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  1. 1. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comLMS and Content ConversionLMS and Content ConversionTools for Multiple StandardsTools for Multiple StandardsMike RusticiRustici Software,
  2. 2. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comWho We AreWho We Are• Software development company• Founded by veterans of the e-learningindustry• Unique blend of both content and LMSdevelopment experience• Exclusively focused on SCORM and otherlearning standards• Active members of the ADL community• Successfully worked with dozens of
  3. 3. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comOur ServicesOur Services• LMS Implementation• Content Conversion• Tool Development• Training• Consulting• Dispute Resolution / Mediation
  4. 4. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comOur Philosophy for ConversionOur Philosophy for Conversion• Abstract complexities• Consolidate standards support using asingle code base• Constantly improve• Bend, but don’t break to accommodatevarying interpretations• Provide extensibility to accommodateoutliers
  5. 5. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comPhilosophy – Abstract ComplexitiesPhilosophy – Abstract Complexities• Clients should not have to learn intricatedetails of standards• We have a proprietary method forinteracting with SCORM and otherlearning standards that empowers thecontent author / LMS developer byabstracting the complexities of learningstandards
  6. 6. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comPhilosophy – Abstract ComplexitiesPhilosophy – Abstract Complexities• Work in concepts familiar to learningdevelopers• Give a basic overview and provide a blackbox to integrate with• Provide source code, best practiceexamples and training
  7. 7. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comPhilosophy – Consolidate StandardsPhilosophy – Consolidate StandardsSupport Using a Single Code BaseSupport Using a Single Code Base• Program against real world concepts thatcan easily be translated to standards• Use terms and concepts familiar to e-learning developers• Data models are close enough to enabletranslation
  8. 8. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comPhilosophy – Constantly ImprovePhilosophy – Constantly Improve• Create solutions that go beyond thestandards in an effort to overcome ourclients’ problems• Integrate solutions to common problemsback into common code base• Leverage experience from all of ourclients• Tools have been proven to be highlyreliable and have been certified in multipleapplications
  9. 9. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comPhilosophy – Bend, But Don’t Break toPhilosophy – Bend, But Don’t Break toAccommodate Varying InterpretationsAccommodate Varying Interpretations• The standards are an excellent base fromwhich to bring together content andlearning management systems. They donot, however, solve every problem• Every vendor implements pieces of thestandards differently• Standards cannot address every situation• Don’t bicker, solve the problem• Resolving compatibility issues isimportant. Products include significantlogging and debugging capabilities
  10. 10. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comPhilosophy – Provide Extensibility toPhilosophy – Provide Extensibility toAccommodate OutliersAccommodate Outliers• Standards are great, but companies stillneed to differentiate themselves• Integration through high-level learningconcepts, allows easy support for new orproprietary standards
  11. 11. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comRustici Software’s ProductsRustici Software’s Products• We offer two products that embody thesephilosophies• Content – SCORM Driver (formerly RSECA)• LMS – SCORM Engine (formerly SCORMContent Player or SCP)• Benefits of using these products include:• Faster time to market• Higher quality end product• Easier upgrades
  12. 12. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM DriverSCORM Driver• Rapidly convert existing content• After performing a single conversion,content will conform to SCORM 1.1,SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and AICCsimultaneously• Easy to integrate using intuitiveJavaScript functions• No knowledge of the underlying standardsneeded
  13. 13. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Driver – AbstractSCORM Driver – AbstractComplexitiesComplexities• SCORM Driver interface is simpleJavaScript functions• Complexities are handled internally• Developer only needs to focus onfunctionality, not implementation• Function Examples – “GetBookmark”,“SetScore”, “SetPassed”,“SetReachedEnd”, “GetStudentName”
