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IPP Briefing Deck


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Published in: Technology, Education
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IPP Briefing Deck

  1. 1. Innovation Partnership Program IN PARTNERSHIP WITHIPP _V7.1_4-15-12
  2. 2. X PRIZE Foundation & Singularity UniversityThe X PRIZE Foundationand Singularity Universityhave teamed up to deliveran extra ordinary InnovationPartnership Program (IPP).IPP is designed to drive innovation and breakthroughs in companiesthat are scalable, repeatable, and applicable to your needs. To helpcompanies transition from “linear”  “exponential” organizations 2
  3. 3. Why Do Large Companies Have Difficulty Innovating?1. Technological change is too fast & accelerating2. True innovation comes from “orthogonal thinking”3. Companies are too risk averse, and breakthroughs require significant risks4. Breakthroughs disrupt current lines of business5. Companies have too many “experts” who are typically stove-piped and linear thinkers 3
  4. 4. What is Singularity Univ? Singularity University (SU) is the leading institution for teaching exponentially growing technology. SU focuses on what’s in the lab today and coming to market in 2, 5 and 10 years. Founding Partners: Autodesk, NASA, Google, Cisco, Nokia, Kauffman Foundation, Genentech Programs: Graduate Studies Program & Executive Programs Faculty: A deep network of technologists and innovators from the top labs,“If I were a student, this is where I companies and entrepreneurial groups. would want to be.” - Larry Page, CEO, Google 4
  5. 5. What is X PRIZE? The X PRIZE Foundation: World leader in incentive competitions and crowd sourced innovation. X PRIZE partners with leading companies to drive global competitions for the radical benefit of humanity. Focus Areas: Life Sciences; Energy; Exploration; Education, Global Dev.“Every time I come to an X PRIZE event Iam high for days afterwards. There is Headquarters: Los Angeles, CAnothing like hearing so many great ideasand looking into the eyes of people that Prize Sponsors & Partners: Google,really are making such a huge difference.” Qualcomm, Nokia, NASA, Cisco, - James Cameron, Filmmaker, Explorer, XPF Trustee Shell, DOE, Express Scripts, Progressive. 5
  6. 6. What is Innovation Partners Program (IPP)?IPP is the best of SU & X PRIZE, put together into a powerful,inspiring, results-oriented program designed for C-suite andinnovation executives.Meets 2x per year, for 4 Days (Thurs – Sun)Goal: Change the way we think from Linear  Exponential 6
  7. 7. The Program OverviewDay 1&2: Exponential Thinking – Growth of 7 Key Technology Areas• Understand the velocity of key technologies (in the lab, coming to market)• Empowered with the understand that “Anything is Possible”Day 3 & 4: Incentivized Competition & Crowd-Sourced Innovation• Understand how the Crowd can help you innovate & remain cutting edge• Reduce your R&D costs 100-fold by taping into surplus cognitive genius• Come away with clear, objective targets and a Plan to implement 7
  8. 8. Day 1 & 2: Exponential Technologies ContentDay 1 & 2 is focus on delivering a coordinated overview of 7 keyexponentially growing technologies. Providing insight into what is inthe lab today, and coming to market over the next 2, 5, and10 years. ARTIFICIAL NETWORKS & 3D PRINTING & INTELLIGENCE SENSORS MANUFACTURING & ROBOTICS DIGITAL ENERGY SECURITY SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY MEDICINE 8
  9. 9. Day 1 & 2: Objectives - Thinking• Exponential Thinking: Understand the power of exponentially growing technologies• Exponential Trends: Recognize exponential trends and learn how to apply them.• Convergence: Where will convergence create opportunities?• Discussion/Reflection:  How will this technology affect our key products and growth? Solve key corporate challenges?  How will this technology help us solve Grand Challenges that our company, employees and customers care about? 9
  10. 10. Day 1 & 2: Curated Teaming• IPP matches each company with two “teaming partners” from other industries to facilitate the discussion/reflection time;• This curated effort provides insight & perspective as colleagues from outside your industry help you look at problems/opportunities in a new light. 10
