Future of mobile in local Government


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There are 3 times as many mobile users globally as there are PC based internet users and in the future many people's first experience of the internet will be using their Mobile. No technology is more personal and local than the Mobile phone.

This presentation looks at what is driving this rapid change and how can you can use it to benefit your Local Government.

Then we look at what changes are on the horizon and how you can prepare for and manage this continuous flood of change.

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  • No probs at all...I can completely understand how you must have felt 8)

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  • Sorry Rob,

    I tried sending an email to your company MOB, but I got an email back saying it failed. I then tried to email SlideShare, but they only except regular mail.

    I was worried when name was cropped out of the bottom of the photo.

    Thanks for you quick reply.

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  • Hi Dave,

    first let me apologise. I uploaded an older version of my presentation from before I added the appropriate image credits. This was an error on my part.

    All the images in my presentation are released under creative commons license for use with attribution.

    I have also removed your image and I honestly did not intend to offend you. It is a beautiful image.

    The replacement presentation is currently uploading and as soon as the SlideShare systems finish processing it this should all be remedied. If you have any questions after that has been updated please let me know and I'd be happy to discuss it further.

    Thanks for pointing this out...

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  • Slide #53 (EVENT) is Copyright and must be removed immediately.

    Does the future include stealing artists work or even giving them credit. None of the photos in this presentation list the photographer's name or website.
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  • Future of mobile in local Government

    1. Mobile ... ...in Local Govt. The future of @nambor #lgwn
    2. - where have we come from? - where are we headed? - what can I do? - what is the impact? - what's coming next? Mobile ... The future of ...in Local Govt.
    3. 1. where have we come from?
    4. the public sphere
    5. printed media
    6. broadcast radio
    7. broadcast television
    8. then came two way networks
    9. the growth of the internet
    10. wired say the web is dead
    11. boing boing disagree
    12. it's the access method dummy
    13. telephones
    14. networked computers
    15. mobile phones
    16. growth of the mobile internet
    17. phones by market share
    18. things are changing quickly
    19. 2. where are we headed?
    20. multiple personal devices Mobile ... The future of ...in Local Govt.
    21. fragmentation of devices
    22. personal computers
    23. mobile phones
    24. tablet computers
    25. platforms are fragmented
    26. at multiple levels
    27. android
    28. ios
    29. blackberry symbian windows mobile/phone bada
    30. varying network quality
    31. dial-up
    32. DSL
    33. wifi
    34. 3G
    35. 4G+
    36. NBN
    37. 3. what can I do?
    38. here are some tips that can help make this more manageable Mobile ... The future of ...in Local Govt.
    39. the network is the constant
    40. the web is the heart
    41. openness makes it work
    42. open APIs set you free
    43. Mobile projects can drive the development of open APIs that enable other devices and systems Mobile ... The future of ...in Local Govt.
    44. start with simple nouns & verbs
    45. feed your people
    46. rss
    47. RDFa and microformats
    48. help people link things
    49. permalinks
    50. short URLs
    51. what sort of things?
    52. locations
    53. events
    54. things
    55. help your users create
    56. hackers
    57. connectors
    58. facebook style
    59. twitter style
    60. 4. what is the impact?
    61. will it change your world?
    62. natural selection is painful
    63. you could stand in it's path
    64. or you could unleash it
    65. how do you measure change?
    66. interactions
    67. transactions
    68. decisions
    69. resolution
    70. sentiment
    71. satisfaction
    72. - treat it as one network - create open web based APIs - start with simple nouns & verbs - focus on linking - link locations, events and things - help your users create - measure the impact - rinse, stir and repeat Mobile ... The future of ...in Local Govt.
    73. 5. what's coming next?
    74. mobile augmented reality
    75. wearable computing
    76. pervasive computing?
    77. really pervasive computing
    78. The Future of Mobile... IS HERE NOW ...please discuss!