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Mobile Learning in a Virtual Work Environment


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Presented at the 2013 Canadian Society for Training and Development conference in Toronto, Canada.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Mobile Learning in a Virtual Work Environment

  1. 1. Mobile Learning Robin Yap, JD, PhD TELUS Transformation Office Phil Speed Klick Learning Solutions the courage to
  2. 2. “Mobile devices are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.” Ray Kurzweil the courage to 2 TELUS Public
  3. 3. Learning Continuum Live (synchronous) Mobile Learning the courage to 3 TELUS Public (asynchronous) On Demand
  4. 4. Mobile Learning, defined At TELUS, we define Mobile Learning as “Learning through Mobile devices using Mobile features.” the courage to 4 TELUS Public
  5. 5. Mobile Learning Opportunities Sustainability Application of Learning Blended Format Mobile Learning Features Final Assessments and Application of Learning Communications Mobile Technology Implementation Traditional Format the courage to 5 TELUS Public
  6. 6. Mobile Learning in Action Scanned-released 1 On-demand Geo-tagged smartphone Time-released 2 3 7 the courage to 4 Incentive badges 6 TELUS Public 6 5
  7. 7. Understanding Mobile Likely to be with user Personal Universal alerting device Potential location awareness Great for short bursts of info the courage to 7 TELUS Public
  8. 8. Mobile Learning Features Collaborative User Contributed Distributed Persuasive the courage to 8 TELUS Public
  9. 9. Social Media Design the courage to 9 TELUS Public + Mobile Integration
  10. 10. Going Mobile  Alignment with organization’s business goals  Compelling business need or problem  Learning or performance need that mobile can support  Context so mobile technology can have an impact with users/learners  Content that fits the use case the courage to 10 TELUS Public
  11. 11. How to Link Current and Future Learning Opportunities for Mobile Delivery Course A • ——— ——— • ——— ——— • ——— ——— • ——— the courage to 11 TELUS Public Course B • ——— ——— • ——— • ——— ——— • ——— ——— Course C • ——— ——— • ——— • ——— ——— • ——— ———
  12. 12. Examples of Current Mobile Learning Initiatives at TELUS Developed in Partnership with Klick Learning Solutions  Mobile Survey Platform  Technician  Mobile Support Application Learning Platform the courage to 12 TELUS Public
  13. 13. Mobile Survey Platform   the courage to 13 TELUS Public Goal: Develop a means of delivering surveys via mobile devices to increase response rates, beginning with the TELUS new hire survey Solution: Klick Learning Solutions has built a Mobile Survey Platform which has removed access barriers and allowed for any-time completion across a variety of mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.)
  14. 14. Technician Support Application   the courage to 14 TELUS Public Goal: Provide the more than 1,500 TELUS technicians with an additional set of tools to improve service time and customer satisfaction. Solution: Through the use of mobile technologies, Klick Learning Solutions is putting essential training content in the hands of TELUS technicians, allowing them instant access to resources and support materials.
  15. 15. Mobile Learning Platform   the courage to 15 TELUS Public Goal: Develop a mobile learning platform to enhance the way we train our in store team members and increase our content delivery time. Solution: Klick Learning Solutions is working with TELUS to develop a mobile application for Android and iPhone platforms that will instantly deliver product courseware in a quick and innovative manner.
  16. 16. Considerations for Developing Your Own Mobile Learning Strategy Technology Learning Text linked to LMS – possibly use Buzz., Used to send links and progress reports New build Videos linked to LMS – used to introduce a learning nugget, provide quick tips & tricks, etc Existing and new build Surveys linked to existing Learning Management System (LMS). Used for assessment purposes. Possibly existing but would need new build or redevelop existing assessments Audio broadcast. Used to provide new content, interview people, hear how a message sounds (ex. How to respond to a client complaint using our call response structure) the courage to 16 TELUS Public New build Technology Stories, Scenarios used for simulations, case studies, additional reading Learning Current class content or New build Geo tagging used for locationpush-based learning nuggets New build Time-Based learning nuggets New build from existing material Scanner based learning nuggets (QR Codes, Bar Codes) New build from existing material Badging for incentive and achievement purposes New build
  17. 17. Considerations When Linking Mobile Strategy to Corporate Goals  Research  Requirements  Governance  Technology  Data  Security  Device  User experience  Compliance the courage to 17 TELUS Public
  18. 18. Strategy Challenges  Lack of money  Security concerns  Technology issues  Adaptability the courage to 18 TELUS Public
  19. 19. The Future of Mobile •First personal mass media •Permanently carried medium •Always-on mass medium •Built-in payment mechanism •Available at the point of creative inspiration •Accurate audience measurement •Captures the social context of media consumption the courage to 19 TELUS Public
  20. 20. The Evolution of Mobile Learning  Everything is a computer  Everything is networked  Location based learning  Augmented reality  Tin Can API  Artificial intelligence comes of age the courage to 20 TELUS Public
  21. 21. Activity the courage to 21 TELUS Public
  22. 22. Key Questions to Consider 1. What are some of the challenges and considerations that need to be considered when selling mobile learning? 2. How does mobile learning fit into our existing curriculum? 3. What infrastructure, decisions, need to be examined for mobile learning requirements? 4. How can we address adoption challenges? 5. At what speed are we ready to launch a mobile learning initiative? 6. What kinds of financial impact will it have on our organization? 7. How can we capitalize on mobile learning to leverage the learning we already have invested in our organization? the courage to 22 TELUS Public
  23. 23. Thank You!  Robin Yap 416.906.0546  Phil Speed 416.389.7486 the courage to 23 TELUS Public
  24. 24. the courage to