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Urban Planning Portfolio

This is a graphic presentation of my urban planning work. Please review my CV for personal and education details, and for work experience information.

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Urban Planning Portfolio

  1. 1. PortfolioDr. Robert J. Platt15 November 2011
  2. 2. Curriculum VitaePersonal Details• Nationality British• Profession Urban Designer and ArchitectEducation• Ph.D. University of the Witwatersrand• Master of Arts in Urban Design, University of Manchester• Bachelor of Architecture, University of Natal• Property Development Programme, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape TownAcademic Experience• Lecturer in Design, University of Natal 1976Elected Positions• Vice President Natal Institute of Architect 1987 – 1988• Durban City Council Planning Committee 1986 – 1988• Durban City Beach & City Steering Committee 1986 – 1988Language Ability• English Mother tongue• Afrikaans Good
  3. 3. Curriculum VitaeProfessional Career• Director Osmond Lange Incorporated, South Africa, Transkei, Boputhatswana and Ciskei 1979-1988• Partner Architectural & Planning Studio, Botswana 1979-1988• Director John S Bonnington Partnership, London, United Kingdom 1988-1991• Partner Maurice Dibb Associates, Durban, South Africa 1991-1992• Private Practice 1993-1994• Director John S Bonnington Partnership, London, United Kingdom (based in China & Lebanon) 1994-1995• Private Practice 1996-1997• Osmond Lange Architects & Planners, Johannesburg, South Africa 1997-2000• Halcrow International , London, United Kingdom (based in the U.A.E.) 2000 – 2007• Sama Dubai , Dubai, U.A.E. 2007 – 2009• Mubadala/JBI, Abu Dhabi U.A.E. 2009 - 2011
  4. 4. Urban Design & Placemaking
  5. 5. Urban Design Sowwah Island, Abu DhabiMubadala was tasked by the Abu Dhabi Government tocreate, on Sowwah Island, a new CBD for the city.My role was that of Senior Design Manager responsible forcoordinating the work of the planning, design, environment,traffic and utilities consultants to ensure successful deliveryof the Vision Renderings by others
  6. 6. Urban DesignSowwah Island, Abu Dhabi Renderings by others
  7. 7. Urban DesignBusiness Bay, DubaiThis master plan for a new CBD for Dubai was prepared onbehalf of a government entity set up to spearheaddevelopment growth in Dubai. It includes an 15km.extension of the existing Dubai Creek, wrapping it throughthe site and connecting it to the Arabian Gulf.My role was that of project manager, and senior urbandesigner responsible for urban planning and developmentregulations. perspective renderings by others
  8. 8. Urban DesignBusiness Bay, Dubai 3D modelling and rendering by others
  9. 9. Urban DesignThe Lagoons, DubaiThis master plan for a life style project at the head of theDubai Creek includes some 90million sq.ft. of primarilyresidential development, with a major waterfront livingcomponent supported by a mixed use high streetenvironment.My role was that of project manager, and senior urbandesigner responsible for urban planning and developmentregulations.I subsequently joined the Master Developer as Directorresponsible for ensuring the successful delivery of themasterplan and the development control process. 3D modelling and rendering by others
  10. 10. Urban DesignNew City Plan, Dubai This master plan for a new city of some 250,000 people was prepared in 2003 for the Dubai Municipality. The site is an area of some 60sq.kms. of coastal land at the western end of the Emirate. Following the development of a framework plan for the entire area, a detailed master plan for a notional phase one was produced. My role was that of senior urban designer responsible for urban planning and development regulations.3D modelling of Phase 1 by others
  11. 11. Urban DesignDubai Internet City Dubai Internet City Free Zone is a mixed use development for E-Commerce and Media activities. It will house 70,000 employees and 15,000 residents at completion. The Masterplan was completed in April 2001, with a subsequent study assessing the impact of high-rise buildings on the design concept being completed in October 2001. Demand for development has exceeded expectations and the Masterplan is due for a review in January 2002. My responsibility was that of senior urban designer, developing early concepts (by others) into land use plans and sub-division layouts, and producing comprehensive Development Guidelines for the entire site. I worked closely with landscape architects and infrastructure engineers, and assisted in the production of Town Planning Regulations for the project. I subsequently project managed a complete review of the original master plan, necessitated by the need to respond to changing market patterns and investor demand..
