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WebRTC opens the door to the Augmented Web


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An introduction to the Augmented Web and how WebRTC is a key to enabling this new Sensor Driven Real Time Web.

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WebRTC opens the door to the Augmented Web

  1. 1. https://buildAR.comWebRTC opens the door toThe Augmented Web
  2. 2. Who am I?Rob Manson @namborCEO of MOB Labs the creators of buildAR.comChair of the W3Cs Augmented Web Community GroupInvited Expert with the ISO, W3C & the Khronos GroupCo-Founder of ARStandards.orgAuthor of “Getting started with WebRTC” (available July)
  3. 3. ARStandards Workshop in Seoul 2010Patterns of Interest Proposal – Rob Manson
  4. 4. Test your device at theAWEsomeWEB.com
  5. 5.
  6. 6. https://buildAR.comCurrent local image processing pipelineusing the Media Capture & Streams API1. Setup <video> element in the DOMa. declaratively then via getElementById or similarb. createElement(“video”) then appendChild()2. Access the cameraa. getUserMedia()NOTE: Currently can only select the default camera3. Pipe camera stream into <video>a. video.src = stream4. Setup <canvas> element in the DOMa. declaratively then via getElementById or similarb. createElement(“canvas”) then appendChild()5. Get 2D drawing contexta. canvas.getContext(2d);6. Draw <video> frame onto <canvas>a. canvas.drawImage(video, top, left, width, height);7. Get RGBA Uint8ClampedArray of the pixelsa. context.getImageData(top, left, width, height).data;8. Burn CPU (not GPU) cyclesa. for (blah) { for (blah) { … } … }NOTE: May also integrate other sensor data here9. Render resultsa. using HTML/JS/CSSb. using another <canvas> and drawImage()c. using WebGLd. a combination of all
  7. 7. https://buildAR.comJSARToolkit demo
  8. 8. https://buildAR.comFAST feature detection demo
  9. 9. https://buildAR.comWhats in the near future?Integrating WebRTC and Visual SearchUsing WebGL/GLSL to utilise GPU parallelismKhronos Groups OpenVXKhronos Groups Camera Working GroupLots more demos to share! 8)
  10. 10. https://buildAR.comYou should join the W3CsAugmented Web Community Group