  11. 11. Day 3 & 4: Incentive Competitions & Crowd Sourcing• Day 3 & 4 are modeled after the X PRIZE Visioneering process – an effective way to identify market failures, set audacious/achievable goals and drive radical breakthroughs. Educational content focuses on: – Incentivized Competition: Learn how to design an Incentive prize and how such a prize can be used to drive desired breakthroughs in your company or industry; – Crowd-sourced Innovation: Learn how to leverage “Global Genius” – How do you get the world’s smartest people to help you solve your problems at 1/100th the cost in a fraction of the time? 11
  12. 12. “No matter who you are, most of thesmartest people work for someoneelse.” - Bill Joy, 1990Following are the “Exponential Organization tools” nowavailable for companies to leverage global genius to solve theirproblems at a fraction of the time and cost, with no overhead.(1) Incentive Competitions (5) Gamification(2) DIY Communities (6) Microwork(3) Machine Learning Data Competitions (7) Crowd Ideation(4) Crowd Wisdom 12
  13. 13. DIY CommunityIncentivized for R&DCompetitions • R&D at factions• Prizes for breakthroughs of traditional costs• Data competitions • Tapping into the passion of the maker movementCrowd Wisdom• Prediction market The Latest Landscape: CrowdsourcingCrowd funding Models, Ideas & Cases• Product presale• Market testing Cloud WorkforceSocial Ideation & Operations• New product development • Global micro-workers• Community feedback • Outsourcing via competitions and engagement • Distributed manufacturing • Sales of spare resources 13
  14. 14. Day 3 & 4: Objectives• Each participating company will identify 2 or 3 areas where a breakthrough would create maximum benefit. These target areas would then drive: Generate ~2 X PRIZE Concepts that could drive meaningful breakthroughs for your company and industry. Evaluate the top “Exponential Organizational Tools” of use to your company to solve your top problems. Then learn the tools, meet the implementers and use the solutions. 14
  15. 15. 4 Days of Intensive Immersion 15
  16. 16. Opportunity – 30 Innovation Partners • 30 Select Companies • 3 Executives per company • Total of 90 industry leaders • Collaboration to drive breakthroughs • Cross industry expertise and pollination 16
  17. 17. What Will You Get Out of the Innovation Partnership Program?Key Benefits:1. Access & Connection: SU’s deep network of technologists, innovators, faculty and alumni can be brought to bear on specific challenges and issues of interest to your company (an “on-demand network”)2. Solution Focused “Turn-key” Approach: Show up with your biggest problems and we will take you through a process to help drive new solutions, and turn then into your biggest opportunities.3. Maximize ROI on Your Sr. Executive’s Time: The 4-day IPP represents one of the most efficient and powerful ways to deliver tools and a vision to very busy Senior Executives. 17
  18. 18. What Will You Get Out of the Innovation Partnership Program?Key Benefits: (continued):4. IPP offers a platform to educate up to 18 Senior Executives (over a 3 year period) in a consistent and immersive fashion5. Offers the opportunity to develop powerful collaborations with 29 other innovation Partners.6. Will result in concrete “innovation objectives/techniques” for your industry, company & key product lines.7. A set of educational products that can be brought back to HQ to be shared; (Option for a 1-day “overview” at HQ)* 7 Key Tech Areas: AI & Robotics, Networks & Sensors, Digital Medicine, 3D Printing/Manufacturing, Synthetic Biology, Security and Energy. 18
  19. 19. Linear  ExponentialExp. - Technology Exp. - Organization1. Computation & 1. Incentive Infinite Computing Competitions2. Networks 2. Gamification3. Artificial 3. DIY Communities Intelligence 4. Machine Learning4. Robotics Data Competitions5. Synthetic Biology 5. Microwork6. Digital Medicine 6. Crowd Ideation7. 3D Printing 7. Crowd Wisdom Innovation Partners Program (IPP)
  20. 20. Participating Innovation Partners 20
  21. 21. Membership Level Options Level 1 - Term: 3 years (2 sessions/year, Fall & Spring) - 3 Executives per session (can be a mix of executives & clients) - Total of 18 Execs over 3 years - Price: $250,000 / yearLevel 2- Term: 3 years (2 sessions/year, Fall & Spring)- 5 Executives per session (can be a mix of execs & clients)- Total of 30 Execs over 3 years- Corporate HQ Session: SU & X PRIZE Foundation will come and provide a 1-day session (once per year) at your Corporate HQ, with the support of your attending executives to help share the program knowledge.- Price: $375,000 / year + Travel/Accommodations 21
  22. 22. Thank you.For more information, please contact:Peter H.