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  • Slide 2: Who is coppafeel!?Breast cancer awareness charity based in UK launched 2009 by twin sisters, on suffers from breast cancerCharity focuses on younger women under 30 – other charaties aim at older marketEncourage regular self-breast checksKnown for cheeky approach (angel of the north hijack)Various celeb patrons Travel around music festivals and university campuses raising awarenessRun the “festifeel” music festival that raises money and awareness
  • Slide 3: PPC Campaign Purpose Many PPC campaigns revolve around single news topic (horse meat) Mine is both topical and has annual coverage. (e.g. Kate Middleton scandal, numerous celeb topless scandals) Target market is men aged 18-30, boyfriends/husbands of coppafeels general target marketAlso for men as men can also sufferMAIN AIM is to raise brand awareness of coppafeel and to get men to get involved with the checking process of breast cancerTarget men when they least expect it, but when they have boobs on their mind.
  • Slide 4: Campaign IdeaMen are “curious” about hot celebrities After (or during) watching a film, tv show, or any press mention they might search for them onlineWhen men search for favourite celebrity followed by the word “topless” “nude” “naked” etc ads will pop up This will run over a number of locationsWill work on mobile devices too, due to 2nd screen users
  • Slide 5: Google exampleThis is the first location that they will search so will be presented with a number of results and also the ad on the right of the page
  • Slide 6: Google Image ExampleBecause they are looking for pictures and Google image search will be very likely. When clicked on a bar will restrict the view of the breasts which will be accompanied by an ad
  • Slide 7: Youtube ExampleVideo footage or news relating to a particular celebrity or “topless scandal” may also be watchedAds will be placed on YouTube to accommodate for this
  • Slide 8: Banner Ad ExampleAlso on news articles about celeb topless scandals or on YouTube news videos about celeb gossip
  • Slide 9: CoppaFeel WebsiteAll ads will link to coppafeel siteDedicated web page for men how they can check their partners boobs or encourage them tooInfo on breast cancer in men
  • Slide 10: Campaign Predictions Because we are not asking for directpurchase response difficult to estimate an ROICheap ppc rate because although it is a popular search, no one uses it for advertisingWill monitor through adwords to see amount of people clickingAlso through site monitoring so can see how long people spent on websiteNo competition
  • Coppa feel ppc

    1. 1. PPC Campaign Rob Pritchard Jones
    2. 2. Who are ?
    3. 3. Campaign Purpose
    4. 4. The Campaign Idea
    5. 5. Campaign Predictions