Perhaps thiscould be the time.
  4. 4. I am still very much drawn to the visual side of media, but do not wish tocontinue with developing my photography portfolio.I am particularly interested in developing my skills with ‘Illustrator’ and‘Dreamweaver’. Which leads me to web design.I see website design/development as a valuable skill to obtain through university.Maybe one day, I will be able to use it to my own advantage.Web developers can earn a lot of money for designing and coding peoples webpages. I have mainly been looking at musician’s websites and how they aredesigned. One that I took interest in was this one, www.jayzhitscollection.com/This web page is based on the career of musician, Jay-Z. It was sort of like lookingat a digital biography. I like the layout of it. It’s not similar to most other websitesthat I have seen, but this is probably because it isn’t selling merchandise.If I am to follow this route, then I want my website to be more interactive andaesthetically pleasing to its users.
  5. 5. I find myself being drawn to starting a clothing company.Through this I will not only be able to further my skills with ‘Photoshop’ and‘Illustrator’, but also with ‘Dreamweaver’.How? Through Illustrator, I will be able to create my designs, logo and some elementsof the web page. With Photoshop, I can create advertisements such as; flyers andbusiness cards. Then with Dreamweaver, the website.How did I get to this decision? Fashion is all around us. Everywhere we look there isprobably going to be some branded piece of clothing either worn by someone else oryourself. Fashion is so much part of our society that it became apparent to me that Icould use this opportunity to develop this idea and, I might be shooting into the dark,maybe, one day, I might have something.
  6. 6. Every good idea has to start somewhere. That start for me is the brand name.I have done plenty of research into one name especially.I drew the inspiration from ‘Outkast – So Fresh, So Clean’.“I love when you stare at me Im dressed so fresh so clean”The name shall be ‘Clean Clothing’.Realistically. If I am to pursue this idea, then it should be broken down over thethree years.Hopefully, with motivation on my side, these should just been predictions.PDP1 – Illustrator: Logo Print designsPDP2 – Dreamweaver: WebsitePDP3 – Photoshop: Photoshoot with products Advertising: Flyers, stickers, business cards
  7. 7. Leading CompetitorsFashion, as it does, is constantly changing. These are a few of the leadingcompetitors, who’s brand gets pushed in my face most days of the week. Whyare these so popular amongst the modern day shopper? What makes thesebrands so much better than the rest? Quality? Style? Or presentation?
  8. 8. The problem with trying to compete with huge brand names, is that they haveestablished themselves as the said ‘huge brand name’. This means that people aremore likely to buy a t shirt with a little penguin or pheasant on it because it showsstyle and possibly wealth.Some people don’t even care what the clothing might look like it they buy it by therecognisable logo. It has come to the point where even a word can link someone tothink about a particular brand. Not necessarily just within clothing. If I was to say‘Crocodile’ to someone, their brain might think of ‘Lacoste’.This shows that not only do you have to create a style that a large audience will like,the company also has to make their brand recognisable by a symbol, sign or slogan.Maybe even all three. Look at ‘McDonald’s’ for example. They have all three. The veryidentifiable golden arches. The red and the yellow carried through on to their‘mascot’, Ronald McDonald. All followed by the simple slogan, “I’m lovin’ it”.
  9. 9. These are smaller clothing companies I have found through the power ofFacebook. I have purchased a tee from W&W. It is decent enough material, butthe printing on it isn’t the greatest. I have noticed that shapes are used quiteoften for logos, rather than, for example, the Conceeded logo.
  10. 10. Logo ResearchIn looking at these company logos, I have a betteridea of how I want mine to look. I have noticed thata lot of them are just shapes and symbols. Thismust be a method to help to their customers definethe brands they like.A lot of people, myself included, choose productson what the logo looks like. So creating a good logois key to progression.
  11. 11. Logo IdeasMy initial thoughts were to try and create the logo in a similar style to others that canbeen recognized today, but then I thought, why would I want to do that?So from there I drew up a few simple ones and came to a decision on which one wasof particular interest to me.
  12. 12. This is my first concept for the logo The text says, or I believe it says,design. I’ve had some positive “Always remember to stay clean andfeedback from a few peers, but wash behind your ears.”personally thought that it was I think this give the logo a bit moremissing something. character and I could see this on aAnother one of my peers suggested label of some sorts.that I could add text in Latin on the This is still very much the conceptbottom half of the circle. So, I did stage, as I think a few tweaks couldjust that. be made.
