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Salesforce ExactTarget Series Manila 2014


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Derek Laney speaks of the Future of Marketing and demonstrates the power of Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

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Salesforce ExactTarget Series Manila 2014

  1. 1. In Partnership With #ExactTargetManila
  2. 2. Digital Trends and the 1:1 Journey @derektweets! Derek Laney Director Product Marketing In Partnership With
  3. 3. 1T Connected Sensors 50B Connected Products 5B  Smartphones    by  2017   Social   4.5B   Aggregate  social   users   Connected   Mobile   Cloud   58%   Faster   deployment  
  4. 4. Automotive automa>  
  5. 5. Home
  6. 6. Home
  7. 7. Health
  8. 8. 2014 State of Marketing Insights from over 2,500 global marketers
  9. 9. Data Equals Relevance one.
  10. 10. Marketing?
  11. 11. Universal Appeal The  White  Family  -­‐  SoCbank  
  12. 12. Everyone is Unique
  14. 14. Top area for increased digital spending: 61% Data & Analytics #ExactTargetManila
  15. 15. •  Combine box-data (game-play), demographics, purchase data and behaviour to get a single view •  Launched personalised messaging delivered across channels •  70% increase in engagement
  16. 16. What if the data could drive the strategy?
  17. 17. Predictive Intelligence to Drive Action
  18. 18. Moments Matter two.
  19. 19. Moments Matter
  20. 20. 60% Closely followed by: Marketing Automation #ExactTargetManila
  21. 21. •  Moved from Batch and Blast to Lifecycle •  Triggered and Timely Communications •  Huge uptick in deliverability & conversion •  10x More Productive
  22. 22. Consumer Mobility three.
  23. 23. 1 in 3 consumers use their mobile phone to research products in-store. Cisco Internet Business Group #ExactTargetManila
  24. 24. We sent over 1 Billion digital messages on Cyber Monday #ExactTargetManila
  25. 25. Many of our retail clients experienced mobile open rates exceeding 80% #ExactTargetManila
  26. 26. 42% rarely/never use responsive design #ExactTargetManila
  27. 27. Over 48% of all email sent is opened via a mobile device Return Path #ExactTargetManila
  28. 28. 63% of US consumers say they delete emails immediately if they are not optimized for mobile Return Path
  29. 29. Location. Location. Location.
  30. 30. 46% have an app 70% don’t use location #ExactTargetManila
  31. 31. Mobile Commerce
  32. 32. The Last Mile
  33. 33. 12345 12345 12345 12345 WhatsApp   400M  MAU   WeChat   355M  MAU   KakaoTalk   5.2B  Msg/day   LINE   450M  Users  
  34. 34. ABS-­‐CBN  Help  
  35. 35. Brand Personalization four.
  36. 36. 41% of consumers buy more from retailers who send personalized emails based on past buying behaviors Return Path
  37. 37. Facebook   integra>on   Requires  login  to   Facebook   User  Profile   Aggregates  all  of  my   site  ac>vity  and  my   status   Site  to   Facebook   Looks  at  Facebook   friends  and  shows   relevant  reviews   Knows  my  home   city   Grabs  my  loca>on  and   uses  to  determine   flights  near  me   Flights   integra>on   Scripts  &  loops   through  the   relevant  flights  in   my  area   Actual   marke>ng   The  actual   promo>on  &  reason   for  the  email  
  38. 38. EGOnomics
  39. 39. To offset a depersonalized society, consumers crave recognition of their individuality. Faith Popcorn #ExactTargetManila
  40. 40. Service is the New Selling five.
  41. 41. uber  
  42. 42. We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions David Walmsley Head of Multichannel Marks & Spencer
  43. 43. As a digital marketing pioneer, our mission is to inspire & enable organizations to leverage digital marketing to drive phenomenal business results. digital marketing pioneer
  44. 44. ExactTarget Corporate Overview •  Founded in 1999 •  Email •  Mobile (SMS/MMS, Push & Email) •  Social Media •  Web Experiences •  Marketing Automation •  Customer Data “ExactTarget brings the strongest current offering this year with intuitive campaign management, scalability, automated predictive models, collaboration tools, and an open technology platform that supports third-party development.”
  45. 45. Retail/CPG Travel & Hospitality Communications & Media Internet & eCommerce Technology Financial Services & Insurance Powering Success in Every Industry
  46. 46. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
