The Holy Grail of Integrated Marketing


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Integrated Direct Marketing trends

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The Holy Grail of Integrated Marketing

  1. 1. Integration | Cross Media Robin MarchettiThe Holy Grail of Marketing
  2. 2. Our industry is not simply changing, it is being redefined…creating historicopportunity for the prepared, and profound threats for the unprepared.Absolutely no one, no matter how big, how well established or how successful in thepast can afford to do business the same old way. Andy Paparozzi Chief Economist NAPL State of Industry Report
  3. 3. Highlights from DMA 2010• Listen to Customers-Chief Customer Officer• Companies are becoming radically transparent• Focus Groups=Crowd Source• Layer Social with Traditional Mediums• Agencies challenge- “how do you communicate in atwitter statement or less”• Everyone is talkin’ mobile
  4. 4. Monies are shifting from traditional to interactive4 Entire contents © 2008 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Email replaces print and direct mail budgets "Email is so inexpensive we are getting even more use. We are completely skipping the direct mail piece of our Student Campaign.“ -- Sovereign Bank5 Entire contents © 2008 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Interactive channels will increase in effectiveness Increasing effectiveness Decreasing effectiveness6 Entire contents © 2008 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. What does yourmailbox looklike???
  8. 8. The Great Recession or The New Normal?
  9. 9. Position (Reposition) Your Company• Revisit your strategic marketing plan• Identify your target market - who are my customers, where are the opportunities, products & services to offer, gain expertise• Positioning your company - differentiation in the minds of prospects & customers
  10. 10. The Mirror Test• 118 seconds to actually pitch (position)• 110 seconds is the av. elevator ride• 8 seconds to hook me (av. attention span of an adult)• 110 seconds to sell me.
  11. 11. How many line items are on your invoice? XYZPrinting__________________________________ Account Payable ABC Company City, St. Zip Add more services- 55,000 Data Management $ 750.00 integration1.00 Project Management $ 1250.00 means55,000 Printing of 5.5 x 8.5 Postcards $ 3545.00 revenue55,000 Mailing Services $ 1275.0055,000 PURL Campaign $15,000.0055,000 Email Campaign $ 6500.001.00 Monthly Consulting Retainer $ 5500.00
  12. 12. How do you getstarted?• Define your customer’s goal/ objective• Start small• Involve your vendor early-you need to choose an audience, make the message concise and determine how to deliver it. Work out the budget and timeline. And..measure.• Allow time for planning-identify the audience, who are your ideal customers, review data to segment into smaller lists, if not enough data consider modeling-or finding like customers
  13. 13. Marketers are functioning with leaner teams than ever13 Entire contents © 2008 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Trendspotter 2010 Evolution to a More Competitive, Multi-channel Marketplace1. Increase analytic sophistication to drive business decisions. Organizations will need to reassess internal databases2. Increase customer retention efforts3. Create more attractive content4. Develop more targeted and relevant communications to disseminate across channels5. Utilize multi-channels for your customers marketing message
  15. 15. Aligning the CMO & CIO to Achieve Intelligent Marketing 1. Only 4% of Marketing Execs and 7% of IT Execs feel they are prepared to exploit digital marketing channels. 2. Only 8% of Marketers & 6% of IT said they believe their data and analytics are integrated. 3. 78% of Marketers and 68% of IT believe digital marketing is important. Only 1/3 of Marketers and 1/5th of IT said their companies are invested in digital! 4. Noticeable disconnect between IT & Marketing *Sample survey of 328 Marketing Executives and 308 IT Executives
  16. 16. Goals for Multi-Channel Communications• Typically promotional in nature• Track responders and non-responders• Set automatic triggers based on responses• Include customized, data-driven content• Provide a means for gathering data• Provide reports to the client• Provide leads to the sales team - feedback loop
