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Edunet learning presentation

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Edunet learning presentation

  2. 2. Edunet Learning is an Training Companygiving training services to young freshers &corporate in field of Web & MobileApplication Development, with its worldclass infrastructure and course curriculumdesigned specially to meet industry needs.
  3. 3. Edunet Learning was founded with the spiritof innovation and goal of excellence, and isfast growing with its innovative "Learning bydoing approach" which gives emphasis onproject work rather than usual theory basedtraining to deliver top quality skilledengineers.
  4. 4. Train and provide up to date skillsrequired for a fresher to beindustry ready, and hence bridgingthe gap between supply of trainedengineers, and their demand.
  6. 6. FRESHER TRAININGWe Provide training services to youngfreshers. Our motto is to build skills infreshers such that one should easily gethis/her dream job.
  7. 7. LIVE PROJECT INTERNSHIPWe Provide internships & Live Projects onvarious Technologies from time to timeas the availability of quality Projects. ourstudents with the Sr. Project Managers &Technology Experts to motivate thestudents towards their career.
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY SEMINARSWe Provide Technology Seminars fromtime to time in various colleges &universities about the new & emergingtechnologies in the IT Sector.
  10. 10. WEB DESIGNINGThis course is designed to give you theknowledge and skills to build creative,interactive, and well-designed Web sites. Eligibility & Course Duration Basic knowledge of HTML, Creative Mind, Aesthetic sense, working knowledge of Photoshop, exposure to web & internet. 2 months (Theory + Practical + Live Project).
  11. 11. Course Outline• Planning a website, Information architecture• Website layout creation using Photoshop• Logo design for websites• Introduction to HTML & CSS• HTML tags• CSS properties• Webpage coding using HTML & CSS• Webpage coding using DIV & CSS2• XHTML rules, W3C validation & browsercompatibility• Basics of JavaScript• Web 2.0 design guideline• Website intro & header design using Flash/Jquery• Live international project in EDUNET Learning
  12. 12. ASP.NET BASED DEVELOPMENTASP.NET is a web application frameworkdeveloped and marketed by Microsoft to allowprogrammers to build dynamic web sites, webapplications and web services. Eligibility & Course Duration Technical Graduates / Pursuing Graduation in IT. Must Have Working Knowledge at least one programming language. Knowledge of C#, vb is preferable. 2 months (Theory + Practical + Live Project).
  13. 13. Course Outline• ASP.Net 3.5 Overview• .Net 3.5 Framework Overview• XHTML• JavaScript• C# programming fundamentals• Object Oriented Programming in C#• Win GUI controls in C#.Net• RDBMS Concept, Normalisation• SQL Server Basics• Procedure, Trigger• XML• ADO.NET• ASP.Net page Life Cycle• ASP.Net Server controls• AJAX
  14. 14. PHP BASED DEVELPOMENTPHP is an open sourse, server-side, cross-platform, HTML-embedded scripting language.Currently there are over half a million domainsrunning PHP. Eligibility & Course Duration Technical Graduates / Pursuing Graduation in IT. Must Have Working Knowledge at least one programming language. Knowledge of C, C++ is preferable. 2 months (Theory + Practical + Live Project).
  15. 15. Course Outline• PHP programming fundamentals• Strings functions• Arrays functions• HTML/CSS & forms• File handling in PHP• Email handling in PHP• Object oriented PHP• Session handling• MySQL basics• Extended PHP• OOPS in PHP 5• Exception handling in PHP 5. XML / SOAP• Encryption & security• Web application performance• Template engine• AJAX
  16. 16. JAVA BASED DEVELOPMENTJava is an Object Oriented programminglanguage developed at Sun Microsystems. InTodays World Scenario more than 70% ofdevelopment market is obtained by JavaTechnology Eligibility & Course Duration Technical Graduates / Pursuing BCA, MCA, B.Tech, B.E in IT. Must Have Working Knowledge of Java programming language. 2 months (Theory + Practical + Live Project).
  17. 17. Course Outline• Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language• Java Programming Language• Class & Methods• Packages & interfaces• Threads• Sockets & Networking• Java SE Platform• Swing• Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML• JDBC• SQL Language• Developing Real-Time Programming Application• Introduction to Developing Rich-Client Applications• Application using Swing API• Live Project Execution
  18. 18. Our Training Process
  19. 19. • Trainings are designed in such a way that classes are75% hands-on and practicals, 25% as lectures andfrequent assessment sessions and seminars forcandidates.• At the end or middle of the training, a real-timeproject will be assigned to students to evaluate theirtechnical knowledge, problem solving skills etc.• The batch is powered with 10 students and this waywe ensure each one gets the best of us with carefullydesigned one-on-one coaching structure.
  20. 20. WHY ?
  21. 21. • We feel that there is a big gap between industryrequirements and the courses offered by colleges andtraining institutes. Besides most of the education isspoon fed and there has been literally no innovation inknowledge delivery over last ten years.• Edunet Learning believes in learning by doing process,so we here at Edunet emphasis more on Lab work &Practical. Our Industry based Course Curriculumenables students to fetch their dream jobs in IT Sector.
  22. 22. Purpose of Edunet Learning can besummarized as follows:• Create employable talent• Continued education for working professionals• Build Career Skills in Short Span of Time.
  23. 23. We are special because :• Set up by a software company with more than 10 years of experience,thereby has first hand industry knowledge• Courses are taught by industry experts working in a professional environmentand delivering projects. So the learning are from experts and not from a personwho has never done an international quality project under real life projectpressure.• You are encouraged to ask questions, debate and experiment. This is the waypeople learn. This is the way people enjoy the learning experience. And youdeserve it!• Industry collaborations for guaranteed placements, as the course has beendesigned based on industry requirements.
  24. 24. CONTACT US :Dehradun Branch OfficeEdunet Learning ServicesOpp. Labour Court, Near ITI,Niranjanpur, Saharanpur road,Dehradun UK 248001Phone: 0135 2520653, +91 9911676964,+91 9045349691Email:
  25. 25. QUESTIONS ?