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Cobra and the Affordable Care Act

A review of how the Affordable Care Act (#ACA) affects employers who are required to offer #COBRA.

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Cobra and the Affordable Care Act

  1. 1. ©June 17, 2013 by BCL Systems, Inc. Do I have to offer COBRA coverage after the Affordable Care Act is implemented?
  2. 2. Employers must still offer COBRA coverage
  3. 3. Why would someone elect COBRA? The Health Insurance Marketplaces will be available after January 1, 2014. . .
  4. 4. Timing Length of Enrollment Process May leave a gap in coverage
  5. 5. Benefits Dental EAP Medical FSA Vision HRA Deductibles & Co-Pays Employer Plan vs. Health Insurance Marketplace
  6. 6. Health Insurance M arketplace Employer Health Plan Premium Tax Credit No Premium Tax Credit Price
  7. 7. Will my doctor or hospital accept a new insurance plan?
  8. 8. Familiar with Employer Health Plan Unsure about Health Insurance Marketplace Plans
  9. 9. All COBRA Notices and Regulations still apply after January 1, 2014 ACA Enrollments Do employers need to change anything?
  10. 10. Modify COBRA Election Notice to include ACA Model Language Certificate of Creditable Coverage no longer required after 12/31/2014
  11. 11. Coordination with Health Insurance Marketplace Additional Reporting Requirements
  12. 12. Communicate...Communicate...Communicate! To Avoid Possible Misunderstandings