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Digital Design Survey: Week 6 lecture


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Digital Design Survey: Week 6 lecture

  1. 1. Week 6: Advising and BTADDigital Design Survey
  2. 2. Goals for Today• Understand the purpose of advising andhow to put together an academic plan• Learn about the BTAD and how it might fitinto your educational goals• Work on your portfolio presentations• Learn about Arts and Humanities offeringsat LWIT
  3. 3. Overview of the AdvisingProcess• What is this Advising Day that everyonekeeps talking about?• Overview of some of the tools that you willneed as part of the advising process– Course Sequence Sheets– Course Catalog and Class Schedule– Degree Audit
  4. 4. Putting Together an Academic Plan
  5. 5. What do you know about theBTAD?(discussion forum)
  6. 6. About the BTAD
  7. 7. The Need for Higher Level Thinking
  8. 8. About the BTAD• Origins• Student Population• What’s theintended output?
  9. 9. Design ThinkingWhy Design Thinking?Design Thinking has become extremely valuable in business today.In 2010 there was a major shift in business practice toward innovation. –FastCompany college programs offeringdesign thinking:• Harvard School of Business• Stanford / D School• Carnegie Mellon University
  10. 10. BTAD ClassesWhat does a BTAD design class look like?Teams working together to solve complex problems.
  11. 11. Career Paths for BTADStudentsCareer paths for BTAD students include:• Creative Director • Team / Project Manager• Senior Designer • Interaction Designer (UI/UX)• Design Strategist • Entrepreneur / Business Owner
  12. 12. After the BTADBTAD students and graduates have been employed by:• Microsoft • Boeing• Bungie • Google• Small to medium • Educational Institutionssized design firms such as University ofWashingtonOne third of BTAD students indicate a planto go on to graduate school
  13. 13. Applying to the BTADMax. Pts. PossibleEnglish CompositioCollege Level Math (Intermediate Algebra as prerequisite) 15 PointsSocial ScienceHumanitiesLast 45 credits earned cumulative GPA 15 PointsResume and Essay 30 PointsRecommendation s 10 PointsPortfolio 30 PointsTotal: 100 Points
  14. 14. BTAD Projects• Historical Perspective – Colton Marshall• Aesthetics – Jeremy Lundgren / SteveLyon• Average BTAD Student – Steve Sosa
  15. 15. What is your reaction to the BTADnow?
  16. 16. Portfolio Team PresentationsWork Time
  17. 17. Jason speaks about Arts andHumanities Offerings
  18. 18. Work for the Week• Week 6 Discussion: Reflection on theBTAD• Academic Plan Assignment• – Chapters 2 & 3 of ComputerLiteracy for Windows• Prepare Portfolio Team Assignment