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Hospitality as restaurant_industry_seeks_restaurant_jobs


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The U.S. hotel industry is booming and restaurant jobs are aplenty Industry analysts believe that they expect the boom to continue until supply catches up with demand....

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Hospitality as restaurant_industry_seeks_restaurant_jobs

  1. 1. Hospitality As Restaurant Industry Seeks Restaurant Workers Job Board for Hospitality & Restaurant Careers By Watermark Management
  2. 2. Demands Exceeds Supply In Booming Hospitality Industry As Industry Seeks Restaurant Workers The hospitality industry is an exciting and fascinating field. It is a misconception that it is limited to hotels and restaurants and fast food outlets. On the contrary it encompasses a wide range of job and career opportunities and offers an infinite variety of places to work in. Furthermore, it provides the worker with a platform to work their way to the very top and earn six-figure incomes, with excellent benefits and perks. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hospitality industry contributes nearly 9 percent of all employment in the country and provides employment to approximately 13 million people. In June this year 75,000 new hospitality jobs were added. The Bureau opines that the industry is currently facing a shortage of workers and will need to find millions of new workers by the end of this decade to meet the increasing demand. Restaurant jobs in DC registered a stronger growth, which according to analysts is the result of the surge in business at local bars, eateries and theatres. According to the Labor Department the hospitality sector added 11,700 jobs between February 2012 and February 2013 in the capital. There is a glut of openings for restaurant jobs in NYC heralding excellent job prospects for hotel employees. In a survey it ranked as the second best city in the country for restaurant jobs primarily because of the huge number of hotels and rooms in the city and its nearness to Atlantic City, where Casinos have opened up a whole new vista of jobs. By Watermark Management | or call us at 727.489.5802 2
  3. 3. Boston is among the top ten tourist attractions in the US and has many historic sites that are hugely popular with tourists. The city has upwards of 2,000 restaurants and hundreds of hotels and is visited by more than 20 million visitors each year. Hospitality jobs in Boston, will naturally be in huge demand as new hotels and restaurants keep on coming up to share in the over 8 billion dollars that tourists spend on the city. According to reports Los Angeles leisure and hospitality sector reflected a growth of 2.8 percent, which was three times more than that of the national industry average. This resulted in the opening up of many fresh opportunities for job seekers for hospitality jobs in Los Angeles. Add to this a strong visitor spending which augurs well for hospitality jobs in Los Angeles for the future as well. Hospitality jobs in Dallas, one of the more admired hot-spots of Texas, saw an unprecedented boom with the roaring leisure and hospitality industry showing a 4.3 year-over-year increase in hospitality jobs. Dallas also had a better than normal tourist season and if this spurt continues it could see an increase in hospitality venues which would further augment and provide a push to hospitality jobs in Dallas. If you are looking to advance your career in the hospitality industry, look no further than Watermark Management. Make haste and send you resume to They have innumerable clients who have the appropriate vacancies. Watermark Management is committed to improving the lives of its candidates and will leave no stone turned to match talent with opportunity and find a job commensurate with your ability and capacity. By Watermark Management | or call us at 727.489.5802 3