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Presentation company - Elevel. English

  1. 1. Company profile
  2. 2. It will take 3 minutesto get to know our company…It can be described in simple rules we follow,defined by our experience and knowledge.
  3. 3. RULE № 1 DO WHAT YOU LIKE, AND LIKE WHAT YOU DO. We are enthusiasts of our business. It unites us and forces to raise and to improve ourselves constantly. Two main activitiesЭlevel Эlevel EngineerDistributor of leading Engineering companyEuropean producers Complete set of servicesSupplier of modern wiring devices, on designing for:cables and lighting products. - engineering systems of hotels, - trade centers, - network shops and boutiques, - administrative buildings, - luxury estates.
  4. 4. RULE № 2 IF DO, DO IT PROFESSIONALY.It is not enough to have an experience and knowledge - it is important to use them forachievement of ultimate results.• established 1994• One of Top-10 Russian major distributing companies• 450 employees in 5 cities of Russia• 58 completed projects• 400 m2 of show-rooms• 5200 m2 of warehouse space• Over 7.000 customers all over Russia• Over 55.000 references• 35 retail shopsOur activity and possibilities – all over Russia.Offices and show-rooms are in Moscow, Schelkovo, Pushkino,St.-Petersburg, Orenburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk andRostov-on-Don.
  5. 5. RULE № 3 NO COMPROMISE, IF IT COMES TO SAFETY OF PEOPLE AND BUILDINGS. We work only with safe original equipment and provide reliable solutions.Projects of any levelEquipment from leading European producers • Low-voltage modular equipment • Boxes and switchboards • Control panels below 3200А • Wiring devices and video intercoms • Automation elements (Radio bus, EIB/KNX) • Power, heating, communication cables • Metal trays and cable lines • Lamps for public buildings • Outdoor lighting
  6. 6. RULE № 3NO COMPROMISE, IF IT COMES TO SAFETY OF PEOPLE ANDBUILDINGS.We work only with safe original equipment and provide reliable solutions.
  7. 7. RULE № 4 TIME IS THE MOST VALUABLE AND UNREPLACEABLE RESOURSE IN BUSINESS. SAVE IT.We measure our achievements by success of our partners and employees, and also by the timeto attain this success. All our tasks have deadline.• express order processing and packaging• placing of orders at our site• large stock of goods allows us to reduce delivery time• clearly proven transport service and delivery to transportcompanies• wide assortment – no need to waste time for searching goods andwork on requestWe respect your terms instead of inventing our own.
  8. 8. RULE № 5 PROMISE ONLY WHAT YOU CAN EXECUTE We are not ashamed – our work talks for us. We don’t start impossible projects. We never provide solutions, if we are not sure in their efficiency.Solutions we offer: • power supply systems • automation of the buildings (based on KNX and others) • producing of switchboards below 3200А • dispatching of engineering systems • systems of indoor and outdoor lighting of the buildings • data networks and audio-video complexes («multiroom») • systems of anti-icing and cable heatingServices we offer: • consulting, help in technical assigning • developing, release and examination of project documentation • mover’s and technical control for project realization • direct delivery of equipment and materials from producers • realization of assembly, commissioning and start-up • guarantee service for installed systems
  9. 9. RULE № 6 ADEQUATELY ESTIMATE FINANCIAL POSSIBILITIES OF CLIENTS“Don’t sell too cheap” - it isn’t about us. We are able to justify every dollar you invest.• Search and find solutions for various price segments without loss of quality• Create solutions for any project and purse• «Flexible» prices for partner’s budget, but not the other wayOur experience proves – effective solution isn’tnecessarily the most expensive.
  10. 10. RULE № 7 IMAGE OF THE COMPANY – MERIT AND DUTY OF EVERY EMPLOYEE. It’s easy to earn reputation, it isn’t simple to measure it, and it is easy to lose. Every day we confirm it in our business, executing promised and justifiyng your trust.Entrusted us:• Residential estate Mirax-Park• Moscow-CITY complex• Cottage village «Belgian Village»• MosEnergo, MinTrans• DIY networks: «Leroy Merlin», Auchan, Maxidom, K-Rauta• “Sport palace at Hodynka”, Sport Complex «Krylatskoe»• Raiffaisen Bank, Bank HOME CREDIT• Office building of company "МеХХ"• Hotel “Barvikha Luxury Village”• Tobacco factory «R.J.R. - Petro»• Trade entertaining center «Grand Canyon»• Motor works Nissan (St.-Petersburg), Rejevsky Experience Plant (Ekaterinburg)• Cellular communications: MTS Central region , Megafon - Siberia
  11. 11. RULE № 8 NEW RULES ARE CREATED BY OUR CLIENTS.We interpret them and check in work.Do you have some? We are waiting! Moscow, Puschkino, Schelkovo Electrodnaya st., 13А sch. Yaroslavskoe 4a pr. Proletarski 7a Tel.: +7 495 258-5656 Tel.: +7 496 504 2544 Tel.: +7 496 569 7250 Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, M.Rybalko st., 3 Magnitogorskaya st., 51 ul. Mamina Sibiryaka 132 Tel.: +7 499 194-0030 Tel.: +7 812 449-4411 Tel.: +7 343 287 0161 Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Orenburg Inskaya st., 39 ul. Vavilova 62 B ul. Leninskaya 3/1 Tel.: +7 383 227-7130 Tel.: +7 863 280-0901 Tel.: +7 3532 301 002
  12. 12. Presentations you can order: • Elevel for architects and designers • Elevel for wiring companies • Elevel for trade partners • Elevel for DIY markets • Elevel Engineer. Designing of power supply and buildings lighting • Elevel Engineer. Automation  and dispatching of engineering systems • Elevel Engineer. Producing of switchboards under 3200А • Elevel Engineer. Lighting projects and solutions • Elevel Engineer. EIB systems and intelligent buildings • Elevel Engineer. Control systems for hotel rooms • Elevel Engineer. Antiicing and cable heating systems