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Exposing your Underbelly: Social Networks and your Job Search


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Tips for new graduates and young professionals on using social networks for building professional opportunities and expanding their job search capabilities. Presentation to Sports Administration students (School of Kinesiology) at Louisiana State University.

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Exposing your Underbelly: Social Networks and your Job Search

  1. 1. elly derb un our ing y search s xpo ur job e s & yo ork l netw socia
  2. 2. @RobinSchooling
  3. 3. Louisiana State University Sports Administration Program School of Kinesiology January 2014
  4. 4. back to the basics
  5. 5. but email (still) matters
  6. 6. do those HR ladies really use social media?
  7. 7. jobvite social recruiting survey 2013
  8. 8. top social networks for recruiting, 2013 linkedIn 94% xing github stackoverflow twitter 55% facebook 65% g+ you tube, instagram vimeo pinterest
  9. 9. reference illegal drugs (83%) use profanit y (65%) consume booze (47%) ature (71%) s of a sexual n share post have spelling/grammar errors (61%) discuss guns (51%)
  10. 10. !s  
  11. 11. join our talent community…..
  12. 12. how to be wise on social networks
  13. 13. privacy is an illusion
  14. 14. what is your ‘brand’?
  15. 15. hannel… er the c no matt
  16. 16. tips for LinkedIn
  17. 17. tips for LinkedIn
  18. 18. tips for LinkedIn
  19. 19. onnect c stand out engage #jobs #jobhuntchat #careers be smart @entryleveljob be purposeful @YouTernMark be friendly be YOU “why should I want to connect with YOU?”
  20. 20. re showing… ber what you’ remem
  21. 21. clean up after yourself…
  22. 22. @RobinSchooling