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The Power of EPiServer 7: Multiscreen Content Management


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EPiServer UK User Group Meeting June 2013. CMS 7 overview, discussion and upgrade pricing.

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The Power of EPiServer 7: Multiscreen Content Management

  1. 1. The Power ofEPiServer 7:MultiscreenContentManagementRobin Smith & Suzanne DefoyPartner Sales Managers
  2. 2. Agenda• The brief• CXM and market drivers• CMS 7• Responsive Design• Personalisation• Big data Find• Upgrading
  3. 3. The Brief
  4. 4. CXM* & Market Drivers* And CRAPONYMS
  5. 5. “CMS nowadays must gobeyond contentmanagement and deliverunique user experience tomeet rising customerexpectations.”
  8. 8. From Content Management to Customer Experience Management, May 2013
  9. 9. From Content Management to Customer Experience Management, May 2013
  10. 10. CMS 7
  11. 11. Responsive Design
  12. 12. From
  13. 13. From Content Management to Customer Experience Management, May 2013
  14. 14. Personalisation
  15. 15. From Content Management to Customer Experience Management, May 2013
  16. 16. Big Data EPiServer FindBig Data
  17. 17. CMS 7
  18. 18. Questions?Robin SmithPartner Sales ManagerE: robin.smith@episerver.comM: 07534 090 018T: @robinsmith82
  19. 19. Upgrading
  20. 20. EPiServer Licencing……
  21. 21. New Version 7 Licence Model…Per Site Per Server(IIS Application) (any function)
  22. 22. 4 Solution BundlesCMSBundleCMSSocialBundleCMSCommerceBundleCMSSocialCommerceBundle
  23. 23. Upgrading to 7?What are theoptions???
  24. 24. Like-to-Like Upgrade–Restricted to using licenses for thepurposes for which they wereoriginally purchased.–A maximum 25% increase on SWA isapplied in like-to-like upgrades
  25. 25. Trade-in to EPiServer 7 Solution• Through an upgrade to EPiServer 7 CMS,customers gain access to a whole new way ofworking. All the benefits of the new platformare available, such as multi-channel focus andre-use of content. Additionally, customers gainaccess to Composer-like functionality andCMO.• Trade-in allowance is a credit for 80% of theoriginal purchase price of the licenses involved.
  26. 26. Upgrading to Other SolutionsCMS customers wishing to implement solutionswith Social and/or e-Commerce aspects have anumber of choices available, depending on theircurrent configuration, for example….• Enterprise CMS to EPiServer 7 CommerceOne-Site Solution• Enterprise CMS to EPiServer 7 CommerceMulti-Site Solution
  27. 27. Upgrade Process
  28. 28. Why has the process changed?• In previous versions of EPiServer CMS and otherproducts, it has been possible to upgrade directly fromwithin the license system as long as the customer hasan active and up-to-date software subscription.• Previously sold as separate products, Composer-likefunctionality and A/B testing of pages are included inEPiServer 7 CMS. Additionally, the change in pricingmeans that existing customers must first be convertedto the new license model before an upgrade can beeffected.
  29. 29. What do I do now?
  30. 30. Contact Us or an EPiServer PartnerWe can discuss the most suitable upgrade path for you. In eachcase, it will help to have the following information available:• How many sites are to be upgraded?• Currently running on how many servers?• Does the upgrade also involve dev, test and/or load-balancedenvironments?• What are your anticipated new needs as a customer? Additionalservers? Potential new sites in the near future? This will helpdetermine whether it will be a like-to-like or full upgrade toEPiServer 7.• Which licenses do you wish to use in the upgrade?
  31. 31. Questions?Suzanne DeFoyPartner Sales ManagerE: suzanne.defoy@episerver.comM: 07506 188 679