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Great Marketing Campaigns


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Great Marketing Campaigns from the Music Industry - delivered at Digital Shoreditch 2013, Tomorrow's World day.
Information has been taken from Music Ally's end of year Sandbox Report for 2012. You can download this free report by following this link:

You are also able to sign up for a free trial to Music Ally's music industry publication service by visiting:

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Great Marketing Campaigns

  1. 1. @robowenmacRob MacAllister (@robowenmac)Training and Marketing@MusicAllyGreat MarketingCampaigns
  2. 2.
  3. 3. @robowenmacGreat =EffectiveInnovativeCreativeGets results
  4. 4. @robowenmac
  5. 5. @robowenmacAIMS:A global campaign in 50 cities worldwide using 3D augmented reality technologyto celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones and the band’s GRRR!Greatest Hits.
  6. 6. @robowenmacEXECUTION:1. Iconic buildings across the world (50 cities, 3,000 locations) were tagged with avariety of virtual 3D gorillas.2. Fans were introduced to the uView App by a set of mysterious eyes appearing onband’s Facebook cover image. It was AR enabled and led to a short advert.
  7. 7. @robowenmacEXECUTION:Global competition: full-scale GRRRegories placed around the world. Fans followedan interactive map in the app to find the GRRR! locations.
  8. 8. @robowenmacAUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS: Age: 18-55;RESULTS:• GRRRegory was seen +200,000 times on building and various products.• The competition received over 32,000 entries and a 28% clickthrough rate to buythe album directly from the uView app.
  9. 9. @robowenmacLEARNINGS:It’s a misconception that older consumers do not use new technology.New technology can sometimes get you into hot water.
  10. 10. @robowenmac
  11. 11. @robowenmacAIMS:Invigorate fans for HydePark gigRaise awareness of new boxset
  12. 12. @robowenmacEXECUTION:• Two week teaser campaign based around lyrics and bespoke content• Livestream hosted in an embeddable twitter card• Live Q&A after the performance via journalists and Twitter
  13. 13. @robowenmacRESULTS:• One single tweet with the embedded player was viewed over 1.3m times.• 75k livestream views across the 10 minutes of performance.• @BlurOfficial followers increased from 16.6k to over 50k.• Drove 57k clicks-to-purchase using campaign smart URLs.
  14. 14. @robowenmacLEARNINGS:• Collaboration among production company (Pulse), streaming company(Streaming Tank) and management well in advance was critical to event success.• Support from Twitter UK was key.
  15. 15. @robowenmacCampaigns that are fun gain great traction and shareabilityBrands that are vocal gain a huge amount of loyalty fromconsumersKeep content and messages organicThe smallest thing can be monetisable
  16. 16. @robowenmac
  17. 17. @robowenmacRob MacAllister (@robowenmac)Training and Marketing@MusicAllyGreat MarketingCampaigns