Capturing your leads creating a compelling squeeze page


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Capturing your leads creating a compelling squeeze page

  1. 1. Capturing Your Leads Creating A Compelling Squeeze Pageby Robin Nelson | on January 15, 2013Are you puzzled about the fact that there are internet marketers on the market that generate completelyautomated income? If you’re not utilizing a squeeze page to build your lists yet, then you should be, among themost vital parts of generating an email list is your squeeze page. It provides a way to collect leadsautomatically and convert traffic into subscribers so you can follow up on your campaign with them. This pagecontains a sales pitch and an opt-in box that individuals enter their information in to receive emails from you. Well those people who get money that is automated are using the elements were going to discuss. In the beginning it can get confusing and overwhelming to set up something that needs technical knowledge and website smarts, once you learn a bit it won’t take long to get the knack. A lot of these providers will give you on site tutorials and information on ways to complete your page. If you have the right tools to use, then it will be even easier and you will find that it really is a simple effort.
  2. 2. Create A High Quality Squeeze PageYou will need a HTML editor to create better looking content pages. Google search for a free HTML editor ortry Using a HTML editor allows you to add Hotmail code into your text that creates differentlooks, so you can add graphics and more. Usually a HTML editor will include instructions on the way to use itand most affiliate products come with readymade HTML code to add into your sites.You must create content that offers a value and addresses a solution to a problem your visitor is seeking tosolve. If they think you will solve their issue they are more likely to opt-in to your email list. Create acompelling headline to begin with. Then address the headline with a few convincing sentences that your visitorwon’t be capable to resist. Think of a problem you might have in the same niche and how you would want itanswered, or what would compel you to have a look at a site for an answer. Continue that idea and you shouldbe able to create great content. Make sure you your product will address what you discuss in your squeezepage. If you send them to a place that doesn’t relate at all, then they won’t trust you when you promote otherproducts to them.Another way in order to get more traffic is to create a squeeze page with avideo and a few key sentences. Videos are easy to watch and don’t take much concentration. Reading onlycontent can seem way too much of an effort for some prospective buyers and if the content on the page is toolong, then they may not read through it anyway. If you incorporate a video into the page, simply the visitorwould have to press play to get the information needed to make them want to opt-in. They too learn moreabout who you are and what your personality is like. Even if you don’t video tape yourself, they will still hearyour voice and get a perspective of who you are.Videos are rising at the top of the search engines these days and are becoming very popular with internet users.All you would need to do is upload your video to YouTube, also creating some traffic from there, and embedyour video into your squeeze page.Even though a video could get you more traffic and is one of the best ways to construct a squeeze page, thereare several ways to accomplish your desired result. If you’re using written content only, ensure it’s intriguingenough for the visitor to want to read through it and stick to around 7 to 10 short sentences. When using avideo make sure it’s upbeat and exciting enough to watch and the visitor wants to opt-in for your emails toacquire the exciting information you are offering.Remember the purpose of the squeeze page you create is to capture leads to get you more sales. A visitor whodecides to register for your list is more valuable to you than just a visitor, they are potential customers. Alsoremember never to include any outgoing links from your squeeze page, you want the visitor to opt-in prior togetting any other information. The only clickable button should be the opt-in button.
  3. 3. Tools You Need To Try  Super Easy Squeeze Pages
  4. 4. Super Easy Quality Content & Article Creation
  5. 5. Convert Your Articles or Blog Content In To A High Traffic Video
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