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Introduction to the training


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Introduction to the training

  1. 1. HIV&TB Programme and M&EDesignTraining Materials 1
  2. 2. Learning Objectives • Understand the basic principles of HIV&TB Programme design based on WFP HIV Policy and how its concepts can be applied and used in the field Programming in HIV and TB contexts • Design HIV and TB M&E strategy for WFP-assisted operations in line with WFP HIV Policy, HIV&TB Programme and M&E Guidance and the Strategic Framework M&E Strategy Design • Set up cost-efficient data collection tools and reporting formatsand Implementation in for HIV/TB indicators HIV and TB contexts 2
  3. 3. Overview of training contentModule one Global HIV/TB prospective and Programme Design PrinciplesModule two HIV/TB M&E Framework & its Implementation 3
  4. 4. Module one schedule HIV/TB Programme Design Principles Item Description 1 Basics information on HIV/AIDS, TB, malnutrition, food insecurity 2 Global perspective: Roles and Responsibilities within the UNAIDS DoL 3 HIV in response Humanitarian settings (preparedness & response) 4 WFP HIV and AIDS Policy & Programme Strategy 5 How to design an HIV and TB Programme 6 Overview of funding opportunity with GF 7 Module test 4
  5. 5. Module two schedule HIV/TB M&E Framework Item Description 1 WFP HIV and TB corporate and project specific outcomes and indicators 2 M&E in Global and National contexts 3 Designing a project Logframe 4 Designing an M&E Plan 5 Designing data collections tools and set a data collection system 6 Data analysis for HIV & TB programming 7 Reporting on HIV & TB programming 8 Module test 9 FINAL TEST: Only when you receive a score of 80%, you have successfully completed the training 5