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Authentic social meda


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Published in: Education
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Authentic social meda

  1. 1. ...You Can't Stop the Signal, Mal Authentic Social Media Robin Smail ( aka Robin2go) Disruptive Technologist Penn State University
  2. 2.     Mal, aka Cap'n Tightpants
  3. 3. "You can't stop the signal, Mal."
  4. 4. What is "authentic"?
  5. 5. Why do you follow Robin2go?
  6. 6. <ul><li>&quot;I'm afraid I might get my butt kicked if I don't?&quot; </li></ul>&quot;Not a day goes by that I don't ask myself that same question. ;-)&quot; &quot;The free beer.&quot; &quot;Because I'm terrified to be in front of her.&quot; &quot;The free beer.&quot; &quot;#IStillAnswerTheFreeBeer&quot; &quot;because its part of the deal I cut with the government to get my ass out of Gitmo. #whydoifollowrobin2go&quot; wait! There's free beer for following @Robin2go? i didn't know that&quot; &quot;The free beer.&quot;
  7. 7. ZOMGBBQWTF!!!
  8. 8. ZOMGBBQWTF!!! *facepalm*
  9. 9. Ummm, try again??
  10. 10. <ul><li>&quot;Cuz she just passed out at her desk from dedication!&quot; </li></ul>&quot;'Cause you're fun . And funny .&quot; &quot;As if that really needs an answer! Hellooo #jaynehat! :P&quot; &quot;Because you say the stuff I wish I could say!&quot; &quot;to see how it's done. And laugh. Make connections. And laugh. Did I mention laugh?&quot; &quot;I follow @Robin2go just because .&quot; &quot;B/c your tweets are Awesomesauce!! &quot; &quot;b/c I can use terms like 'grok' 'SM' and 'shiny' in the same tweet w/o you blinking an eye. also, you brings the lulz .&quot; &quot;because you are awesome and real , you say what you mean and you're not afraid to say what others are thinking&quot; &quot;I follow @Robin2go because she rocks. She makes me laugh and I enjoy following her exploits.&quot; &quot;I follow you because you are like a twizzler. You make mouths happy . #srsly&quot; &quot;because I love to try and to figure out how u fit it all in &quot;
  11. 11. Great. I'm a joke.
  12. 12. Great. I'm a joke. *eyeroll*
  13. 13. <ul><li>&quot;ur smart, funny, interesting. u share personal + professional . u ask questions that make ppl reflect about the tech they use + why&quot; </li></ul>&quot;Because it makes me happy to know that souls like her exist in my world. Funny. Thoughtful. Irreverent! &quot; &quot;Cause you're a dance floor diva and incredible friend .&quot; &quot;I follow you bc you make me smile AND I learn soooo much from you&quot; &quot;Humor... lots of laughs, friendship, lots of great insight , and a peek into #yarnporn. And what @jdwcornell said. ;)&quot; &quot; Helpful info , connections to like-minded folk, raucous fun, and hilarious hijinks. Better?&quot; &quot;I follow Robin2go b/c she's da bomb .&quot; &quot;creative, enthusiastic , and generous, umm... more?&quot; &quot;Cause you're my  friend . #whyifollowu&quot;
  14. 14. Wait. What?
  15. 15. Wait. What? *blink blink*
  16. 16. <ul><li>&quot;Honestly, a lot of @bpmore and @shellykeith non sequuntur seem to be directed at you...thot I was missing out :)&quot; </li></ul>&quot;The questions , the insights , the clever avatar pictures . Why not follow? :)&quot; &quot; I met you at EduWeb 2009 in Chicago. That's why *I* follow.&quot; &quot;For the humor and insight , and for the avatars!&quot; &quot;I follow @Robin2go because she's a super lady who makes me laugh and always has a good idea &quot; &quot;i follow you because you're awesome and funny, and make me see that working in heweb really can be fun &quot; &quot;Started following after a webinar. Follow to hear about social media and web dev conferences I can't go to. #grumble&quot; &quot;cuz i learn stuff from u and i like your &quot;voice&quot; : )&quot;
  17. 17. Wow. 
  18. 18. Wow. Seriously?
  19. 19. &quot;I follow @Robin2go because she speaks the truth , from her heart ; she is real and funny ; she offers great insight into things social media.&quot; &quot;Okay, srsly: you have provided me with more insight to the power and potential of Twitter than anyone else I know.&quot; &quot; Connected to my usual suspects at UP, so widens who I influence and who influences me , plus. . . . . .I can't look away from all that sarcasm, humor, and how much she can pack into 140 characters that's LOL! And. . . . . .she reminds me of how connected and truly supportive the PSU community can be &quot;
  20. 20. Holy crap! 
  21. 21. So how do we do this? 
  22. 22. What if they just don't get it? *blink blink*
  23. 23. Signs You Shouldn't Be Doing Social Media (seriously) Rich Anderson, flickr
  24. 24. You have no social skills. (and don't want to fake them) slacker13 , flickr
  25. 25. You have no sense of humor. (and can't handle criticism) Funchys , flickr Funchye, flickr
  26. 26. You think if you build it, they will come. ConanTheLibrarian , flickr
  27. 27. Openness is a problem for you. LaValle PDX , flickr
  28. 28. You're only there to sell. Ben Beiske , flickr
  29. 29. You need to be in control. See-ming Lee , flickr
  30. 30. You view social media as a numbers game. the waving cat , flickr
  31. 31. You're inclined to be dismissive of others. (or worse, insulting) bill barber (back later this month) , flickr
  32. 32. You think Twitter is a social media strategy. jphilipg , flickr
  33. 33. You don't have a 'social' culture. BarelyFitz , flickr
  34. 34. You don't have the passion.