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Retargeting Advertising - MusicTechFest13


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An introduction to site retargeting and the possibilities with Facebook Exchange and Facebook's custom audience feature.

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Retargeting Advertising - MusicTechFest13

  1. 1. @robowenmacRob MacAllister (@robowenmac)Training and Marketing@MusicAlly
  2. 2. @robowenmacSite Retargeting
  3. 3. @robowenmacHow does site retargeting work?Place a tracking tag on your webpage.This code creates a list of people that visit your site by placinganonymous retargeting "cookies" in their browser.
  4. 4. @robowenmacConsumers browse the internet2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store.
  5. 5. @robowenmacA cookie is placedAn anonymous cookie is placed on the user’s browsing historywherever they go.
  6. 6. @robowenmacThe cookie is collectedA DSP grabs the cookies and places targeted adverts
  7. 7. @robowenmacAdverts are targeted to the customer
  8. 8. @robowenmacReal-Time Building
  9. 9. @robowenmac
  10. 10. @robowenmacHere’s how Facebook Exchange works:A user visits a site that has DSP rigged up with FBXTheir behaviour on that site is registered with the DSPThe DSP contacts Facebook and passes on the relevant informationWhen the user visits Facebook it recognizes the cookie dropped bythe DSP. The DSP is notified and able to make a RTBThe DSPs with the highest bids get their highly-targeted ads shown tothe user
  11. 11. @robowenmacDoes Facebook Exchangework?
  12. 12. @robowenmacRetargeting on Facebook
  13. 13. @robowenmacRetargeting on Facebook
  14. 14. @robowenmacRetargeting on Facebook
  15. 15. @robowenmacFacebook ExchangeThis advert gained a 15% CTR compared to theaverage 6.6% CTR
  16. 16. @robowenmacFBX Case StudyResults:Four times higher return on ad spend1.5x greater likelihood of people converting in the first twodays after seeing an ad on FBX
  17. 17. @robowenmacFacebook Custom Audience
  18. 18. @robowenmacFacebook Custom AudienceNew Likes at 15 percent lower cost per fan.The conversion rate of impressions to Likes was 87 percenthigher
  19. 19. @robowenmacParamore site retargeting
  20. 20. @robowenmacRob MacAllister (@robowenmac)Training and Marketing@MusicAlly