  47. 47. Shared Customer Data Salesforce1 Customer Platform ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Sales Cloud + Pardot Service Cloud Sell to Businesses Market to Millions of Customers Service all of Your Customers +   Automated, Personalized Journeys •  Website •  Social Media •  Ads •  SMS/MMS •  Mobile Apps •  Email Sales & Lead Management •  Email Lead Nurturing •  Lead Management •  Opportunities & Forecasting B2B & B2C Customer Support •  Cases •  Knowledge Base •  Agent Console Join Your Customers on a 1:1 Journey Across Marketing, Sales, and Services
  48. 48. Customers Are On A Journey With Your Brand
  49. 49. Do you know who your customers are? Do you know where they are in their journey? Are you driving an engagement strategy to move them along that journey? Are you able to measure the impact on your business goals?
  50. 50. The Platform for 1:1 Customer Journeys Build a Single View of the Customer Plan and Optimize the Customer Journey Deliver Personalized Content Across Every Channel and Device Measure the Impact on Your Business
  51. 51. “We need to better serve our current customers, and increase our share of wallet.” better serve our current customers First Purchase Repeat Purchase Loyal Customer Anonymous Browsers
  52. 52. ACLPV: Average Customer Lifetime Purchase Value
  53. 53. The Northern Trails Customer Journey #ExactTargetManila
  54. 54. Susan starts her journey on social media
  55. 55. NTO listens, engages and directs Susan to their website Brands listen for specific topics Engage with content & links Build personal relationships with customers
  56. 56. NTO tracks her anonymous browsing and drives personalized product recommendations Offer highly personalized product & content recommendations Guide customers through the entire shopping experience Automate thank you & loyalty programs
  57. 57. Deliver engaging experiences, compelling content & mobile apps Capture email, browsing behavior, location and preferences Create a robust profile with personalized information NTO converts Susan to a known contact; merging in her anonymous browsing data
  58. 58. Trigger personalized emails Ensure emails look great on desktop & mobile Re-engage with personalized communications that are triggered from web experiences, like an abandoned shopping cart. Susan’s profile and behavior triggers 1:1 journeys that span email, SMS, push notifications, and web content
  59. 59. Create highly relevant content to continue engagement Follow up with email subscribers who do not click or open emails Target customers with 1:1 paid ads based on preferences & history NTO targets ads to Susan on Facebook & Twitter
  60. 60. NTO sends transactional messages, like receipts and shipping alerts Thank you for your order, Susan! Cross-sell using customer data preferences & history Maintain brand integrity with beautifully designed transactional messages Deliver automatically at the right time using multiple data sources
  61. 61. NTO sends Susan location-based offers Drive mobile commerce with in-app mobile alerts Trigger interactions exactly at the right place and right time Use templates to build campaigns quickly and easily
  62. 62. NTO even personalizes the in-store experience Get to know your customer through their social networks Recommend alternative products to items that are out of stock Inquire about past purchases to build loyalty Susie Marshall Susie Marshall 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19103
  63. 63. In Partnership With #ExactTargetManila
  64. 64. Agenda 1.  Best Practice Social Media 2.  Product Video: Social Studio 3.  ABS-CBN Spotlight Q&A In Partnership with
  65. 65. Best Practice Social Media Customer Service In Partnership with On April 13th 2010 when Iceland volcano erupted and shut down flights across Europe… customers turned to social media. So did Air France KLM. Ever since then, they have been the leader in social media customer service.
  66. 66. Best Practice Social Media Customer Service In Partnership with KLM are the leaders in Twitter response times. They also have the highest ratio of Facebook replies vs. comments against all other brands.
  67. 67. Best Practice Social Media Customer Service In Partnership with KLM Airlines display live Twitter customer service response times, and update every 5 minutes.
  68. 68. Agenda 1.  Best Practice Social Media 2.  Product Video: Social Studio 3.  ABS-CBN Spotlight Q&A In Partnership with
  69. 69. Agenda 1.  Best Practice Social Media 2.  Product Video: Social Studio 3.  ABS-CBN Spotlight Q&A In Partnership with
  70. 70. ABS-CBN Spotlight with Mon Lizardo In Partnership with Ques9on  and  Answer:   1.  What  are  ABS-­‐CBN  doing  to  embrace  social  media?   2.  How  were  ABS-­‐CBN  able  to  opera>onalize  social   media  in  your  day  to  day  opera>ons?   3.  What  is  next  for  ABS-­‐CBN  in  the  online  world?  
  71. 71. Thank You! #ExactTargetManila