  17. 17. What are some of the channels? Direct Mail Email PURL SMSURL Search Engine QR Code | Augmented Reality Social
  18. 18. Organizations will need to reassess internal databases Data
  19. 19. Data, Data Everywhere• Becoming More Richer and Intelligent• Encourages Customer Loyalty and retention• Identify the audience, who are your ideal customers, review data to segment into smaller lists, if not enough data consider modeling-or finding like customers• Measure results-Cross media metrics Email-Open, click through Direct Mail-measure compared to email, PURL, phone and overall sales PURLs-Measure total visits, conversions, length of time spent at given PURL, repeat visits and links of exit
  21. 21. Using email aspart of the solution
  22. 22. Email Ad Spending will jump to $677 million in 2011, from $492 million in Top 3 Toughest 2008Inboxes to Reach eMarketer-”Social and Email Spending to Rise.” for Deliverability 1. gmail 2. hotmail 3. msn
  23. 23. Length Matters!Even your best customers don’t read reallylong emails. The job of most emails is to getyour attention & drive you somewhere else • landing page • retail store • whitepaper
  24. 24. Email Ad Spending will jump to $677 million in 2011, from $492 million in Top 3 Toughest 2008Inboxes to Reach eMarketer-”Social and Email Spending to Rise.” for Deliverability 1. gmail 2. hotmail 3. msn
  25. 25. Give Careful thought to yourCreative Email creative is very different than any other marketing creative Only 33% have Email does not support alot of bells & images turned on whistles you’ll find in other digital by default media advanced interactivity, according to animation, sophisticated/ consistent Marketing rendering Sherpa. Also, think how your message will render on a smart phone
  26. 26. iPhone OS OS wit h HTM BB L EmailEmailRenderingTests Symbian OS Android OS Windows Mobile OS ver 6.0 BB OS with No HTML Email
  27. 27. Optimize Creative |Drive Customers to Social
  28. 28. Optimize Creative
  29. 29. Remarket• Redesigned creative lifted response rate between 100-350%• Email Marketing efforts generated $119,567 in revenue• ROI was $39 for every $1 spent for a 3,886% return• Overall event registration was 11% higher than planned
  30. 30. Tracking and DeliverabilityEmail metrics byimportance :•Click Through•Deliverability•Conversions•ROI•Open Rate•Revenue•Total Subscribers•Forwards What you measure depends on your objectives
  31. 31. Opens-Who and When?? Maximize open rates based on knowledge for future campaignsTest different times to send emails to see what receives the bestresults
  32. 32. Don’t Forget About Your Subject Lines• Keep it concise-35 characters or less• Make it about the reader• Make it actionable by providing sense of urgency and clear call to action (think verbs!)• Ensure your message is clear, and informative• Avoid all CAPS and exclamation marks! All caps feel like you are shouting for attention and not respectful.• Include your brand• Ask the question-Does it catch enough of your attention to read on?
  33. 33. Using PURLs as part of the integrated marketing solution
  34. 34. It’s not a made to order magic trick Personalized URLs are not a made-to-order magic trick you can buy from the store and immediately get results for your business. Like all marketing tools use personalized URLs to: • think about a strategy for reaching your different customer segments • plan on integrating your ‘magic’ personalized URLs with current media • make a conscious effort to follow through on each message you send
  35. 35. Make it RelevantBoth Personalization and segmentation can be continued on landing pages that include one touch opt-ins and registrations to begin a two way conversation that involves prospects ad customers
  36. 36. Case Study Integrated Campaign Client: Forrester Research • Independent technology and market research company • Gartner, the main competition, is 5 times their size and advertises aggressively • Forrester needs targeted approach, more leads and a faster sales cycle
  37. 37. Targeted Emailwith incentivedrive thempersonalizedlanding pageand captureadditional data
  38. 38. Targeted PURL postcard and PURL emailNot many pictures on the email so it renders correctly when downloaded
  39. 39. Utilized testimonials and name dropping!
  40. 40. Not only testimonials- butrelevant to the industry they are targeting
  41. 41. Another in a series of personalized messages...
  42. 42. And the campaign continues...
