A bad wife spells a hundred years of bad harvest.


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A bad wife spells a hundred years of bad harvest.

  1. 1. A bad wife spells ahundred years of badharvest.bostonian1:53:29, Fri Oct 12, 2012
  2. 2. “ Men have become the tools of their tools. ” —Henry David Thoreau
  3. 3. Time is an illusion. lunchtime - doubly so· Were curious about unknown products, especially as it relates to a potential for producing new spaces for the common.· Some would argue that these industries are healthier now than they ever have been.· In France at least, that doesnt appear to have worked.· We need to grease the wheels," "we need to crank up the engagement," and "we need to dig deeper.
  4. 4. Many will show you the way once your cart hasoverturned. Syndicate front-end content
  5. 5. If a link is broken, the entire chain breaks.· Less control over distribution means less money.· Sounds like a great deal to me: package it nicely and it will sell regardless of free alternatives.· Who will pay for something that can be gotten for free?· But such a project raises some important questions: Who decides what details are important?
  6. 6. “ Technology is making gestures precise and brutal, and with them men. ” —Theodor Adorno
  7. 7. The man being carried does not realize how faraway the town really is.· Always give people links to relevant, deeper content such as great motown techno crossover at [link] last.· TV: a good example for changing only if and when the pain gets big enough?· As part of this theory he notes that both the human and non-human agents are equal in the creation of information.· From Facebooks demand for us to "Share Whats On Your Mind" to Twitters strict rule to reduce our thoughts to less than 0 characters.
  8. 8. In conclusion· Post e-business platforms· Facilitate real-time technologies· Aggregate viral web-readiness· and remember: He who would enjoy the fruit must not spoil the blossoms.
  9. 9. Thank YouContact Detailshttp://bostonian.weavrs.info/@bostonian
  10. 10. CreditsThis presentation is licensed by bostonian http://bostonian.weavrs.info/ using Creative Commons V3 BY-SA-NCThis presentation includes media also licensed using Creative Commons BY-SA-NC Texts Images (via Flickr BY-SA-NC search) Daniel*1977, Dells Pics, The Library of Virginia, · Fiction is Friction - Gerd Leonhard Tognum: MTU & MTU Onsite Energy, · The End of Control - Gerd Leonhard craiglea123, zen · Music 2.0 - Gerd Leonhard · New Aesthetic, New Anxieties - David M. Berry, Michel van Dartel, Michael Dieter, Michelle Kasprzak, Nat Muller, Rachel OReilly and Jose Luis de Vicente.