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An introduction to how Social Media can help sponsors and rights holders uncover what makes their audience tick, by listening to active communities of passionate fans across the social web. 'Capture the Wisdom of Fans'.

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Think! robinson pincus_sponsorship&socialmedia_theimportanceoflistening

  1. 1. Sponsorship, Social Media &The Importance of Listening.
  2. 2. This isn’t another presentation about andIt’s about consumer behaviour and a new communications landscapethat couldn’t be better suited to sponsorship, if we’d built it ourselves. And, it’s about how to make the most of it.
  3. 3. People’s passions sit right at the heart of Social Media behaviour…
  4. 4. Groupon FarmVille Starbucks Research: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR SPONSORSHIP ?!
  5. 5. Top 20 Social Currency The news Art & Culture Gossip Sport Planning social eventsSomething funny or interesting that happened today Music Gaming Sending links for people to What happened at watch or download school/college/work TV programs Fashion Bitching or moaning What’s on TV right now Flirting Film Things I’m stressed about Adverts Relationships
  6. 6. Passions are big in Social Media… 60% of people are 60% of people’s ‘more committed’75% of people use social media time is social media to fans as a result of spent engaging in accessing their access their their passions passions. passions through (about 45m p/day) social media.
  7. 7. People are shaping and sharing content more than you might think... 68% actively 83% share content On average, people contribute through with others that share content they blogging, posting share their like with 66 others. and sharing. passions.
  8. 8. Sponsorship is the perfect fuel for the social engine. Passion-powered Content Great Story Long-lasting Platforms Frequent Communication Fans want to Get Closer Real Value
  9. 9. Not only is Social a great partner,but it also enables Sponsorship to…
  10. 10. GET CLOSER Give them what they want. When and where they want it.
  11. 11. REACH FURTHER Amplify Word of Mouth and grow audiences through sharing.
  12. 12. SELL HARDER Close the gap to sales in the digital domain.
  13. 13. So, what do consumers want?And what can Social tell you?
  14. 14. Listen Sponsor Creativity 3,500,000  
  15. 15. Listen Sponsor Creativity?
  16. 16. Credible Comments GenuineNatural BanterSOCIAL LISTENINGOrganic Conversation Willing Depth of Insight
  17. 17. SoapBox enables us to capture the Wisdom of Fans in their natural habitat 1. Listen 2. Measure 3. DiscussComments Needs Opportunities Ideas THREADS THEMES OPPORTUNITY TO HELP Individual Conversations Dominant Topics Value Add
  18. 18. UK Football Families Pre-Campaign Listening
  19. 19. Parenting Forums Football Forums Over 100 sites monitored for 1 month 27 most active selected for listening Over 1.5 million members Over 500 contributors Minimum of 30,000 views Local Club Sites Commercial Sites
  20. 20. “My son’s just started playing football. Anyone got any “We need a couple of jobs done at the Clubhouse and require an advice on where I can find cheap boots?” electrician. Does anyone know of one that would be prepared to help us out?” Daily Demands /Cost Community Support “Looking for a nice set of rain jackets for my team - “a major priority for the club over past years has been to build a high quality indoor preferably black/red. Anyone know a good cheap supplier training facility. With a footprint of 900 square metres the club’s brand new £200,000who can also get badges put on them? Looking to pay £12 Peel Hall facility gives ample space for indoor training for their players every night of per jacket.” the week, whatever the Queensbury weather.”  “OK so im Mr Unsporty but my boys want to get involved in “We keep getting caught our with long balls through the more than kicking a football around the back yard. How can i middle of our defence. Anyone know any good drills for encourage them in something i have no passion, idea or dealing with it?” knowledge of?.” Bonding with kids Coaching Help “The best thing is supporting the kids outside an academic environment. It gives “I have found that the exercises in the books are all too oftenyou the chance to discuss much more important aspects of being a decent human unwieldy or difficult to explain to players - or simply dontbeing than who is good at literacy, such as teamwork, grace in victory and defeat, work on grass, though they look fine on paper.” leadership etc. Also, the other mums are good for a laugh!!.”
  21. 21. Massive duplication of effort See through PR Lack of support awareness Value Commitment‘We’ll take all the free stuff we can get. But it’s long term help we really need and that’s what will make us feel good about a brand’  
  22. 22. What they want What they get
  23. 23. Help Sells.Tactical Support e.g. ‘BootSwap’.Central Support e.g. ‘ClubHub’. Continue Listening.
  24. 24. Global WWE Fans In-Campaign Listening
  25. 25. Drive Awareness of Wrestlemania
  27. 27. Positive Constructive!“Probably the most creative Internet thing that WWE has ever done. If you “I wish it gave me an ounce of information have a Facebook account and two minutes to spare, try it. You will most about what the hell it is before click it” certainly not be disappointed. I got a good kick out of it.” “I thought that this was a pretty neat idea and I enjoyed seeing my picture and my name so well incorporated into WWE footage. “Im actually impressed I was prepared for it to be lame The only thing that would have made it neater would have been the but that was nifty” option to save the video or involve and share it with others.” “thanks for showing me this, has to be one of the most funniest things ever. great idea by the wwe” “This is great. I love it. But I want to be there!!!!!!.” 
  28. 28. Status Sells. Be more clear that ‘you are the star’.Make it easier for people to ‘share their image’. Reward sharing with Value.
  29. 29. Insight before Technology.Consumers are often smarter, more creative and more willing to contribute than you might expect. Campaigns are catalysts for Consumer insight. Listen before, during and after.Social Research is real, rich, credible, quick and cost effective.
  30. 30. @robinsonpincus