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Video Production: A Need for Video


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Video Production: A Need for Video

  1. 1. Video Production
  2. 2. What about video is exciting toyou?
  3. 3. Is it….?
  4. 4. State of the Market Where is the Narrative Production? Killing Seattle on The Killing Corporate Drone? Wedding Crasher? Are you a Pr-editor?
  5. 5. Job Search Activity Look at one of the following joblocations: Craigslist Production Hub NW Film Forum Call Board What are the skills/equipment that theindustry is looking for?
  6. 6. How the Web is changingus Short Content going for the Long Tail Image is King Collaboration is Big Less about who you’ve worked for, moreabout what you’ve made
  7. 7. What I want you to learn1. Image is important, but not the be-all-end-all2. Sound is super critical – you mess thisup, you will hate yourself later…I meanit.3. Storytelling! Storytelling!Storytelling!...and did I mentionStorytelling?
  8. 8. How Storytelling Affects YourVideo Gray’s Harbor College Carpentry Video BTAD Marketing Video
  9. 9. How Storytelling is AppliedElsewhere Mindcastle Wedding Jasmine V – Interactive Video
  10. 10. Introductory Exercise In-camera edit, Silent Movie