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Android TV Introduction - Stockholm Android TV meetup


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An introduction to Android TV

Published in: Technology
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Android TV Introduction - Stockholm Android TV meetup

  1. Android TV @robertnyman
  2. Ads Analytics Android Cast Chrome Cloud Google Apps Google+ Maps Search Wallet YouTube
  3. TV today
  4. There's ~1.8 billion TV devices out there
  5. Old, unconnected devices are getting replaced with new connected TVs at the pace of +100-200M TVs per year
  6. Android is determined to be a significant player in this market
  7. Android TV
  8. Content & apps
  9. Televisions, media players & gaming consoles
  10. Nexus Player, launched April 28 in the Nordics
  11. Nexus Player, launched April 28 in the Nordics
  12. Games
  13. Cast is included in all ATVs, and is the way for other platforms to connect to these TVs
  14. Get in early!
  15. Acquire & Engage Users Playing Games Services Driving Mobile App installs Billions of Android users Play Developer Console
  16. $7 billion paid to developers! Reaches 1 billion people on Android devices …in 190 countries Numbers
  17. Player Analytics
  18. Retention Report
  19. Player Progression
  20. Checklists Android App Quality Guidelines Android TV Quality Guidelines Play Games Services Best Practices
  21. Checklists Opt-in for TV on the Play console to distribute for TV Know the TV app checklist & quality guidelines Single APK for mobile & TV, single Play store entry AndroidManifest.xml & feature requirements
 (not supported on TV: required=false, feature checking Use global search & recommendations for the launcher app of Android TV
  22. DevByte videos
  23. DevByte videos An Introduction to Android TV (4min 23s) Using the Leanback library (7min 28s) Android TV: Global Search (6min 35s) Building apps for Android TV (3min 24s)
  27. Always feel free to ask for help
  28. Robert Nyman Google @robertnyman