  43. 43. The website has the same synergies...they give justenough information...remember they are consultants likeyou that charge for their knowledge! Very interactive website!
  44. 44. The Results!• The direct mail series pulled 5.2%.• The email series had an open rate of 43% and click-through of 20%.• In first quarter, the campaign generated $98,000 in new sales.
  45. 45. Things to remember• Cross-discipline cooperation is key• Let data drive creative• But … let marketing objectives drive the data• What will move the needle?
  46. 46. Things to remember• Consider dividing job into phases• Building and learning as you go- change things up if something is not working• How good is your data?
  47. 47. Text is Next?
  48. 48. Opportunities: SMS/Text• Mobile marketing is exploding-at the end of 2008 there were 270 million mobile subscribers• Reaches 87% of households in the US• Top Mobile Verticals:1.Directories2.Telecommunication3.Finance4.Entertainment5.Dating6.Retail & Restaurants7.Consumer Package8.Travel9.Education10.Automotive
  49. 49. Mobile has a lot of potential The texting audience is large and still growing. eMarketer projects that the growth of the global market for ad support of mobile messaging will reach nearly $12 billion in 2011.50 Entire contents © 2008 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved.
  50. 50. •90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of delivery •99% of all text messages are read by the recipient, according to a whitepaper by Singlepoint •Remember all text messaging is opt in which contributes to the high action rates. •Mobile spending currently makes up less than 5% of marketing budgets •Challenges are number of different device types, operating systems and screen sizes available. •Watch for the evolution of location-centric mobile apps •Healthy usage of location based checkin-Foursquare51 Entire contents © 2008 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved.
  51. 51. SMS/Text MO Example - Papa Johns This Pizza chain allows users to set up preferences online and then order theirfavorite pizza by sending a text message to a specified short code. Papa John’sprovides online FAQ’s SMS order examples, and an intuitive preferences page so subscribers can easily control their messages
  52. 52. SMS | TextMessaging
  53. 53. SMS | TextMessaging
  54. 54. QR Codes andAugmented Reality What is it?
  55. 55. QR (Quick Response)Codes QR codes used as mobile tagging has started in Japan and since are implemented in the mobile marketing world. As marketing applications theiruniqueness stems from their Quick Response orientation which allows customers to access real time information
  56. 56. • QR (Quick Response)• feature purls and drive users from printed materials to the web via smartphones• can turn a printed direct mail piece into an interactive mobile call to action• allows static messages to become a quick scan hyperlink to just about anything online 57
  57. 57. Print is not dead 3D Barcodes Augmented Realitywhich essentially means to layer data like audio, graphics, and animationover live video — existed long before Esquire used it on their cover. The term was coined in 1992 by Tom Caudell while working for Boeing, where factory workers used AR to sort parts. Now, with video cameras in so many electronic devices — including the webcam on your computer — AR applications range from advertising to architecture and gaming to pizza boxes.
  58. 58. Engaging Customers through Social Media
  59. 59. Blendtec-Will it Blend? Youtube viral video Blendtec’s retail sales are up 700%, its Youtube site has 200,000+ subscribers and it has been featured on The Today Show, Tonight Show, History Channel, Wall St. Journal to name a few. It has also won a Clio for their interactive efforts. Starbucks - My starbucks idea on Facebook.• Lesson: thinking of ways to build your company are great, but directly asking your consumers what they want is better. Acting on it is the success of the campaign IBM-created an entire network of blogs allowing their employees to write about their experiences, what they were working on etc. Lesson: having a CEO that blogs is great but increase the number of blogs and you increase the connections
  60. 60. • Experiment-Try, try again• Integrate direct mail, email, website, sms with your presence in social media communities
  61. 61. Your customers are talking…what do they have to say?listen and share.
  62. 62. in the future- the future is NOW, we will not bemeasured by the quality of the output;we will be measured by the quality of the OUTCOME.
  63. 63. ?s
  64. 64. Robin Marchetti WiseP:888.815.WISE tha nks