  14. 14. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Driver – AbstractSCORM Driver – AbstractComplexitiesComplexitiesStart / Finish functionsStart ()Finish ()Suspend ()TimeOut ()Unload ()SetReachedEnd ()ConcedeControl()Storing and Retrieving General DataGetStudentID ()GetStudentName ()SetBookmark (strBookmark)GetBookmark ()SetDataChunk (strData)GetDataChunk ()GetLaunchData ()WriteComment (strComment)GetComments ()GetLMSComments ()Time TrackingGetPreviouslyAccumulatedTime ()GetSessionAccumulatedTime ()SetSessionTime (intMilliseconds)PauseTimeTracking ()ResumeTimeTracking ()GetMaxTimeAllowed ()DisplayMessageOnTimeout ()ExitOnTimeout ()TestingGetPassingScore ()SetScore (intScore, intMaxScore, intMinScore)GetScore ()RecordMultipleChoiceInteraction (strID, strResponse,blnCorrect, strCorrectResponse)UtilitiesIsLoaded ()WriteToDebug (strInfo)ShowDebugWindow ()GetLastError ()GetLastErrorDesc ()CommitData ()State FunctionsGetStatus ()SetPassed ()SetFailed ()ResetStatus ()GetEntryMode ()GetLessonMode ()GetTakingForCredit ()ObjectivesSetObjectiveStatus (strObjectiveID, Lesson_Status)GetObjectiveStatus (strObjectiveID)SetObjectiveScore (strObjectiveID, intScore,intMaxScore, intMinScore)GetObjectiveScore (strObjectiveID)PreferencesSetAudioPreference (PlayPreference,intPercentOfMaxVolume)GetAudioPlayPreference ()GetAudioVolumePreference ()SetLanguagePreference (strLanguage)GetLanguagePreference ()SetSpeedPreference (intPercentOfMax)GetSpeedPreference ()SetTextPreference (intPreference)GetTextPreference ()
  15. 15. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Driver – ConsolidateSCORM Driver – ConsolidateStandards Support Using a SingleStandards Support Using a SingleCode BaseCode Base• Support multiple standards afterperforming a single conversion
  16. 16. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Driver – Constantly ImproveSCORM Driver – Constantly Improve• Integrate support for new interpretationsinto the common code base• Monitor community and actual practice formisinterpretations• Customers leverage the experience of amuch wider community dramaticallyimproving compatibility
  17. 17. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Driver – Bend, But Don’tSCORM Driver – Bend, But Don’tBreak to Accommodate VaryingBreak to Accommodate VaryingInterpretationsInterpretations• Make every effort possible to accommodatevarying interpretations and implementations• Some examples• Interaction Result Formatting• Concede Control• Forced Commits• Exit types – default to “suspend”, avoid “logout”• Flexibility in parsing AICC messages• Magic Time Interval• Robust debugging and logging functionality
  18. 18. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Driver – Provide ExtensibilitySCORM Driver – Provide Extensibilityto Accommodate Outliersto Accommodate Outliers• Our flexible architecture allows new orproprietary standards to be integrated ondemand
  19. 19. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Driver – Case Study:SCORM Driver – Case Study:RedHawkRedHawk• In response to customer demand forSCORM conformance, RedHawkused the SCORM Driver to quicklyconvert their existing library.• As sales increased, RedHawkexperienced a greater demand forAICC conformance and used aSCORM Driver extension to achieveAICC conformance with no additionalcoding.• One of RedHawk’s clients uses aproprietary LMS which requirescustom integration. Rustici Softwaredeveloped a new SCORM Driverextension to accommodate the clientwithout requiring any changes toRedHawk’s content.RedHawk ( offers complete, one-stop ethicsand compliance programs. They deliver codeof conduct development, both online andinstructor-led courses, Board of Directorresources, consulting and a full spectrum ofcoaching and training materials delivered viaposter, newsletter, and internet streamingtechnology. Their clients include Sony,Merck, Sara Lee, Halliburton and Kellogg.
  20. 20. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Driver – Case Study:SCORM Driver – Case Study:ArticulateArticulate• Articulate Presenter and Quizmaker areindustry leading tools for rapid e-learningdevelopment• Articulate’s products already outputSCORM and AICC conformant content,however they wanted to ensure that theirproducts were the absolute best of breed• Articulate integrated the SCORM Driverinto its products to unify its standardscode and to ensure the broadestpossible compatibility for the thousandsof users of its productsArticulate ( customers in more than 40 countries,Articulate® is the world leader in rapid e-learning and communications. Articulate isdedicated to providing powerful, intuitivetechnologies that enable organizations totrain and communicate rapidly, widely andeffectively with everyone involved in success.Thats what Articulate is all about -- puttingthe power of advanced technology forknowledge transfer in the hands of everyonewith the knowledge and need tocommunicate. Their goal is to ensure that youcan train, motivate, inform and persuadetoday the people who will move yourcompany forward.
