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Code4Lib North 2013: Ladder


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Published in: Education
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Code4Lib North 2013: Ladder

  1. 1. what will a next-generationlibrary system be?
  2. 2. needs to be anintegration platformnot just a discovery layer, descriptionlayer, indexing layer, etc.
  3. 3. make things simpler• consolidate metadata silosreduce duplication and legacy systems• unify description and discoveryeliminate cross-walking, batch-loading, etc• leverage modern technologyless dependence on “enterprise” support
  4. 4. improve choice• promote specialization of systemsmanage inventory, preserve content, etc• manage metadata vocabulariesavoid the “custom fields” problem• control over “catalogue enhancements”choose which data providers to integrate
  5. 5. move libraries forward• allow multiple concurrent standardsfacilitate transition to RDA (w/o MARC?)• untangle data from serializationfacilitate transition to Linked Data• share library data in a web-friendly wayfacilitate provision of Library Open Data
  6. 6. Semantic Web