Muzico - How can artists work with us


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Muzico - How can artists work with us

  1. 1. Confidential Information – Do not forward without proper authorization
  2. 2. Are you a struggling artist having a hard time surviving by your music career? Do you find it hard to promote, record, sell and license your music and brand? Do you have a successful career, but have further aspirations and don’t want to depend on anyone else? Are you involved with managing or producing multiple artists? Then MUZICO is for you... Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  3. 3. Welcome to Muzico, more than a Crowdfunding platform We fund your passion! Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  4. 4. MUZICO is a collection of services and people that work around the clock to support your career by allowing your friends and fans to crowdfund* it for you. *By the way crowdfunding is a method of financing that lets friends and fans pay for your projects turning your dream into a reality. Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  5. 5. For artists who already know what they want, how they want to promote themselves and how to reward their fans, we offer “Self-Service”. With Self-service, you setup your own project, make your own video, set your own raising amount, figure out your rewards, all while using the MUZICO platform to promote, reward and get pledges from friends and fans. (but you still get access to valuable advice from our music brainiacs) In this case, we get 6.5% of the total amount raised, including credit card fees. Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  6. 6. If you are newbie to crowdfunding, we have a whole team of music brainiacs to get you up and running with the right video, rewards and raising goal. They are even there to help you further your career by hooking you up with producers, studios, licensing deals, publishing firms and promotion. By using our first class service you’re making an investment in your career and we only take a 15% cut of the money you raise including credit card fees. Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  7. 7. Now, the cool stuff Muzico has developed for everyone’s use: We make it easy for you to sign up for Muzico, create your project, setup your goals, choose your rewards and spread the word about your new project. Crowdfund anything from albums or tours to branded headphones or Champagne bottles. If you don’t have time or any idea about how to make your video, we will setup an interview, send you a script and make you shine. In addition, promoting your project is a breeze; you can setup a video call with your fans, from wherever you are and they will be able to interact and pledge for your project. Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  8. 8. Last but not least, if you are a record label, manager or producer, we create custom curated pages for you inside MUZICO so that you can post your artist’s projects there with no hassle. Remember these are completely custom pages; so, you need to speak with us in order to learn more about how we can boost your brand and earn more money for you and your artist’s. Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  9. 9. However making your project work isn’t only about automation, it’s also about the brainiacs working behind the scenes. So, let us introduce them: The four musketeers who came up with Muzico and who are always thinking about how to disrupt the music industry and make life easier for artists – Robson, Julian, Gali and Erick The music industry veteran who doesn’t care if we disrupt anything as long as the artists make more money – Sergio Lopes The artist and producer who continues to jam and produce for cool artists in the Latin scene – Marcello Azevedo The masters of communication that will show up for the interviews and take care of you career inside MUZICO – Tati and Sara. Just so you know, MUZICO was founded in the Silicon Valley, birthplace of many successful internet companies and has operations in Miami and Rio de Janeiro. Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  10. 10. So why waste any more time? Go to and start your project immediately or contact us at Confiden'al  Informa'on  –  Do  not  forward  without  proper  authoriza'on  
  11. 11. Confidential Information – Do not forward without proper authorization