  21. 21. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comRustici Software’s SCORM EngineRustici Software’s SCORM Engine• Rapidly converting existing LMS’s• Essentially a plug-in component for LMSproducts• LMS will be able to deliver SCORM 1.1,SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and AICCcontent• Easy to integrate using a discrete set ofintegration points
  22. 22. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – AbstractSCORM Engine – AbstractComplexitiesComplexities• The SCORM Engine is “LMS-agnostic”• A well defined set of integration pointsbased on common learning termsfacilitates integration• Some integration points include• “Course” association• “Assignment” association• Progress rollup
  23. 23. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – ConsolidateSCORM Engine – ConsolidateStandards Support Using a SingleStandards Support Using a SingleCode BaseCode Base• Some integration work and code is required• This integration is completely separated from coreplayer logic to facilitate updates• The existing LMS only interacts with a well-definedAPI• Completely skin-able to seamlessly blend withexisting products
  24. 24. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Constantly ImproveSCORM Engine – Constantly Improve• Includes solutions to many common problems• Multi-lingual / multi-cultural capabilities• Two solutions to the cross domain scripting problem:• Document.domain manipulation• Run-time service on the content server• Other features:• Completely client-side sequencing engine• Non-blocking tunable server communications• Robust sequencing look-ahead algorithms• Intelligent blocked state error messages• Several deployment configurations• Optimized support for major databases• Many, many more features
  25. 25. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Bend, But Don’tSCORM Engine – Bend, But Don’tBreak to Accommodate VaryingBreak to Accommodate VaryingInterpretationsInterpretations• Many common compatibility issuesalready solved• Debugging features include:• API call logs• Sequencing function trace logs• Detailed pseudo-code trace logs• Imperfect manifest warnings
  26. 26. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Bend, But Don’tSCORM Engine – Bend, But Don’tBreak to Accommodate VaryingBreak to Accommodate VaryingInterpretationsInterpretations• Numerous course-level configuration settings to dealwith less than perfect content and to optimize contentdelivery• Window sizing• Delivery method – frameset vs. new window• Control availability• Rudimentary (as opposed to “simple”) sequencing for 1.2• Parameters can be set through proprietary metadataextensions• When possible, settings are based on emergingstandards• Gracefully handles slightly imperfect manifests• Allows for the importation of individual objects to
  27. 27. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Bend, But Don’tSCORM Engine – Bend, But Don’tBreak to Accommodate VaryingBreak to Accommodate VaryingInterpretationsInterpretations
  28. 28. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Provide ExtensibilitySCORM Engine – Provide Extensibilityto Accommodate Outliersto Accommodate Outliers• Extensibility is harder to quantify• Able to support a very wide variety of LMSfeatures, requirements andimplementation styles• Everything that is not core functionality isimplemented in the integration layer• Integration layer methods all acceptcustom configuration information allowingtheir implementation to be based onwhichever factors the LMS developersdeem necessary.
  29. 29. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Case Study :SCORM Engine – Case Study :HealthStreamHealthStream• Enhanced their HLC LMS to supportSCORM 1.2• LMS certified by ADL• ADL auditor remarked it was theirsmoothest certification ever• Passed certification on first attempt.• LMS supports over 1.1 million usersand 40,000 daily course completions• About to release update to support2004• Simple conversion using SCORMEngine updates provided by RusticiSoftware• Many return engagements to convertcontent libraries• Converted more than 650 courses inunder 2 months for Tenet Hospitalsafter their failed efforts at supportingSCORMHealthstream (, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSTM), based inNashville, TN, is the leading provider of e-learningsolutions to the healthcare industry.Healthcare organizations use HealthStreams e-learning solutions to improve learning, increasecompliance, and enhance organizational effectivenessfor nurses, technicians, staff workers, physicians, andall clinical and non-clinical healthcare employeesthroughout the enterprise. Pharmaceutical and medicaldevice companies use HealthStreams e-learningsolutions to launch educational programs and reachhealthcare professionals. Content providers useHealthStreams e-learning solutions to expand thereach of their programs worldwide.
  30. 30. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Case Study :SCORM Engine – Case Study :HealthStreamHealthStream• HealthStream takes full advantage of thepower of the SCORM Engine• Cross domain solutions allow for highly efficientcontent delivery over the Akamai network• Custom configuration information allows the HLCto scale horizontally across multiple web farmsdatabase servers in geographically dispersed datacenters• Custom configuration allows the HLC to provideannotations on internally produced SCORM
  31. 31. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Case Study:SCORM Engine – Case Study:United States Marine CorpsUnited States Marine Corps• Recognized the value of a solution pre-built by an experienced vendor• Had to overcome numerous challenges:• Worldwide content delivery network• Provide disconnected access to Marineson the battle field• Content from numerous vendors• Limited bandwidth over satelliteconnections• Adhere to DODI 1322.xx• SCORM Engine met all of the demandingrequirements out of the box• Provided the most cost-effective solutionwith the least risk• So impressed with the product thatanother license was procured for theentire Department of the NavyUnited States Marine CorpsThe Marine Corps College of Continuing Education(CCE) provides a variety of Distance Education andTraining opportunities for all Marines. Their onlinelearning management system, MarineNet, providesboth military and civilian education to all Marineswherever they are stationed, while their worldwideseminar program supports the Officer ProfessionalMilitary Education (PME) distance education programs(DEP).
  32. 32. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Case Study:SCORM Engine – Case Study:SDA StudioSDA StudioSDA Studio ( Studio is based in Budapest, Hungry. Withover 70% of the market share, theirNeptun.NET platform is the leading LMS in thatcountry.• Market demand in Eastern Europe demandedSCORM conformance• Working remotely across time-zones, languagesand cultures we fully integrated the SCORMEngine in a matter of a couple weeks• Fully internationalized the SCORM Engine towork in Hungry and another other cultures
  33. 33. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comSCORM Engine – Case Study:SCORM Engine – Case Study:SDA StudioSDA Studio
  34. 34. Learning. Standards.Systems.www.scorm.comQuestions?Questions?Mike RusticiRustici Software,