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Agency pdf demo v2

  1. 1. color palette from blog font? comic sans! or random... The Upbeat BBS Campari Jackets sometimes its better to make a prototype than make a powerpoint about the idea. this changes when @sniper weavrs can make powerpoints faster than the final render of the they can make doc is to be a prototypes. inspiration /catalyst to make something, not 26 June 2011 Maybe this is next. necessarily the ‘idea’ in this doc.Sunday, 26 June 2011
  2. 2. Sections 1. Introducing Campari 2. The insight 3. The upbeat BBS Campari Jackets 4. The launch event - 26 June 2011 5. Cost and Schedule 6. next steps (1,2,3)Sunday, 26 June 2011
  3. 3. Introducing Campari Campari is an alcoholic apéritif (20.5%, 21%, 25% or 28% ABV, depending on the country in which it is sold) obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruit (including chinotto) in alcohol and water. It is a bitters characterized by its dark red color. Campari is often used in cocktails and is commonly served with soda water, wine, or citrus juice. It is produced by the Campari Group, a multi-national company based in ItalySunday, 26 June 2011
  4. 4. Post-Digital Media Design the briefing as a tour de force of marketing today combining media, objects, live data streams taking it to a community to help them photo of the person from flickr being responsive and social or as <pundit would say> pull out some choice “there are no digital natives... yadda” quotes from notable peopleSunday, 26 June 2011
  5. 5. Dwang! planning to try and use to compose a upbeat BBS for some Campari jackets. the aha moment! i was at the red lion when i had this thought about using the Flickr API to infuse data into Jackets. The upbeat BBS is an obvious media component to bring together people. So I quickly made this presentation.Sunday, 26 June 2011
  6. 6. the Insight for Campari why jackets? why and upbeat BBS? why this data endpoint? why this date users weavrs.combined_keywords.1|join generative text about campari and jackets, based upon peoples tweets mentioning #campariSunday, 26 June 2011
  7. 7. image montage Campari & JacketsSunday, 26 June 2011
  8. 8. using the data from Flickr using flickr.stats.getPhotoReferrers will be really interesting for this project because it’s a data stream that relates to the campari brand onion*. for Campari to maintain meaning it must be connected to relevant daily data and we might have the right stream here. <domain page="1" perpage="25" pages="1" total="3" name=""> <referrer url="" views="11" /> general musing on using <referrer url="" views="8" /> data <referrer url="" views="2" searchterm="stats api" /> </domain> *please ensure you have the most up to date brand onion. Contact Marketing for updates.Sunday, 26 June 2011
  9. 9. what people say about the brand 77% Postive! 23% Negative The time is now. 23% Positive Negative 77%Sunday, 26 June 2011
  10. 10. launch event 9 July 2011 we have 10 days left! linkedin for invites find the niche audience best fit for this idea twitter users in the areaSunday, 26 June 2011
  11. 11. jackets if lowest = “lowest cost to get this attention” if highest = “we ride the wave to attention” Export this page as a CSV file, 26 June 2011
  12. 12. Cost estimates These figures are estimates based upon information shared on the internet. Please liaise with your post-digital agency for more accurate figures. Strategy RRP are based upon a typical (UK, USA) media planning specialist agency rate card. £4000 - Up beat BBS Production £9000 - Campari Jackets Production £2000 - Creative Direction £1000 - Account Management £3000 - Project Management £4000 - Engineering £5000 - Event management try to keep it around 10k-40k fee area. £2000 - Project Evaluation most frequent agency buys are around this £Free - Strategy & Planning (RRP £1,000* per slide) figure £30,000 TotalSunday, 26 June 2011
  13. 13. Schedule (10 days until launch!) Phase 1 10% creative 20% engineering 30% production 5% Quality Checks sign off Phase 2 10% Launch 20% Event 5% wrap up Phase 3 10% evaluationSunday, 26 June 2011
  14. 14. connect and communiacte use #camparijackets for the buildup and event track #jackets to find new communities monitor #campari to keep synchronized monitor #flickrAPI for potential hiccups set up Facebook page for the project update the brands main Facebook page Remember - always talk with an authentic voice click here to set up a basecampSunday, 26 June 2011
  15. 15. Opinion from Hugh & SethSunday, 26 June 2011
  16. 16. save the trees credits links and attribution to media used in this presentation this presentation is licensed as creative commons by-sa. I made it because i wanted to share the idea. if you use it, please credit me. Thank you.Sunday, 26 June 2011
  17. 17. Thank you for reading All my ideas can be found here: Why not subscribe to the RSS feed? [Add to Google Reader image] my blog my twitter @sniperSunday, 26 June 2011