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Corporate presentation october_2011


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Corporate presentation october_2011

  1. 1. NICE SystemsCorporate OverviewName and Title
  2. 2. Software solutions that take organizations from insight-to-impact,addressing three main business segments: • Enterprises – enhancing the customer experience and increasing revenues through all customer interaction channels • Financial institutions – ensuring compliance and prevent financial crime • Government agencies, public and private organizations – ensuring safety & security
  3. 3. NICE (NASDAQ: NICE) 1986 Founded Customers Expected full year non-GAAP 2011 revenues* Service Countries Professionals* Per guidance provided on July 27, 2011
  4. 4. The NICE Offering NICE ENTERPRISE Customer Interactions NICE SECURITY Safety & Security NICE ACTIMIZE Financial Risk & Compliance 4
  5. 5. The Essence of Our Offering Intent Insight Impact Capturing the intent of  Extracting insights using  Making an Impact on: individuals advanced analytics  Customer experience  Real-time cross-channel  Regulatory compliance Multi-channel interactions analytics  Operational efficiency and transactions  Multi-sensor data  Financial crime prevention Multiple data sensors correlation  Safety and security !
  6. 6. NICE ENTERPRISE Customer Interactions NICE SECURITY Safety & Security NICE ACTIMIZE Financial Risk & Compliance6
  7. 7. The NICE Enterprise Offering NICE ENTERPRISE Impacting every customer interaction NICE SECURITY  Across multiple channels NICE ACTIMIZE  phone/contact center, web, email, chat, social media  Business solutions tailored to specific needs  Enhancing customer experience  Improving operational efficiency  Growing revenue  Ensuring compliance
  8. 8. The NICE Enterprise Offering: Key Capabilities NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZE Advanced Context Personalization Real-Time Analytics Awareness Insight to Impact Cross-Channel Interaction Hub Impacting Every Customer Interaction 8
  9. 9. The NICE Enterprise Portfolio NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZE Governance, Risk, Optimization Customer Suite and Compliance Inbound Sales Interaction Hub InteractionExperience Management AgentOfficeEfficiency Management Cross-ChannelEffectiveness Back PerformanceImprove theofanalyze anyback office fromRepository efficiency ofinteractions toCapture the solutionsOptimize revenue generated throughIncreaseand customer to improveInteraction-context centricform of toAgent-centriccustomer experience agent solutionsemployees to reduce operational costscommunication enabling adherenceimprove interactions, across structuredinbound customer channels, quality tocontain the costs of interacting channels,performance, utilization, and all with ofall communication satisfaction, loyalty,toprovide holistic service levelsandReal-time Activity Monitoringregulationwhile maintaining view of:customersservice or internal policy advocacy  Process Optimization Journey  Customer Interaction Compliance Discovery Best Practice Resolution First ContactRecording Workforce Management  Workforce Management  Agent Management Cross-channel Investigation Corrective Cross-sell/Up-sell Real-Time Action Management Handle Quality Time Optimization  Channel Containment Data Retention and Protection Real-Time Churn Reduction Performance Management
  11. 11. Industry Leadership NICE ENTERPRISE NICE NICE noted for: SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZE  Broad Vision  Advanced Business Solutions  Best-of-Breed Functionality  Strong Financial Viability Contact Center Workforce Optimization 35.7 19.1 8.8 36.4 Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Workforce Optimization October 2010 2011 Quality Management / Liability Recording (WFO) Market Share Report, DMG Consulting
  12. 12. Customer Interaction JourneyJaneis is ablehercaller wasmatter goal offer calls the Contact CenterShe begins to solve the onherweb…and policy web page applicable to JaneReal-time alert: journey on the andAgent unable to accomplish cancellation a new promotion Cross- channel I want to contextincrease my integration Payment, credit line balance transfer, my interest rate? Real-Time Decisioning & guidance: offer premium package at discount rates + Determine most Agent guidance applicable through retention retention offer process Impacting every customer interaction!
  13. 13. NICEENTERPRISE Customer Interactions NICE SECURITY Safety & Security NICE ACTIMIZE Financial Crime,Risk & Compliance 13
  14. 14. The NICE Actimize Offering: Key Capabilities NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZE Fraud Anti Money Brokerage Enterprise Risk Prevention Laundering Compliance Management NICE Actimize Core Risk Platform Impacting Every Financial Transaction 14
  16. 16. Select NICE Actimize Financial Customers NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY10 of Top-10 10 of Top-10 9 of Top-10 NICE ACTIMIZEUnited States Global Bank EuropeanBank Clients Clients Bank Clients
  17. 17. The Market View of Actimize OpRisk & Regulation Reader’s Choice Award #1 Anti-Money Laundering provider #1 Anti-Fraud provider #2 Compliance Monitoring & Control provider June 2011 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Fraud Detection Positioned in Leaders Quadrant April 2011, January 2010, February 2009 Gartner MarketScope for Enterprise Fraud & Misuse Management Only Vendor Rated Strong Positive January 2011, October 2009 Financial-i Magazine Most Innovative AML Solution Provider December 2010, December 2009 Chartis RiskTech 100 #1 Financial Crime Solutions Provider December 2010 Datamonitor Using Technology to Combat Financial Crime Only Vendor With Core Offerings Across All Financial Crime Areas February 2009 Celent Automated Wealth Management Compliance Solutions Only Vendor Ranked in Top Quartile April 2007
  18. 18. An Anti-Money Laundering ExampleBank destinationsbank account, on government watch lists funds toare openingWire analyst is alerted, transfers are territoriesTime passes and flagged as high-riskhalted and by wiringThe recipients flagged as listed launder personal info and reason global accountsCustomer opens he attempts toprovides money, account activities for frozen Actimize Watch List Filtering: suspicious recipients Actimize Suspicious Activity Monitoring: suspicious destination + Transfer is Alert to bank stopped analyst Financial crime prevented!
