Alternative resources of energy


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Alternative resources of energy

  1. 1. Alternative Resources ofEnergy(wind, Biodiesel) Created By: Roberto Jimenez Anton Solatorio Bryce Reyes
  2. 2. Wind Power• Moving air• Can produce energy using kinetic energy produced• Renewable resource
  3. 3. Uses of wind• Pumping water, moving boats, grinding grains• Mill grains by using windmills
  4. 4. Wind as energy(factors)• Wind speed• Air density(temperature, air pressure, altitude)
  5. 5. Windmills• Wind turbine or turbine generators• Mechanical energy Wind Energy
  6. 6. How Windmill works
  7. 7. Biodiesel• A petroleum-biofuel blend• Alternative to pure petroleum• Less air pollutants realeased• Gasoline/diesel methyl ester
  8. 8. Methyl Ester• Hydrocarbon acquired from oil• Jathropa Curcas/physic nut• High oil content, easy to propagate
  9. 9. Solar Energy• Radiant light and heat from the sun
  10. 10. What type of energy is Solar energy?• Alternative energy Resources – Solar Energy, Wind Power, Geothermal, Hydropower and Nuclear energy.
  11. 11. Uses Of Solar Energy• Convert heat into electricity• Drying• Cooking• Hot water
  12. 12. Solar panels• How does a solar panel works?Interconnected solar cellsInverter and batteries
  13. 13. Solar Gadgets• Solar powered car• Solar powered airplane• Solar powered batteries• Solar powered LED flashlight• Solar powered fan.
  14. 14. Biomass• Renewable• Biological material
  15. 15. Chemical Composition• Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, alkali, alk aline earth• Sugar building blocks
  16. 16. Biomass Sources• Garbage, wood, waste, landfill gasses
  17. 17. Conversion to energy• Combustion
  18. 18. Quiz1. A renewable resource of energy, biological material from livng things2. A plant specie that contains high methyl ester3. A device used to convert solar energy to electrical energy4.5. 3 examples of wind energy6.7. What do decay animal dung produces8.9. 3 machines in a photovoltaic installation10.