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Have you tried listening?

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Cyberbullying psa
Cyberbullying psa
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Have you tried listening?

  1. Have you tried listening? @robertnyman
  2. First DevRel person I met
  3. Web life Web developer since 1999 Mozilla community from 2009 Mozilla employee 2011-2014 Google employee 2015-
  4. 1. Developer Relations personas 2. Dev Rel activities 3. Measuring your work 4. Feedback & interacting with people
  5. 1. Developer Relations personas
  6. Super technical Hacker developer Teacher People relations expert
  7. Which one is best?
  8. Figure out who you are
  9. Figure out who you really are
  10. 2. Developer Relations activities
  11. Speaking at events Blogging & documentation Writing and sharing code Social media
  12. Speaking at events
  13. Speaking at events: Inspiring people Being available for them Listening to their needs
  14. Blogging & documentation
  15. Mozilla Hacks
  16. Writing and sharing code
  17. Writing and sharing code: Make sure to be open to feedback Constructive and respectful Always 100 ways to solve something
  18. Max Ogden’s take on pull requests
  19. Social media
  20. Social media: Outreach and communication, Working hard to get attention for what you’ve done
  21. 3. Measuring your work
  22. Correlation
  23. Correlation
  24. Measuring Developer Relations is really hard
  25. Firefox Developer Tools & UserVoice
  26. 6 weeks later, first features shipped!
  27. No. of web developers who said they use Firefox Developer Tools as their primary toolset: 6% increase!
  28. 100 Days Feedback
  29. 4. Feedback & interacting with people
  30. How it sometimes feels…
  31. People are great!
  32. Connecting
  33. Everyone is your friend on LinkedIn
  34. Like, everyone
  35. Wherever you work, whatever you do…
  36. But also lots of fun!
  37. Acknowledging people
  38. People want, deserve and need to be seen and heard
  39. DevRel is people business
  40. What I do now
  41. Program Manager
  42. Roadshows
  43. Find your passion
  44. Speaking the local language
  45. Have fun, do good!
  46. Robert Nyman Google @robertnyman