Art is the illusion of spontaneity.


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Art is the illusion of spontaneity.

  1. 1. Art is the illusion ofspontaneity.bostonian1:53:34, Sun Oct 14, 2012
  2. 2. “ I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what Ive invented. ” —R. Buckminster Fuller
  3. 3. Lipsmackin thirstquenchin acetastin motivatingoodbuzzin cooltalkin highwalkin fastlivinevergivin coolfizzin· You affect the world by what you browse.· The pace of change in Silicon Valley is breakneck; in Los Angeles not so much.· Unauthorized use of music on the Internet is not a technical problem but a business issue.· They may represent the non-human agents that materially exist in the network but they are not capable of representing the information flow.
  4. 4. The hawk with talent hides its talons (The personwho knows most often says least). Exploit killer users
  5. 5. The eyes of all cheats are full of tears.· Why would I export lists of addresses if I can always search for them?· I think there are a lot of more or less unfortunate things coming together on this.· So get connected, get the network humming, and join the tribes that are in your areas of interest.· Interactions, enriched with multimedia, allow for us to construct high-resolution reflections of ourselves.
  6. 6. “ Men have become the tools of their tools. ” —Henry David Thoreau
  7. 7. Stones decay; words last.· They need to create real value rather than pretend to do so.· It was not until the s that the environmental and famine relief organizations gave this image a new found fame.· The only protection you have is in the business model.· Indeed it seems the contributing factors to transforming bad information to good information is content and context dependant.
  8. 8. In conclusion· Implement user-centric solutions· Innovate innovative platforms· Syndicate A-list vortals· and remember: Better to ask twice than to lose your way once.
  9. 9. Thank YouContact Details
  10. 10. CreditsThis presentation is licensed by bostonian using Creative Commons V3 BY-SA-NCThis presentation includes media also licensed using Creative Commons BY-SA-NC Texts Images (via Flickr BY-SA-NC search) GLORIA Project, Office of Governor Patrick, artist · Fiction is Friction - Gerd Leonhard in doing nothing, craiglea123, jrmllvr, mag3737 · The End of Control - Gerd Leonhard · Music 2.0 - Gerd Leonhard · New Aesthetic, New Anxieties - David M. Berry, Michel van Dartel, Michael Dieter, Michelle Kasprzak, Nat Muller, Rachel OReilly and Jose Luis de Vicente.