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The search for justice


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Christian involvement in politics (with notes)

Published in: News & Politics
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The search for justice

  1. 1. The search for justice: Christian involvement in politics Rob Parsons January 2017
  2. 2. Politics Distribution of power and resources Robust Our discussion here is not about religion in politics – separation and secular power. Rather it is about how to approach making decisions about political issues.
  3. 3. Justice Retributive / distributive Biblical justice e.g. Amos 5.24, Micah 6.8 Justice in common discourse a fractured concept
  4. 4. Private and public
  5. 5. Who is my neighbour?
  6. 6. Who is my neighbour? a) scope b) duties duty of rescue duty of care duty of prevention? Social liturgy? (moral distance, proximity) (telescopic philanthropy)
  7. 7. Who is my neighbour? Love thy neighbour as thyself Do as you would be done by
  8. 8. Local and global The powers that be would prefer us to be local But our neighbours are global
  9. 9. Individual or system The powers that be would prefer us to look at individuals, and to apply sticking plasters, rather than challenge the system. (Ref Good Samaritan)
  10. 10. Duty to inform ourselves
  11. 11. Whose side do we take?
  12. 12. Examples
  13. 13. Food banks  local and personal response to systemic problem  Publication “Feeding Britain” an example of how not to take sides.
  14. 14. Northern Ireland  Immensely complex  Immensely painful  Healing  Never perfect
  15. 15. Housing  Neighbours?
  16. 16. The future  Automation  Climate change  Resources
  17. 17. What should Christians do? I have no magic bullet that will enable us as Christians to make a difference. But we will not make a difference if we do not get involved at the public level as well as the private. As has been said by the feminist movement for some time – the personal is political.
  18. 18. Notes This presentation, with notes, will be available on Slideshare, and there will be a blogpost with the link at: All pictures used in this presentation are CC0 licensed.