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Robert Nyman Pictures: Twitter: An Introduction To HTML5


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Robert Nyman
Twitter: @robertnyman
Ninja Turtle:
Bruce Willis:
Swedish flag: Accessibility success:
%20flaggan.html Video:
Euro Coin: Designed to exclude:
Smurfette in car: option=com_content&task=view&id=2603&Itemid=249
Baby smurf one: Canvas:
Baby smurf two: Excited:
History (Robots): You are here:
2001: You look nice today:
W3C keys: Yes, we can!:
Mozilla logo: Pros and cons:
Apple logo: ifra_seminar_the_pros_cons_of.html
Google logo: Awesome!:
Free!: define-awesome-2/
Small dog/big dog: Google wave logo:
HTML5 man: Google start page:
iPad spoof: Strict teacher:
Accessibility fail: Hands in the sky (affirmation):
Open API: Failure:
Backwards compatibility: IE 9:
backwardscompatibility.jpg Someone is wrong on the Internet:
Progressive enhancement: Firefox:
Choice: Google Chrome:
Mixed martial arts: Safari:
crafts Opera:
Ok icon: Internet Explorer trash:
Flowers: Darth Vader:
image-stole-it-off This way/that way:
Shiny: Don't worry, be happy:
look-shiny-object.jpg Squirrels:

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