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Ppt for google drive video

  1. 1. A Paperless Workflow For Teachers Using Google Drive Robin Briones EDUU 563
  2. 2. Log-in to Gmail and open Drive
  3. 3. Click on “My Drive”
  4. 4. Student creates a folder
  5. 5. Student has shared folder with teacher
  6. 6. Teacher creates a course folder
  7. 7. Teacher uses drop-down box and clicks on “folder”
  8. 8. Teacher names the folder and clicks “Create”
  9. 9. New course folder is found under “My Drive”
  10. 10. Now it’s time to create subfolders, perhaps one per grade or class
  11. 11. Click on “Create”, then use drop-down box and click “Folder”
  12. 12. Name the folder and click “Create”
  13. 13. The subfolder(s) now appear(s)
  14. 14. Click on “More” to move the subfolder into course folder
  15. 15. Click on “Move to”
  16. 16. Click on name of course folder
  17. 17. Click “Move”
  18. 18. The subfolder is now inside the course folder
  19. 19. Click on “Shared with me” to find all students whose folders are shared
  20. 20. All shared folders will appear here. Click on the shared folder to move it.
  21. 21. Click on the folder icon and “Move to” appears
  22. 22. Click on the destination folder that applies for that student
  23. 23. Click “Move”
  24. 24. When the subfolder is clicked, the students’ folders appear
  25. 25. Now it’s time to create an “Assignments” folder. Click on “Create”, then use the drop-down box and click “Folder”
  26. 26. Name the folder and click “Create”
  27. 27. Now it’s time for the assignment folder to be “shared”. Click “Tech Assignments”, then Click on “Share”
  28. 28. “Invite” your students individually, or as a group (however, a group would need to be created prior to inviting)
  29. 29. Click on “Tech Assignments”, then click on the specific assignment you would like to create
  30. 30. Create that assignment by clicking “Create”, then using the drop- down box to choose the appropriate category
  31. 31. New assignment is created and will be moved to students’ folders
  32. 32. Click on applicable students and click “Move”
  33. 33. Student opens and completes assignment, teacher clicks on “Shared with me” and opens document
  34. 34. The completed document appears
  35. 35. Teacher provides comments by highlighting area and/or using header area
  36. 36. Teacher renames document after grading by clicking “File”, then “Rename”
  37. 37. New name is assigned, then click “OK”
  38. 38. Graded assignment is complete, saved, and may be viewed by the student
  39. 39. Thank you