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Celebrating the CETL with wildfire teaching


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Summary of work done for COLMSCT fellowship with some future directions indicated.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Celebrating the CETL with wildfire teaching

  1. 1. Wildfire teaching Celebrating CETLs 2009 Image courtesy of “Superjew”: accesssed 13/12/09
  2. 2. TT280: Web basics: design, development and management
  3. 3. Teaching online: using very fleeting contacts with students to enable more effective activity and learning.
  4. 4. Wildfire activities – a terrain
  5. 5. Wildfire activities – a terrain with trails
  6. 6. Wildfire activities – a terrain with trails and TT280 path
  7. 7. Wildfire activities – a terrain with trails, TT280 path, and students' trails
  8. 8. Features of wildfire activities (Engeström) - swarming that crosses boundaries and ties knots between actors operating in fractured and often poorly charted terrains - building mycorrhizae communities. It blazes embodied and lived cognitive trails and social bonds that make the terrains knowable and livable. The mechanism of stigmergy - constructing collective concepts that stabilize the trails and may serve as platforms for expansive restructuring of the activity - experiencing highstakes personal involvement , risks and critical conflicts, and shifts of identity. - combining quick improvisational adaptation and long-term design - holoptic monitoring . It is oriented toward gaining a global view of events while engaged in intense local action.
  9. 10. Example: Coding Queries 2-34 1 of 2 Charlotte Wednesday 3.54 p.m.: [...] It is very frustrating as the code validates but has this warning, {200 words] Delaney 4.31 p.m.: I think this is the same issue that Edgar answered down the page. [...] Charlotte 4.39 p.m.: Terrific..thank you for that, in my frustration I missed the earlier postings. Mr Black 4.47 p.m.: You won't be penalised for the warning, but it occurs to me that the reason the validator is giving the warning is because it's checking the document against UTF-8. Emily 11.11 p.m.: I am using utf-8 and get the same warning. It seems to be just using direct input that is generating the warning. [...some technical discussion...]
  10. 11. Example: Coding Queries 2-34 2 of 2 Charlotte Thursday 12.54 p.m. replies to Mr Black: Thank you, I am now testing with File Input before closing the file as well - belts & braces as they say! Edgar 2.45 p.m. to Mr Black : I wonder if you could confirm please... To me there seems to be be no obvious advantage between using UTF-8 and ISO8859-1. So is there a preference as far as TT280 is concerned? Mr Black 2.59 p.m. Either will do, Edgar.
  11. 12. Example: ECA 101 Dolores Friday 9:45 p.m.: I am checking one of my templates and the validation services comes back with strange errors. For example: [...] Mr White 10:48 p.m. [...] the message is telling you that your paragraph element <p> is causing a problem. Dolores Saturday 7:02 p.m.: Thank you for looking into it. I double checked. I treble checked. I didn't close the <p> tag in the middle of the text block. Kindest regards, Dolores
  12. 13. Rules and tools Rules: The Rocky The Bird The Cubitt FAQ forum Snagfroid
  13. 14. The classical ZPD
  14. 15. The wildfire ZPD
  15. 16. The PLN – personal learning network
  16. 17. Issues around “community” Image compliments di Mola:
  17. 18. Implications: high stakes involvement
  18. 19. Implications: improvisation and long term Image courtesy: Caesar:Özz_Nûjen_at_Skrattstock_2006.jpg
  19. 20. Implications: holoptic
  20. 21. Conclusions: structure and ethos of courses
  21. 22. Conclusions: focus work at two levels Theory theory concept practice blah blah blah
  22. 23. Conclusions: awareness of constantly changing terrain
  23. 24. Conclusions: the course as a living object