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Case gherzi


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Case gherzi

  1. 1. HeadOffice:-Mumbai.Indian BranchOffices:-20(allmajorcities).International Offices:-UK, USA, Italy,Switzerland,China(Total14 GlobalOffices).Turnover:-100crores.www.gherzieastern.comCustomizable Services- Pre-design studies- Management Consultancy- Design Engineering Consultancy- Project Management ConsultancySpecialized Services- Asset / Business Valuation- Market Surveys / Analysis- Value Engineering- Bench Marking- Re-organisation / Restructuring- Entry Strategy Studies- Modernisation / Technology upgradation- Proof Engineering- Technical Audit- TQM- Safety Audit
  2. 2. Customer ProfileFounded in 1960, Gherzi Eastern Limited (GEL) is a joint initiative between Gherzi AG,Zurich ( world leaders in consulting ) and theWadia Group of Companies, a leading business housein India. GEL has been empanelled with many leading international and national agencies whichare actively pursuing restructuring and development across the globe. These include the ADB,World Bank, UNDP, Ministry of Roads Transport & Highways (Government of India), NationalHighwaysAuthorityof IndiaandvariousStateGovernments.GELhassuccessfullycompletedover1800 projectsacross thefollowingsector:-a. CommercialProjectsb. Hospitality&Tourismc. Transportationd. UrbanInfrastructuree. Textile&OtherIndustrialPlantsBusiness SituationGELbeing multi-faceted in its business and also having so many different locations, the work andthe communication between them was turning into chaos.With so many multiple processes being dealt atso many different places, simultaneously, it was exceedingly tricky to manage and combine all thereports and figures effortlessly. Also the size was fairly large in terms of 300 live projects, 20 office and2500 employees. They were looking for a robust system to integrate their end to end business process;such that it leads to more sustainable growth. With the kind of work load, the major requirement was auserfriendlyapplicationwithquickestrollouttime.No support for multi-warehousing functionality, making it impossible tofillcustomer’s ordersfromalternatedistributioncenters.Limited ability to smooth slower moving inventory between distributioncenters, forcing the company to invest more resources in inventory thathas fewerturns.No automated means of receiving inventory and tracking inventorymovement within the distribution center; the process had to beperformed manually, which created inaccuracies in quantity on hand andreducedmanagementconfidence.Difficulty to trace-out profitability on individual factors like Invoice-wise,batch-wise,etc.Higherrateofhumanerrorsleadingtodelayindecisionmaking.Inefficiency in utilizing their resources which lead to customerdissatisfaction.The key challenges faced in the business were: “We are looking for an ERPthat would incorporate allour needs and also one whichis cost-effective. The ERPmust be robust enough toh a n d l e o u r B u s i n e s sRequirements.”– Mr.Kutti,ProjectManager
  3. 3. SolutionThe CompanyAdopted Software-Plus-ServiceModel using the Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2009PlatformwithERPHosting ServicesfromRobosoft.Gherzi Eastern opted for End-to-End Businessintegrated solution encompassing Account, Sales,Inventory, Project Management, Employee TimeSheet Management, Project Costing/Profitability,Cashflow/Fund Flow, Payroll, Sales ForceAutomationandFixedAsset Management.Implementation Time LinesReducedDataentry,savingmorethan50%ofeffortsneededinit.Betterresource/materialallocations.Project/Stagewisereportsfor:-Profit/LossAccount,Cash/Fund Flow andBalanceSheet.AS 7 &AS 9 compliance,W.I.P.calculation&recognition.MIS reportsarenow availabletothemanagementon aclickofabutton.On-Linedata/informationfromallthesitesandlocations.Better Focus on Business growth since the Solution took care of internal process andoperations.With the industry expertise of Robosoft, Gherzi gained the followingbenefits :Project Started:-GoliveDate:-TotalDuration:- 12WeekImplementationActivities:-! System RequirementStudy! GapAnalysis/ GapFitment! ApplicationConfiguration! PilotRoom Conference! FinalTraining&GoLive! PostGoLiveSupportst1 week of January2010.st1 April2010.“Managing MIS reports, finding minute by minute profitability has become a breeze. Now we donthave to wait for the year end to understand which project led us to profits and which ones wereunprofitable. Decision making with the help of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has become easier and lesstime-consuming.”–Mr.Kothari, CEO“In past we had already failed with two ERPImplementations. So we were looking for a trusted,robust and user friendly application, so that we don’tfail again. Since this was from Microsoft all ourconcerns were taken care of. It hardly took us a weekto learn this application and total 12 weeks to go live.We appreciate Robosoft’s effort and businessunderstanding todeliverwhatwewerelookingfor.”–Mr.Kulbhushan Sharma, GM Finance“I have complete track record of each & every project and can do betterallocations of material/resources without much effort. I am able to handle moreprojectswithlesser effort.”– Mr.Kutti,ProjectManager
  4. 4. By-products and co-products accounting.Recipe management.Batch Wise Yield Calculation with Deviation / Variance Management.Production Process Parameter management.Product Attributes / Property Management.Product Storage Parameters.MSDS management.Hazardous material management.Patents / Brand names / Trade mark related legal compliances.Batch Tracking / Shelf Life Expiry Date Management.Waste disposal and Effluent Treatment.Solvent Recovery / Mother Liquor Recovery for Costing and Inventory.Documentation management.Superior Production Scheduling by using Capacity Planning.Auto batch generation and expiry date tracking with batch wise quality testingdocumentation and analysis.Multi-Level Formulation Handling.Pre-production analysis using MRP leading to better delivery schedules.Batch wise Product Costing / profitability.Product Variance and Wastage Analysis.Facilitate adherence to cGMP, cGLP, Q7A Regulatory requirements for operation andtesting – FDA.Quality Control at Work-Order Actual and Pre-distribution levels.Shift-level MRP and Re-ordering ensuring optimum availability & utilization ofmaterials.User-defined classification of items ensuring better inventory managementImproved Vendor Management.Why Micro Verticalization?Industry specific Solutionincorporatesbestpractices.EliminatingBusinessP r o c e s s S t u d y &Customization.Rapid ImplementationCycle of 8 to 12 week withleastBusiness Disruption.Resulting in...Lower total cost ofownership.ImprovedROI.Flexibility&Scalability.E a s e o f c h a n g e &Customization.Enable more ProductivePeople&Processes.Robosoft GroupRobosoft IT services Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai Registered) | Robosoft Consulting Ltd. (UK Registered)Robosol Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai Registered)Robosoft Solution Pvt. Ltd.2C, B Wing, Mayfair, Symphony, Park Side, Vikhroli(w), Mumbai-400 079, Maharashtra.Tel:- +91-22-42169 100 | Dir +91-22-42169 103 | Mob: +91-9820523939E-mail:sales@robo-soft.netBusiness PartnersAdvantage at Process Industry