  12. 12. Urban DesignPeoples’ Square, Shanghai Shanghai is the fastest growing city in China, with ever-increasing pressures being brought to bear on its public transportation infrastructure. Two metro lines intersect at Peoples’ Square and a third is in the final stages of design. Most of the bus routes from the suburbs also terminate at the Square. Peoples’ Square is the heart and lung of the Shanghai CBD, and is suffering as a result of the transportation pressure being brought to bear. The objective of the project was to solve the transportation issues in a way that would also lead to improvements for the users of the Square and to attempt to heal the fragmented space. My responsibility included urban design concept studies, liaison with transportation engineers and the client body, and production of the presentation material.
  13. 13. Urban DesignHill Station, IndiaDuring the days of British rule the Indian Hill Stations weredeveloped as places for escaping the fierce humidity of thecoastal areas. Boarding schools also flourished in these areasas parents wanted their children to spend time away from theheat and unhealthy environments of the cities.There has recently been a resurgence of interest amongst thewealthier Indian families in this concept, and there is increasingdemand for boarding schools and weekend retreats.The project was submitted in competition with other internationalpractices, and encompasses the development of a new HillStation and ancillary facilities on the edges of a major dam.I was responsible for the design of the new town, and the layoutof a number of resort areas in the valleys of the surroundinghills.
  14. 14. Urban DesignVista Technology Park Singapore This was a concept design competition for a mixed use project with a technology focus, located in the Academic area of Singapore. Working with a team of architects from Singapore, my input included assisting with the development of the Vision, and various detailed design studies to project this image.
  15. 15. Urban DesignTourism Framework Plan, Dubai 3D modelling by others I was the senior urban designer for this project – a framework plan to create a regional tourism and entertainment centre. The project was for the Dubai Executive Office, and was launched in 2004 as Dubailand. My role included planning, site layouts, urban design studies and the creation of development guidelines. The project entailed extensive interaction both with the client, and with potential investors, and included presentations to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed.
  16. 16. Urban DesignStudies for Residential Developments This sheet illustrates design studies for various residential typologies located within master planning projects undertaken in the Middle East.
  17. 17. Urban DesignKhor Qurm Ras al Khaimah I had the role of Project Manager and lead urban designer for this resort development on the Ras Al Khaimah coast. It comprises plots for resort hotels, a major theme park, local retail, and apartment buildings, and is notable for its relationship with an adjacent wetlands conservation project.
  18. 18. Urban Design San Fernando TrinidadSan Fernando is the second largest town in Trinidad. In the year 2000 theWaterfront area was identified as an Action Plan area in an attempt to re-vitalise an aging and rundown location to make it attractive to locals andtourists.I was responsible for site analysis and for the production of urban designconcept plans for the area, which included upgrading and re-use of existinghistoric warehouse buildings, the creation of a new tourist plaza, andproposing a series of small islands off-shore for building high-value villas andcondominiums.The project also has to make provision for a major transportation interchangeand a coastal ferry service.
  19. 19. Urban DesignMelrose Arch Melrose Arch is a re-development in the suburbs of Johannesburg. It is planned using New Urbanist techniques to be a series of mixed use perimeter block buildings fronting a High Street and Town Square. It is unique in the South African context, where development generally follows segregated land use planning principles, and where shopping takes places at giant indoor malls. I was responsible for urban design matters, and for the design and delivery of the urban fabric. I also undertook the production of Design Guidelines for the numerous architectural practices who were commissioned to design the buildings for Phase 1. The project received an urban design award from the Institute of South African Architects, with special mention for the clarity and practicality of the Design Guidelines.
  20. 20. Urban DesignMelrose Arch
  21. 21. Urban DesignWelbedacht VillageA new mixed use development in Port Elizabeth, SouthAfrica, comprising commercial, retail, residential andrecreational functions for a population of 5,500.My role included preparing concept plans for approval byLocal Authorities, detailed masterplanning, anddevelopment of Design Guidelines,.
  22. 22. Urban DesignHillcrest Village The Village is typical of small towns that have lost their hearts due to commercial strip development and increasing traffic congestion on the main access roads. The project aimed to re-vitalise the Centre by creating a new mixed-use heart comprising retail, commercial and residential functions around a new town square.
  23. 23. Urban DesignHillcrest Village Existing sports fields New High Street View towards new Town Square
  24. 24. Urban DesignTownship Upgrade A proposal to upgrade an “apartheid era” township (one of the first ever built). The town was the scene of riots and housed active cells of the ANC, and is now to be developed as a living museum of the period. The design enhances the experience from a tourist perspective, and provides a sequence of focal nodes to organise the built form and the various functions.
