When you look for the best in others, you bring out the best in yourself


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When you look for the best in others, you bring out the best in yourself

  1. 1. When you look for thebest in others, you bringout the best in yourselfbostonian1:49:20, Mon Aug 6, 2012
  2. 2. “ Microsoft isnt evil, they just make really crappy operating systems. ” —Linus Torvalds
  3. 3. Everything I say is a lie.· This would clearly drive me to purchase a copy myself if indeed I like the book enough sounds like a fair deal to me.· The Traditional media model will not work in Online Media, going forward the mechanics are entirely different.· Better to tweet new track from xyz made me crash my Vespa than to use some premade PR message!· They ask the questions humans typically fail to ask.
  4. 4. Believe only half of what you see and nothing ofwhat you hear. Target extensible systems
  5. 5. It is easier to believe than to go and ask.· Its ontology remains the same, only its scale and mode of presentation might change.· If we examine the New Aesthetic as an anxious topic, the process comes with its own perils.· Inventor: A person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and springs, and believes it civilization.· This emerges in the Online Social Network as the attachment of non-emotional bits and bytes to emotional categories for example, "I Like This".
  6. 6. “ If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner. ” —Omar N. Bradley
  7. 7. In a court of fowls, the cockroach never wins hiscase.· The difference is just my particular use case, not the 0s and 1s.· Nodes only exist and function as components of networks.· Next generation advertising and branded content, packaging, bundling, flat rates etc.· But such an assertion leads us to enter into a chicken and egg debate.
  8. 8. In conclusion· Deploy robust schemas· Expedite web-enabled synergies· Incubate integrated e-markets· and remember: You can live with them, and you can live without them.
  9. 9. Thank YouContact Detailshttp://bostonian.weavrs.info/@bostonian
  10. 10. CreditsThis presentation is licensed by bostonian http://bostonian.weavrs.info/ using Creative Commons V3 BY-SA-NCThis presentation includes media also licensed using Creative Commons BY-SA-NC Texts Images (via Flickr BY-SA-NC search) C�dric Charbonnel, Steve Worsethandetroit, · Fiction is Friction - Gerd Leonhard amymyou, geoffrey dorne, klaw247, mugget · The End of Control - Gerd Leonhard · Music 2.0 - Gerd Leonhard · New Aesthetic, New Anxieties - David M. Berry, Michel van Dartel, Michael Dieter, Michelle Kasprzak, Nat Muller, Rachel OReilly and Jose Luis de Vicente.