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Networking Pres. Schatteforsale Eng


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Networking Pres. Schatteforsale Eng

  2. 2. NETWORKING Networking is a necessity Contracts don’t come by itself Telephones don’t ring that often anymore Economical topyears are over, strong competition   For thát very reason, a well maintained network proves its value!!!!
  3. 3. A good network is of vital importance for you + Xtra FM Networking delivers good contacts It increases your turn over It is most enjoyable
  4. 4. Dwell on those facts: Does your company reserve a budget for networking? Is this networkpost specified? Is networking measureable? Do you present yourselve well on a network event??? Have you ever heard of the ELEVATOR PITCH?
  5. 5. THE MAGICAL ELEVATOR Wait for me in front of the elevator! I‘ll arrange your check-in and come back soon.
  6. 6. It‘s a native tribal african couple. They flew for the first time. Very nice people!
  7. 7. • They‘re in contact with the modern world for the first time. Incredible isn‘t it? But don‘t be afraid, they are very clean!!!
  8. 8. What is elevator? Me don‘t know!
  9. 9. Woman,you go in elevator!!!
  10. 10. Learning Strategy: Devide clients into small-medium-large-xl-xxl and ground your relationmanagement on this experience Encourage your clients to participate in an own event Organize a seminar: establish and extend your client alliance; enter into relations with new clients Personal networking (play golf) Recommend someone to your client (goodwill) Networking leads to a community which you can maintain by e-mail. A mailing via e-mail to this targetgroup brings in at least 80% response within a couple of days!!
  11. 11. Pitfalls: Lack of time for proper networking (walk around for 15 min.) Lack of attention for your liaisons (swop of businesscards) Dislike in networking (i haven’t got it, it’s not for me) Artificial behaviour, faking interest (always be yourself) Networking on a different level (sales executive Chairman of the Board of Directors) Not creating the right atmosphere, in which to make friends (to agressive, no initiative) No or not enough discipline (persistance,perseverance)
  12. 12. Everyone is a networker You have at least 250 important relations They can refer you to 200 andere alliances And these connections link you with 100 others. Conclusion: in 2 steps you have acces to 5 million people.   20% of your relations make up 80% of your succes.   Important here is that it’s not about the number of alliances that you have, but the knowledge that
  13. 13. A good networker Must have the discipline to stay personal Must maintain his relation (one year a postcard, every year a postcard) Provides usefull information to the people in his/her network on a regular basis (coat and hat rack) Behaves natural (shows sincere interest) Must have and show patience (doesn’t want to do business immediately) Must create an informal atmosphere (drinks,bar!!!)
  14. 14. The power of your network: You are who you know