  25. 25. Urban DesignNansha Golf & Country Club A private golf resort outside Gaungzhou, Southern China. It comprises 2 18 hole golf courses, a central clubhouse, members’ villas, an indoor tennis centre, a members’ “Chinese” village, and a members’ “Hilltop Town” I was resident project architect, and responsible for the design of many of the buildings.
  26. 26. Urban DesignGolf & Country Estate, PortugalA substantial project (2,500 acres) close to Lisbon, on thesouthern coast of Portugal, comprising an 18 hole golf course,large groups of private villas and apartments, hotels, andancillary facilities.The natural landscape, which includes a fragile ecologicalcoastal reserve, was used to create identifiable village areas,and to provide walking and riding trails with a focus on thenatural beach and forest environment.
  27. 27. Urban DesignBeirut Masterplan A new mixed use suburb on re-claimed land south of Beirut, for the Prime Minister of Lebanon. It comprises high value apartments arranged to maximise sea views, plus extensive commercial, hotel, recreational and retail functions. There is also provision for a marina on the northern end of the site. My role including development of a Vision for the site and detailed studies to ensure maximisation of sea views from residential plots.
  28. 28. Urban DesignFree Trade Zones, LebanonThe zones shown here are two of of 15 locations throughoutLebanon developed for the Investment Development Authority ofLebanon (IDAL).The concept is to create areas for stimulating local growth byoffering Free Trade industrial facilities - effectively neutral areasfree of exchange control mechanisms.
  29. 29. Urban DesignUniversity of Zululand - Umlazi CampusThe masterplan for a new campus for 5,000 students. My role was assistant master planner for the academicfacilities complex (shown in these images).
  30. 30. Architecture
  31. 31. ArchitectureNational Bank of Dubai A new building to accommodate the headquarters and main branch of the Bank. The building reflects its prestige position and responds to opportunities presented by a prime site on the Dubai Creek. Accommodation comprises 24,000m2 of banking, office, and special functions areas. This was a competition entry; various design studies for the tower can be seen in the Artwork section of this document.View from the Dubai Creek
  32. 32. ArchitectureFarmers Union Building LondonA dual function office building housing the National Farmers Union headquarters (3,000m 2) and lettable office space(10,000m2). It is sited on prestigious Knightsbridge in central London.
  33. 33. ArchitectureOffice Building WatfordA commercial development in Watford, England - the winning scheme in a developer’s competition providing 8,000m 2 ofhigh grade office space on 5 floors.
  34. 34. ArchitectureOffice Park DerbyA commercial development in Derby, England - comprising 30,000m2 of speculative office space in a group of 3 and 4storey buildings. The design had to acknowledge a conservation area on two boundaries - style and materials wereselected with this in mind.
  35. 35. ArchitectureMorula Sun Hotel South Africa This project involves the re-furbishment of an existing casino hotel. New themes have been developed, using a mixture of traditional and high tech to complement the style of the existing buildings
  36. 36. ArchitectureWaterfront Hotel Durban This 60 room hotel is located in the Harbour in Durban South Africa, and is designed to provide a comfortable yet dramatic destination for travelling yachtsmen. It comprises accommodation, central facilities, a multi-storey glazed display area, outdoor cafes, and specialist shopping.
  37. 37. ArchitectureWhipsnade Zoo Design studies for new animal enclosures and themed display areas for different animal and activity categories.
  38. 38. ArchitectureUniversity of Zululand LibraryThe Library is positioned at the intersection of major campusroutes. It houses some 150,000 volumes in 8 departmental, and 3special collections, and the internal space is sub-divided intovertically expressed slots of accommodation to reflect this.
  39. 39. ArchitectureDomestic Interior StudiesThis was a sketch proposal for a plannedextension to one of the palaces of the QatarRoyal Family.
  40. 40. Artwork
  41. 41. ArtworkExisting Buildings
  42. 42. ArtworkExisting BuildingsStudies of Buildings in The Lake District, UK.
  43. 43. ArtworkExisting BuildingsAn old farmhouse outside Durban, South Africa.
  44. 44. ArtworkImages of Lancaster
  45. 45. ArtworkNew Projects Morula Sun - View of new Main Entrance
  46. 46. ArtworkNew Projects
  47. 47. ArtworkNew ProjectsRefurbishment of ExistingWarehouse into SpecialisedShopping Arcade University of Transkei - View of Phase 1 and Library
  48. 48. ArtworkNew Projects Early pencil sketch design studies for an Office Park in Derby, comparing a low-rise “mega-structure” with a combination of low and high-rise buildings.
  49. 49. ArtworkNew ProjectsDesign studies for the National Bank of Dubai Headquarters.