  13. 13. I thought that comparing my logo with the ‘Small Victory’ logo might provebeneficial to the development of my design. If I am to pick out a couple ofelements of the ‘Small Victory’ logo, I like the use of roman numerals for theestablished year, I think it would go well with the Latin text on mine.Also the white text. I think I might play around with it and see what I canmuster up.
  14. 14. I am happy with the change to the design. It still retains some of the aspects fromthe previous design but, in my opinion, it now looks a bit more professional and lesslike a bottle cap.I was able to wrap the text around a circle using the ‘Type on a Path’ tool withinIllustrator.The ‘L’ is made of two straight lines rather than a larger font of text. I found this tobe an easier method of achieving the required result.
  15. 15. When I came up with this design, I was actually looking in the trash. Not out ofcuriosity, I was just emptying the bin. Anyway, I came across a Jelly babies packetand that is where I took the inspiration for this design. I call it ‘Maybe-baby’.I did three templates of the design to see which composition worked the best. Ihave had mixed responses from people. Some like the grid, some like the five and afew like the three.The colours were used from images of Jelly babies that I found in Google.
  16. 16. These are a few ‘Mock ups’ of what the products could potentially look like. Iwont be printing on the same material though. I have bad passed experienceswith ‘Fruit of the Loom’ clothing. The quality isn’t the best and the fabric either;rips, fades or becomes unstitched.Out of the three, I think the ‘Logo tee’ looks the more eye catching, despitehaving a lack of colour.
  17. 17. My first target audience, to whom I would advertise, would be students andteenagers. I believe that the reminiscing provoked by the products would appeal tothe consumer. Even if they, for example on ‘Maybe-baby’, didn’t notice that the designwas based upon Jelly babies, the persons subjectivity would pick up on the shapes andcolours, thus making the clothing aesthetically pleasing to the potential buyer.Once I have established a clientele. Whom buy the clothing seasonally, then I canexpand into a larger market and try to reach to a wider audience, hopefully generatingmore profit to improve on the quality of the products. Even adding little things to theeach item clothing, such as; custom branded garments, tags or maybe even customstitching.Generating enough profit so that I could sell the clothing seasonally is very appealingto me. Constantly up dating the companies stock so that its fresh is how larger brands,such as; Jack Wills, All Saints etc. make the most money. Essentially the clothingquality is generally the same, but the design or style has been changed in a minuteway so that they can create more custom.
  18. 18. Other WorkAfter showing a few friends my work. One of them commissioned me to design a logofor his company ‘Strike Promotions’. I gladly took upon this task and tried cater hisneeds.He gave me a description of what he wished it to look like, then I gave him a few of myideas to what the final product would look like. This is the type of logo he was looking for. A relatively simple, professional design. My initial thoughts were that, I was going to have to create the letter ‘S’ and ‘P’ on illustrator then put them through photoshop to stylise and colour.
  19. 19. Using my previously aquired skills. I got to work creating the template of thelogo. It took me a while as I was using the track pad on my laptop, but got therein the end and I would say I am happy with the results. I showed this image tomy client and he really liked it too.From here I asked him what sort ofcolour scheme he would like.He chose to have similar colours tothose of the superhero ‘The GreenLantern’. This is the image I sourced the colours from. It seemed to have the largest tonal range, so I dropped this image into photoshop and picked out some colours for the logo.
  20. 20. This was my first coloured design. The client saidthat he like the use of colour, but would prefermore blacks and a bigger tonal range used.This was my second attempt. I personally reallylike this one. I think it looks very professional. Itsbold, but not too ‘in your face’. I imagined itbeing in the header of an overhead or someother business document. The client was pleasebut wanted me to add some smoke/mist aroundthe edge of the logo.
  21. 21. Here is the third and the smoke/mist I was onabout. It looks cool granted, but it isn’tprofessional enough in my opinion. The clientwas please but after a long chat about thepotential final logo he asked me to add moregreen and a large glow around the design.I think we have taken a step backwards withthis one. Its too garish, too full on. I told myclient this, he agreed and then I tried toincorporate the previous ideas into the finaldesign.
  22. 22. This is the final design. The client isvery pleased with it. I personallypreferred the simplicity of the secondone I did, but it isn’t up to me.I am glad I took this work on. I wouldhave even if I wasn’t studying atuniversity but this experience hasmade me realise how much I enjoydesigning things.I got a huge sense of a satisfaction, likeI do when I finish a piece of coursework, but I got paid to do this.This experience has also helped mewith my personal logo ideas. I amhappy with the one I have designed atthe moment, but I wont be afraid toimprove it.