  19. 19. NICE ENTERPRISE Customer Interactions NICE SECURITY Safety & Security NICE ACTIMIZE Financial Risk & Compliance19
  20. 20. The NICE Security Offering NICE ENTERPRISEComprehensive solutions for vertical markets NICE SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZE Critical Facilities Safe City Airports Mass Transit Public Safety Banking
  21. 21. The NICE Security Offering: Key Capabilities NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZE Analytics & Situational Vertical Cross–Time Fusion Awareness Solutions (detection, real-time, investigation) Multi Sensor Hub (capture, modular, open/vendor agnostic)Impacting Every Security & Safety Situation 21
  22. 22. Select Security Customers NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZEQingzang Rail 22
  23. 23. Market Leadership in PSIM Software NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY 26.5% 31.7% NICE ACTIMIZE Others #5 #4 4.3% #3 #2 11.8% 13.7% 12% NICE #2 Competitor #3 Competitor #4 Competitor #5 Competitor Others NICE Situator is the global market leader. Source :IMS, The world market for PSIM Software, Nov 2010
  24. 24. A Security Situation Management Example: BankThe policeview of the securityenter center receives employeevideo during off-hoursA holistic command and control a bank alarm the and . .The bank’sis dispatched and incident enables personnelPresents information from access control, with anpanelalert card surveillanceThree attempts are made to the offender is apprehendedto.accurately assess thesituation and in real time Automatic alert: invalid access Fuses data from multiple sensors + Security personnel Compared view video data with access control data Incident escalated to “attempted breach”, dispatches police Impacting every security situation!
  25. 25. NICE solutions implemented in aAnti-Money Video Top-5 US Bank RecordingLaundering NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZEBrokerage VideoCompliance Analytics Fraud Situation Prevention Management ContactTrading Floor Interaction Workforce Quality Center Recording Analytics Management Management Recording
  26. 26. Financial Performance26
  27. 27. Impressive Growth Trajectory $900 $805- Annual non-GAAP Revenue ($m)(*, **) $785** $800 $695 $700 $628 $589 $600 $523 $500 $418 $400 $311 $300 $253 $224 $200 $155 $100 $0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 E2011$2.50 Annual non-GAAP Adjusted EPS(*, **) $2.00-$2.08**$2.00 $1.75 $1.67 $1.54 $1.44$1.50 $1.17$1.00 $0.84 $0.59$0.50 $0.40 -$0.07$0.00 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 E2011-$0.50 * Excludes adjustment of acquired deferred revenue, amortization of acquired intangible assets, expensing of options and one time items, and settlement and related expenses adjusted to reflect split effective May 31, 2006 ** Per Company guidance on July 27 2011 27
  28. 28. Successful Acquisition History NICE ENTERPRISE NICE SECURITY NICE ACTIMIZE ACTIMIZ E IEX CyberTech WFM Performix PM AVT eglue Real-time Analytics & Fizzback Hannamax QPC BO 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Thales Hexagon Orsus Fortent Dictaphone SecurityEMEA Public Actimize Financial Crime Market share Situation Safety Financial Crime Analytics Syfact Management Analytics FAST Lamda 28
  29. 29. NICE to Acquire Fizzback: Introducing Complete Customer Experience ManagementAbout Fizzback Provider of revolutionary, real-time Voice of the Customer solution Established in 2004, based in the UK with operations in the US, Europe and Asia Tier-1 multi-national service providers and retailers Privately held, >100 employeesThe Fizzback Solution Conducts automated real-time feedback dialog with consumers in natural language Event-driven, SaaS-based Multi-channel, multiple touch points  Via mobile, web, social media; at contact center, branch, Point of Sale, mobile application  Up to 50% response rates, well above industry norms at <10% Delivers quality & statistically valid inputs to each relevant individual in the organization for prompt actionNICE & Fizzback Introduces the most complete Customer Experience Management offering Integrates revolutionary real-time Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutionFinancials For a total cash consideration of $80 million Expected to close in early Q4-2011
  30. 30. Core Values: Customer First Innovation Leadership making customer making a significant leading our markets needs our number impact on our though revolutionary one priority customers through solutions and superior superior technology technology, business solutions and processes30
  31. 31. THANK YOU31