Agile startup


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Agile startup

  1. 1. Agile Startup Low Burn by Design not Crisis By Robin Low
  2. 2. Timing is everything.Adaptability is key, not thebusiness plan.Traditional startups arefighting yesterday’s war.
  3. 3. TRADITIONAL STARTUPS • High burn rate • Swing for the fences • Full management teams • Assume customer is known • Assume features are known • Assumes growth is by execution Traditional
  4. 4. Boyd: Winning is about AgilityRule The OODA Loop 1 • Observe • Orient • Decide • Act
  5. 5. Boyd Redefines the Rules to WinRule • Agility requires a continuous cycle of 2 interactions with the Environment • But you can’t do it from a desk
  6. 6. Winners are Those Who Can Move Faster Than Their CompetitorsRule • Winning requires constant assessment of 3 change and ways to mitigate risk • Iterating faster than competitors yields substantial advantage
  7. 7. Facing Reality at Today’s Startup There is no 2nd PlaceRule • Uncertain environment • Rapid, unanticipated 4 changes that lead to disorientation • Constant threats to any initiative • Burn rate (time, fuel, bullets, dollars) limits window of opportunity
  8. 8. Using OODA to Create “Agile Startups” And Changing the Startup Rules Customer Development Agile Product Development
  9. 9. Agile StartupsBuilding a New Wave of Companies Customer • Continuous customer interaction Development • Revenue goals from day one • No scaling until revenue • Assumes customer and Agile Product features are unknowns Development • Low Burn by Design – Not Crisis
  10. 10. Agile Startup PrinciplesExtraordinary Value at Low cost in Little Time • Leverages: Customer Development - Technology commoditization - Agile management practices - Customer Development Agile Product • Designed to test hypothesis Development and answer the unknowns
  11. 11. The Agile Startup Agile Product Development • Continuous cycle of Product Development - Product release cycle in hours not years - Tightly coupled with customerAgile Product developmentDevelopment - Minimum feature sets, maximum customer coverage
  12. 12. The Agile Startup Customer Development • Continuous cycle of customer CustomerDevelopment interaction - Rapid hypothesis testing about market, pricing, customers, … - Extreme low cost, low burn, tight focus - Measurable gates for investors
  13. 13. The Agile Startup Customer Development Parallels Agile Development Agile DevelopmentBusiness Agile Continuous ContinuousConcept Development Test Ship Customer DevelopmentCustomer Customer Customer CustomerDiscovery Validation Creation Building
  14. 14. Customer DevelopmentTurns Market Risk/Product Fit Hypothesis into FactsCustomer Customer Customer CustomerDiscovery Validation Creation Building
  15. 15. Agile Startup Advantages • Builds low-burn companies by CustomerDevelopment design - Low cost market risk testing • Organized around learning and discoveryAgile Product • Right model for currentDevelopment conditions
  16. 16. It is up to you to build the next wave of capitalefficient startups