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Philippines Airline Industry Report - August 2013


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Social media empowers the public to have their say on brands they buy from, or have an experience with. Using Radian6 we scanned over 8,000 social mentions for the top Airline brands in the Philippines, over the last 30 days.

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Philippines Airline Industry Report - August 2013

  1. 1. a social media report on the AIRLINE INDUSTRY in the Philippines Aug 10 – Sep 9 2013
  2. 2. methodology We used Radian6 which is an enterprise grade social listening, analytics and engagement platform to perform this research. Our approach was to setup several Topic Profiles (keyword structures) around the top Airlines within the Philippines. We focused on the top 4 and performed a deep dive study to find out what people have been saying about these brands over the last 30 days. love it! fail >:( how much? #want We took into account mentions volumes, sentiment, mention trends, price, value, service, staff, food, delays, and the airline’s website. The sentiment is derived automatically using Radian6 algorithms, however it is expected there is approximately a 15% margin of error.
  3. 3. Volume  of  Brand  Men/ons   Share  of  Voice   %  Of  Men/ons  with  Posi/ve  Sen/ment   introduction Social media empowers the public to have their say on brands they buy from, or have an experience with. Using Radian6 we scanned over 8,000 social mentions for the top Airline brands in the Philippines, over the last 30 days. findings Zest Air was the most talked about brand but mainly due to suspension by CAAP due to safety violations. They also received the highest % of negative mentions among all Airlines. Cebu Pacific was most often discussed as being expensive, while Air Asia was most often talked about as being cheap, low cost or affordable. Philippine Airlines were the most positively talked about airline when it came to staff and food. But they also had the highest volume of delay related mentions. Air Asia had the best website amongst all brands, getting a much higher volume of website related mentions and positive sentiment comments. Bad weather on Thursday August 19 caused cancellations for all brands however Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific were most impacted. Brands within the airline industry receive a high volume of social mentions compared to other industries, and crisis is not uncommon, either because of flight delays, bad weather and press releases. It is critical that these brands listen to, and respond to their customers proactively to mitigate sentiment influence, and ultimately a reduction in revenue.
  4. 4. Brand Mentions Share of Voice Sentiment 2,589 31.55% 4.9% (+ve) 9.0% (-ve) 2,124 25.89% 6.9% (+ve) 7.8% (-ve) 1,212 14.77% 7.6% (+ve) 8.7% (-ve) 1,165 14.20% 13.3% (+ve) 4.2% (-ve) %  Of  Men/ons  with  Nega/ve  Sen/ment   how do the airlines compare? Zest Air was the most talked about Airline in the last 30 days, mainly due to their suspension by CAAP due to safety violations. Zest Air were also the most negatively talked about Airline with almost 1 out of 10 mentions having negative sentiment. Cebu Pacific came in close second in terms of mention volume. Air Asia was the most positively talked about brand with more than 1 in 8 mentions of Air Asia having positive sentiment.
  5. 5. How Do The Airlines Compare? Topic Most Talked About Brand Commentary Price 4% of all mentions of Cebu Pacific included words like “EXPENSIVE” or “MAHAL”. All other brands had less than 1%. Value 5% of all mentions of Air Asia included words like “CHEAP” or “AFFORDABLE”. Cebu Pacific came in a close second by a fraction of a %, and PAL third with 4% Staff 3% of all brand mentions were of PAL staff, more than double all other airlines. 20% of staff related mentions had positive sentiment. The next highest was Cebu Pacific with 15%. Food PAL received the highest % of food related mentions (3%), and also the most positive mentions (18%). Delays PAL received the highest number of delay related mentions (81), followed by Cebu Pacific (73), then Zest (42), then Air Asia (24). Website 3 out of a 100 mentions of Air Asia talked about their website. Triple Cebu Pacific who received only 1 out of a 100 mentions. Air Asia also received 4x as many positive sentiment mentions about their website, than any other brands.
  6. 6. highlights Zest Air •  Sat Aug 16: CAAP cancelled flights for Zest Air safety violations causing massive confusion for travelers. •  Mon Aug 18: 7,000 passengers are impacted by the flight suspension •  Mon Aug 18: Zest Air says they are losing P70M per day because of the suspension •  Wed Aug 20: Zest Air release press statement confirming the CAAP suspension has been lifted •  Wed Aug 20: PAL offered a special flight service for affected Zest Air passengers Cebu Pacific •  Wed Aug 14: Major news released about Cebu Pacific losing 18.5% in earnings on forex losses •  Wed Aug 14: Flight cancelled Manila to Caticlan •  Tue Aug 19: Flights cancelled due to bad weather •  Thu Sep 5: One Tweet from @macherieamour got retweeted several times, calling Cebu Pacific Liars and "Bad bad agents"
  7. 7. highlights Philippine Airlines •  Fri Aug 15: Taylor Lautner to arrive in Manila tomorrow via PAL •  Fri Aug 15: PAL announced they've had profit setbacks and plunged deeper into the red last quarter. •  Tue Aug 19: PAL waive rebooking fee for passengers affected by bad weather •  Tue Aug 19: Several unique positive mentions on the quality of a flight, thanking PAL •  Wed Aug 20: PAL cancelled flights due to flooding in Manila Air Asia •  Sun Aug 17: Some confusion over billing Air Asia customers from Zest Air •  Sun Aug 17: People are holding Air Asia accountable for Zest Air •  Sat Aug 24: Ongoing #justflynow driving engagement and brand mentions •  Sat Aug 24: Queries raised on whether Zest Air promotion breaks DTI rules •  Mon Aug 26: #justflynow promotion drives a positive response
  8. 8. 30-day mention trend
  9. 9. 30-day mention trend
  10. 10. 30-day mention trend
  11. 11. 30-day mention trend
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