Fyp presentation final


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Fyp presentation final

  1. 1. SoftCopyAn Android based application for lecture writingincorporated with tools to aid in engineeringcalculations and computations
  2. 2. Team SoftCopy Hamza Azad (TC-23) Muhammad Usama Aftab (TC-54) Muhammad Zeeshan Khan (TC-31) Waneya Iqbal Siddique (TC-18)
  3. 3. Writing Interface Database Engineering Tools • Scientific Calculator • Graph Plotter • Wave Plotter • Smith Chart • Equation Solver • Conversion System NetworkingQuality Assurance
  4. 4. Hamza Azad (TC-23) Equation Solver Number System Converter Smith Chart
  5. 5. Equation Solver Input Coefficients Algorithms Used Cramer’s Rule Quadratic Formula Roots Displayed
  6. 6. Equation Solver (GUI)
  7. 7. Number System Converter Input Number Options Hexa to Binary Decimal to Binary Decimal to Hexa Binary to Hexa Binary to Decimal Hexa to Decimal Output
  8. 8. Number System Converter (GUI)
  9. 9. Smith ChartBackground• Smith ChartAvailable Tools• Straight Line• Circle
  10. 10. Waneya Iqbal Siddiquie (TC18) Opening Lectures Writing Interface Saving Lectures
  11. 11. Opening Lecture Procedure _ID Subjects 1 Chemistr y 2 Physics Lecture Number 3 Math 1 2
  12. 12. Writing Interface 1st Approach Point Array X 2nd Approach Line Approach X 3rd Approach Surface View
  13. 13. Saving Lecture Flow Saving Procedure Called Name of file Lecture Page subject topic number number Entry is written in database File is saved on memory card
  14. 14. Muhammad Zeeshan Khan Statistical tools Calculator Database for Objects (Db4O)
  15. 15. Statistical ToolsMeanMedianModeBar Chart Complementary tools: Range, Standard Deviation and Variance.
  16. 16. Program Flow Input data length Input data set Re Enter Options Mean Median Mode Bar chart Output
  17. 17. Statistical Tool (GUI)
  18. 18. CalculatorSimple CalculatorScientific Calculator
  19. 19. ApproachesSimple Calculator Scientific Calculator Two Input Fields Single Input Field Press operator Press operator Calculation Calculation On the Basis of both text On the Basis of Field instantaneous Field Not adopted (X) Adopted
  20. 20. Calculator (GUI) Simple Calculator Scientific Calculator
  21. 21. Database for ObjectsDatabaseDatabase For Objects
  22. 22. DB4O External Jar Simplicity Easy to maintain Dumb and Retrieve Complete Objects
  23. 23. Muhammad Usama Aftab (TC-54) Graph Plotter Wave Plotter Quality Assurance
  24. 24. Graph Plotter Input Coefficients Point Array Calculation Returning(x, y Coordinates of Equation); Rendering graph on Achart Engine
  25. 25. Graph Plotter (GUI)
  26. 26. Wave Plotter Tap Wave Plotter Algorithm Execution Returning(x, y cordinates of Sine and Cosine Function); Rendering graph on AChartEngine
  27. 27. Wave Plotter (GUI)
  28. 28. Quality AssuranceManagement Identifying Test Cases Testing on DeviceBug Localizer Bugs and Defects Documentation Finalize Release
  29. 29. SoftCopy Quality AssuranceHide keyboard automaticallyAsk to save current workActivity navigationCalculation mistakes
  30. 30. Networking P2P  SoftCopy on web ◦ IM ◦ Make friends  Bluetooth ◦ Joining  WiFi (using AllJoyn Communities based on Qualcomm) ◦ Upload and Download Lectures ◦ http://www.softcopyn etwork.wall.fm
  31. 31. Q&A